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Digital Conglomerate eZine April 2010

  1. 1. April 2010 Issue Pgs. 2 – 4 Advertisements Pgs. 5 – 7 New Execute Staff Welcome Pg. 9 – Crystal Envy – Article Pgs. 12 – 14 The Spoken Word Section Pg. 18 – Mr. Christian – ArticlePg. 18 – Mr. Christian – Article Pg. 21 - CAN’T I JUST LISTEN TO MY CAR’S RADIO? By Ned Delaney Pg. 22 – The Lost Boyz – Feature Article Pg. 29 - “Crossing the Line: A Review” By: Lynne Murray Pg. 32 - What Has PR Girl C. Nicole Been Up too? - Article
  2. 2. Ms. Crystal Envy sure has the touch for melting down the guard of an on looker examining her portfolio. Her flavorful artistic poses often caught my visions indulging in day dreaming episodes that looked to unravel the highlighted fabric of her clothes revealing her natural contour. What inspired you to become a model? “I just posted pictures of myself on my social sites and people just started asking me to do events and things.” Her style has a very classic and unique appeal that goes along with it. I could tell that she really was Her fan base stretches beyond the boarders of the U.S. due to the allure and attraction of her brand. I can compare it to something like a luxurious temptation, but yet it is only a tasteful tease. Her fans are mainly “International people. For some strange reason”... as she gently shakes her head. With her exterior beauty it could be hard for any guy to cross the line and attempt to mix Well who are some of your role models? “Role Model? ..... Thats a hard question for me. I Guess as far as the Entertainment Biz goes i could say people like Pam Grier, Tina Turner, Beyonce and......Oprah. Because they inspire me.” Ms. Crystal Envy By The Consultingguy with it. I could tell that she really was taking her time, but making all the right associations and connections to build her online image. Ms. Crystal Envy models for events and businesses on an average of 4 to 5 times per year, and it won’t be long until she will be booking more time with prospective employers. It’s tough out there what keeps you working hard and motivated to continue building your modeling career? Ms. Envy answered, “Its easy. I don't need much motivation for that part of my life. I really love it. Im addicted to being around and meeting new people. Everyone has their own energy. So I like to feel different connections and get to know people from different backgrounds.” any guy to cross the line and attempt to mix business with pleasure. What would you do about these type of advances. Ms. Crystal Evny answered, “Well.... it is hard sometimes because you can be very attracted to your client. But its cool because they understand that it could never go beyond the computer screen. & if they don't understand that yet then I help them the best way I know how.” Ms. Envy plans to stay in the modeling entertainment business for as long as she can, she also has a social media site that is coming soon to online viewers. Her favorite locations to model and work are island and water locations. So what do critics say about your style of modeling? Ms. Envy answered simply, “I Don't Know... They Gotta Love ME!”
  3. 3. Lay You Down Let me lay you down make you my personal playground. Let me dig my fingers in your sandbox. Let me Lay Let me smell the scent of your skin after the rain. Do you mind if I speak of a time? when the luster of your lips reflected from the light every time you spoke. but getting off It never matter that many said this wasn’t right All that was in my mind was how you fit it in nice and tight Let me Love feel smell inhale consume you All of you Lets go outside in the shade maybe sip on some lemonade Day dreaming of I being your drink and you the glass Feeling me up Let me Let me Lay you down It started with a kiss a touch Poet Janet Dawson Do you mind? If i told you how many times it made me ache and my body quake at the thought of you... Missing Kissing Touching Sucking Carressing Me, and then some Let me lay you down til you have no need to dream of the idea of getting up Our bodies playing a classical note make me your violin Beaming to every stroke Hitting the direct cords My gentle flower Your juice always sweet never sour Ivory snow fall over me all over me Spread far and wide a tickle one hand up my thigh a watering mouth and a dry tongue Let me.............. copyright PoetJanetDawson2009 *This was inspired by Meshell Ndegeocello's version of Love You Down. Thank You For taken time to read Janet Dawson
