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EGYPTIAN          MARKETING          S U M M I T  PHILIP KOTLER          The Father of Modern Marketing       MARKETING 3....
fresh marketing    thinking starts hereThe Egyptian Marketing Summit is THE place to generate the FRESH ideasyour brand ne...
speaker’s bio                                                                                 R E G I S T E R             ...
EXCLUSIVE DINNERregistration                                                                           WITH PHILIP KOTLER ...
NEXUS Training Solutions is a leading knowledge and skills provider with more than 12 years of experience forthe founders ...
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Egyptian Marketing Summit


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Egyptian Marketing Summit

  2. 2. fresh marketing thinking starts hereThe Egyptian Marketing Summit is THE place to generate the FRESH ideasyour brand needs to survive - especially in these turbulent times.Join hundreds of other senior-level marketers for an oasis of fresh thinkingand inspiration across a wide range of exciting, timely, and relevant subjects- including Innovation, Advertising, Communications Strategy, New Media,Insights, Leadership, Creativity, Consumer/Customer Behavior, Trends, andmore.benefits of attending Discover Marketing 3.0: Profitability, Returnability and Sustainability Learn the human side of Marketing 3.0 Build sustainable vision to overcome your competitors Improve your capacity to deal with major business challenges and opportu- nities in turbulent times Take the lead to initiate innovative thinking and creative marketing Apply effective product differentiation and brand building Experience direct and sustainable results from the very beginning!who should attendThis event is not only designed for commercial Heads of Marketing, Market-ing Managers and Directors, but CEO’s, Managing Directors, General Manag-ers, Consultants and Line Managers who hold a responsibility for the commu-nications strategies of respective organisations. Marketing practitionersfrom public spheres including universities, and government institutions willalso gain a huge sum of knowledge and practical tools from the speaker’snew, yet unpublished ideas.
  3. 3. speaker’s bio R E G I S T E R TODAY & SAVE & talking points UP TO 1,500 EGP VALID TILL 14 MAY 2012A trio of world class marketing and innovation speakers, experts and best-selling authors give you anunparalleled perspective on where marketing is, and where it’s headed PHILIP RAMON PETER KOTLER VULLINGS FISKPhilip Kotler is widely-acknowledged Ramon Vullings is a skilled action- Peter Fisk is an inspirational businessas the inventor of modern marketing advisor & facilitator for innovation author, consultant, entrepreneur, andand the world’s foremost expert on processes, a passionate international bestselling author of Marketingstrategic marketing. His recent work public speaker and author of the Genius. He is described by Businessin evolving marketing strategy and management book ‘Creativity Today’ Strategy Review as “one of the bestpractice to take in the internet, which provides insights and tools for new business thinkers.”globalisation, new marketing forms a creative attitude, being enthusiasticand technologies, from blogging to about making ideas happen, new He is founder and CEO of the Geniusviral marketing, places him at business models and concept enrich- Works, a CEO of The CharteredNumber 11 in the current Thinker’s ment and increasing organisation’s Institute of Marketing, MD of Brand50, the list of the world’s top business innovative capacity. Finance, partner of The Foundation,thinkers. and led the global marketing consult- Ramon is chairman of the European ing practice of PA Consulting GroupThe American Marketing Association Association for Creativity and Innova- and spent many years working withdescribed him as “the most influential tion. British Airways, Coca Cola, Marks &marketer of all time.” Spencer, Microsoft, Virgin and Vodafone.MARKETING 3.0 BUSINESS MODEL WINNING AS A 21st INNOVATION CENTURY MARKETER Management and marketing in Why business model thinking is so Finding the big opportunities for times of uncertainty and turbulence important growth in a time of change. Reasons why traditional marketing The business models, that changing Refocusing your purpose and priori- is becoming less and less effective structures of markets and business. ties in a downturn Re-inventing marketing in your Understand the power of visual Redefining value for clients and company thinking consumers Why do we need two marketing Systematic approaches to Business Recovering faster to prepare for the departments? Model Development new normal Marketing Management as an Exploring new ways of innovating 50 strategies for successful market- engine of growth your business model ing in a downturn Involving customers in the creative Understanding new areas for The 5 new imperatives for building process business model improvement and brands that inspire and engage Understanding the difference innovation for your organisation people between Marketing 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 The 10 new tools for better market- How to persuade consumers to ing in a global, digital, social media "love" your brand in relation to world. competition
  4. 4. EXCLUSIVE DINNERregistration WITH PHILIP KOTLER Enjoy a private dinner with the marketing legend, information Philip Kotler exclusive for the 1st 75 VIP participantsVIP Pass Current Price 4,495 EGP * Enhance your experience at the Event. Register for the VIP Pass and take advantage of the following exclusive amenities and private events throughout the two days Event Ticket Enhanced Networking Opportunities Premier Seating - Enjoy a private lunch exclusive for the event VIPs - Exclusive premier seating in the front rows of the ballroom Event Certificate - Class Room Setup - A wood palette VIP certificate signed by the speakers Free Book Original Price - Marketing 3.0, Philip Kotler 6,495 EGP Workbook Group Offer - Receive a copy of the event materials 3+1= Four at the price of three Meals - Coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch are includedSTANDARD Pass Current Price 2,495 EGP * Event Ticket Event Certificate Seating - Paper certificate signed by the speakers - Class Room Setup Original Price Workbook 3,995 EGP - Receive a copy of the event materials Group Offer Meals 3+1= Four at the price of three - Coffee breaks, and refreshments are included* This discounted price is valid for any registration before 13 MayEGYPTIAN re-imagineMARKETING your marketingS U M M I T mindsetsponsorship opportunity Egyptian Marketing Summit is an excellent promo- your key clients, network with high level decision- tional opportunity. By using this full two-day event makers and demonstrate your business objec- as a communication platform, you are certain to tives, please contact NEXUS Training Solutions on: get your message across to key marketing +2011 232 66 738, or alternatively email: decision-makers and business leaders. For more information on how your organisation can leverage this event to strengthen relationships with
  5. 5. NEXUS Training Solutions is a leading knowledge and skills provider with more than 12 years of experience forthe founders in the education and training industry. NEXUS is specialized in providing groundbreaking strategiesand proven technical expertise in both business functional areas and vertical markets – including management,marketing, sales, leadership, finance and HR.Founded mainly to serve the growing needs of the business executives using its research and thought leader-ship capabilities to offer a diversified learning platforms including; conferences, seminars, open enrollment work-shops, in company programs and trainings, and business publications 13 Abdelaziz Talaat Harb off Mohamed Elmekarif St., Suite 6, Nasr City, Cairo T: +20 (0) 2 22728049 M: +20 (0) 11 232 66 737/8 E: W: