5 Steps to Attract Your Target Audience to Your Next Webinar


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Your webinar won't succeed until you get the right people in it. That means, webinar promotion is key. In this white paper, find 5 strategies for getting your target audience into your next webinar. Using these strategies, you can expect better leads, more prospects and more engaging webinars.

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5 Steps to Attract Your Target Audience to Your Next Webinar

  1. 1. Attract your target audience Solutions Brief5 stepsto attractyour targetaudience toyour nextwebinarHow to get the right people inyour webinarsgotowebinar.com
  2. 2. Attract your target audience Solutions Brief 2Webinars provide an excellent opportunity to presentinformation in an interactive way. There are twofundamental reasons why this is important:1. Webinars create ideal conditions for teaching and influencing a target audience.2. Webinars provide the tools that make it possible to capture and analyze information about individual audience members, such as their interest level in a presentation and what specific parts of the presentation they find most attention grabbing.Of course, to influence an audience and capture valuable lead-qualificationinformation about audience members, it is necessary to attract the right audienceto your presentation. Basic principles of audience development for a webinar donot differ greatly from audience development for other kinds of content. However,webinars do differ from static content in some key ways:• Because webinars are scheduled events, people need to set aside specific blocks of time to attend them. Therefore, the value to the audience must be high, and it must be clear.• A webinar platform has tools that help promote attendance and collect informa- Our webinars using GoToWebinar have tion about the audience. been so successful that we actually hadGiven these differences, here are several important audience development strategies. to cut back because we were overwhelmed with new business.1. Know who your audience is and what they want.The first step in attracting an audience is to understand the audience you wish Bryan Clontzto attract. This includes knowing who they are, as well as why they should be CEO, Charitableinterested in what you have to tell them. Answering these questions is not always Solutions, LLCas easy at it sounds.Be careful not to include too many different kinds of people with varying businessinterests. Broadening the target audience to include everyone makes it difficult tocraft a webinar that will say anything meaningful to any of them. Good audiencedefinition is the key to good topic definition.In addition to knowing who you wish to target, it is important to understand whatthey care about professionally, what they struggle with, what keeps them awakeat night and what makes them successful. If you intend to attract and retain anaudience, you need to offer something they will find personally andprofessionally valuable.gotowebinar.com
  3. 3. Attract your target audience Solutions Brief 32. Play to the target audience with topic selection.Every webinar plan should include an audience objective that defines the audi-ence and states what that audience is going to take away from the event. It’s notenough to decide what you want to tell your audience — what you want to saymay be important to you, but the audience might not care. You need to understandwhat is important to the target audience then present your information in thatcontext. The more valuable a topic or presenter (or both) is to the target audience,the more targeted your audience will be.Attendees prefer topics with depth that teach them something useful. They areless interested in superficial treatments of large topics. Also, the way youpackage and present the webinar topic has a tremendous influence on registrationand attendance.For example, let’s say you have just commissioned an industry analyst firm toconduct custom market research. They have come back with a rich body of datathat could significantly impact your market space, so you decide to present thatinformation in a webinar. Your goal is to have the largest audience possible. Whichof these two webinar topics would draw the larger audience?• In-Depth Data from Latest Market Research Provides Insights into Customer Preferences• 5 Things Every Customer Wants from YouTitles can make a huge difference when attracting an audience. A good title is aclear and simple statement of the presentation’s value to the audience. Before GoToWebinar,3. Meet audience expectations. we would send outWhen preparing your presentation, stay true to the target audience and the topic random email blasts inviting contacts toyou are promoting. If audience members are not seeing what they expected in a see a demo of a newpresentation, it is very easy for them to drop out and move on. To get the most software feature andout of a webinar, you must retain your audience by delivering the value that you only get half-a-dozen attendees. When wepromised to attract them there. offered free, educational content at monthly web4. Promote the webinar. events, we immediately attracted 80 or 90Promotional activities can vary depending on webinar objectives and breadth of people. Last montha target audience, but, in most cases, the goal is to attract the largest possible we had 630 registrants for our GoToWebinaraudience for a given presentation. Effective webinar promotions involve a schedule event, and well overof announcements through a number of channels, including: half were brand new to our database.• Email. This typically includes an initial webinar announcement and one or more reminders to maximize registration. It also includes a reminder to those who have Connor Jordan Marketing Director and registered to ensure their attendance. Some webinar platforms automatically Social Media Manager send an Outlook meeting announcement to registrants so that the event pops Competitive up in their calendar when they register. Solutions, Inc.• Webinar and online event promotion services.gotowebinar.com
  4. 4. Attract your target audience Solutions Brief 4• Social networks. Many organizations use forums and business pages at GoToWebinar has helped us reduce social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the word about an our support calls by upcoming webinar. approximately 50 calls a week, because• Newsletters and online press release services. our daily webinars give customers the• Website promotions and advertising. opportunity to ask questions, troubleshootNot all webinars require promotion through all these channels. There are, however, and resolve issues in a live group format. It’smany ways to get the word out for maximizing registration and attendance. fantastic to be able to provide that kind of5. Keep registration simple. customer service!”The ultimate goal of attracting and filtering an audience is to ensure the right Daniel Millerpeople register for the webinar and maximize attendance of those who register. A Sales Manager Benchmark Emailbusiness-grade webinar platform provides tools that make registration easyfor attendees.Registration is an important step because it is the first opportunity to captureattendee information. But don’t overdo it! Asking for too much information makesthe process complicated and discourages registration. A webinar platform shouldalso offer certain perks to those who register, like automatically inserting the eventinto the registrant’s calendar and automatically sending email reminders as thewebinar date approaches.Furthermore, during the registration period, initiate conversation on your socialchannels about the webinar topic. Not only can you garner new registrants fromsocial media connections, but you can also encourage your registrants to reachout socially about what they’re hoping to have answered in the webinar. This onlinepre-conversation helps build anticipation for the event, fosters interactivity andallows you to tailor your content to your audience’s needs.These strategies help ensure audience retention during the event and build yourreputation for having an excellent webinar program.ConclusionThe value of attracting the right audience to your webinar comes from the opportu-nity to influence that audience with a good presentation and cultivate well-qualifiedleads. When it is done well, the result is more than a set of qualified leads — it’squalified leads that are already prepared for personalized follow-up contact. Torealize optimum lead-nurturing value from a webinar, it is essential to attract theright high-value audience.
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