10 Ideas for Using Webinars to Grow Your Business


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Pamela Slim is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses. In this brief she outlines 10 ways that webinars can help you grow your business. Whether you want to create brand awareness, foster better customer relationships, or earn leads, Pam has a business webinar idea for you.

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10 Ideas for Using Webinars to Grow Your Business

  1. 1. 10 Ideas for Using Webinars to Grow Your Business Pamela Slim | e s c a p e f r o m c u b i c l e n at i o n .c o mWebinars are a great way to share information, interact with potential customers, and create valuable content that can be sharedover multiple marketing channels. Here are ten ways to grow your business with webinars: P r o d u c t D e m o n s t r at i o n 1 Prospective customers may need to know more about your product or program before feeling comfortable investing their money with you. Use a webinar to deliver a live product demonstration, and invite questions. Host a free call 2 If you have knowledge that is in high demand, host a regularly scheduled free call. You can either set a topic each month, or conduct it in an open Q&A format. This is a great way for people to see your expertise up close, and get a specific sense of your style and method- ology. It is also a wonderful way to give back to your community. teach something 3 A well-structured, “classic” webinar that delivers solid, useful education is a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your market. Choose a topic that is of real value to potential customers. Take time to deliver a well-prepared talk that has both rich stories and con- crete tips and tools. Program preview 4 If you have a higher priced service offering like a live event, retreat or mastermind program, you can use a webinar to give prospective customers an overview of the program, as well as highlight the specific benefits of attending. At the end of the webinar, you can incent them to sign up for the paid program within a certain time frame. pa i d p r e v i e w 5 Webinars are a great way to deliver virtual education. More visual and interactive than a traditional teleclass, webinars allow you to deliver content as well as coach and interact with your participants. Webinar recordings can be hosted on a secure program site, and supplemented with audio recordings, PDFs and worksheets. interview an expert 6 A great way to attract a bigger and broader audience is to interview someone well-known and respected in your ecosystem. Plan and prepare for the interview, make it easy for them to participate, and promote their participation on all your marketing channels. share recorded webinars on social channels 7 Once you have delivered a live webinar, you have rich content to share with a much bigger audience. You can upload the video record- ings of the webinar to your YouTube channel, share them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and offer them as downloadable resources at live speaking events. broadcast an in-person event 8 If you deliver an in-person presentation, you can broadcast to a larger audience by setting up a live webcast with video. Although more technically challenging, it can be a great way to reach people unable to attend the session in person. product training 9 Once you attain a brand new customer, you want to do make sure they have the information, resources and tools to be successful. Training webinars can support the transition from prospect to satisfied customer. f e at u r e a c u s t o m e r 10 If you have a customer who has experienced great results using your product and service, you can host a webinar with them as a live case study. Highlight their business, and delve deep into the nuts and bolts of their business. Let them shine, and you will pick up their glow.Pamela Slim is an author and business coach. Find her at w w w. e s c a p e f r o m c u b i c l e n at i o n .c o m