  4. 4. Sandi Aka Mydnite Angel of Philadelphia, PA Sandi has been writing poetry for as long as she has been able to hold a pencil being a open book about her life ,Her words paint the perfect picture of what she is wanting the reading to not only feel but understand. she writes short stories and also does photography. Words from the heart of the Mydnite Angel STRONG BY DEFAULT I’ve been stripped of all I had I stand naked in the wilderness for all to see To be mocked To be harassed Open to the creatures of the day and night To pick at my bare bones To feed their hungry ugly souls I’ve been stripped naked Bare With nothing to say With no ears to hear It is only my heart that beats within me That insists I carry on Through the muck and the mire But it is of no avail No matter how hard I try No matter what path I take How many more tears must I cry How many more nights must I dread How many more roofs must I borrow To lay my head without fear of reprisal or detriment Safety Peace is what I seek Peace is what I lack At the end of my journey lays a place of peace Where my wondering soul can sit a spell And relax from this arduous journey Or is it not worth my time Is it not worth my effort Are my thoughts so random now That they fill up my time and waste its precious drops I am defenseless I have given up my amour & my shield I have given up my fight I have turned and walked away But as an animal cornered With nowhere to turn Nowhere to run or hide I will bear my teeth and fight to the death If my life be threatened For that's all I have left Take all that I possess There is nothing left I will still exist Standing without pretense Or malice of forethought No matter what path I take No matter the raucous I make No matter how slow I walk Or how fast I drive It is of no avail I wonder How much more must I lose How much more must I endure How much more must I suffer before life gets better. How many more doors must I knock on How many more calls must I make How many more night must I spend Without food Without shelter from my tormentors Without safety from predators Without a safe haven for my soul to rest I’ve been stripped of all I had I stand naked in the wilderness for all to see I am defenseless I have turned and walked away I present to you, my soul For I am broken. You can find out more information Sandi from the links below Sandi “Mydnite Angel” Blog: Photos: Facebook Page:
  5. 5. Da Educated Poet of Minneapolis, MN Deron Pitts aka Da Educated Poet Not only does he have a love for poetry but he wanted to reach out and give others a chance to share their love of poetry and music. He is the founder of 1075 Wdep. Having well over 25 different shows on Blog Talk Radio with 14 different host. I being one. Keeping his faith strong and a focus mind he now runs a 24 hour spoken word/ music station. Truly living the dream of his passion From The Heart and Mind Of Da Educated Poet Blue Magic Some say where there's smoke there's fire Not all times does this transpire I'm gonna say something a little drastic Where's there's smoke there's Blue Magic But I'm gonna try and keep her out of it this time Cause I don't want it to cloud this rhyme Oh but how I miss her that is so true I pray to God that our love grows anew I wanted to write something a little sarcastic Now I got to right some new shit Some true shit And throw it on the wall and hope it will stick If not I have to put it back together with a glue stick I remember when smoking weed was the craze When my smoke was about that Purple Haze You had to be real careful when you took a toke Inhale too much and your ass will choke I really want to talk about the love that I just lost And how I'll do anything to get it back, no matter the cost I keep writing about her but leave her nameless That's because she has status and is a tad bit famous I wanted to write something a little sarcastic Make it sound just a tad bit sporadic But I decided to be more realistic Cause where there's smoke there that Blue Magic Deron “Da Educated Poet” Blog: Facebook Page : Website: You can find out more information about Deron from the links below
  6. 6. Deborah Mauristhene Illuminous Event Solutions Chief Executive Officer/Founder Website: Phone:(857)544-4078 Twitter:
  7. 7. Mr. Christian is a developed musician and mic performer that is going to bring the version of the hip hop movement to new and unchartered territory. To many performers whether they are gospel of another genre most often fall into highly competitive categories. The honest and thought provoking lyrics of Mr. Christian will Mr. Christian By The Consultingguy Chatting it up as we often do we converse on a wide range of topics… spirituality, politics, music, and of course business. I had to know what were his thoughts on the immoral actions of Tiger Woods? Mr. Christian answered, “Well what can one say except, but for the grace of God there go I. He did what he did. Every one who cheated just once is just as guilty. Sin is sin. There are no degrees to it. He has to live with himself and I think that is the worst punishment he could get. God forgives, who am I to judge? I Think he should start playing again. Kobe neverlyrics of Mr. Christian will set off a trend within the gospel and hip hop communities. After all the artistic energy level couldn’t be more recognizable, he is my cousin. playing again. Kobe never stopped playing and the world loves him again. Tiger need to go out and win the next Masters and the world will forget about this.” With many artists they often cross over from gospel into more mainstream types of styles that don’t always compliment or fit the best interest of the artist. What has inspired you to get into hip hop with a focus on gospel? “I was secular for a while but it just wasn't the right fit. I was good and I wasn't fronting, everything I talked about was what I was into but even the life I was living didn't feel right. I'm a church boy. I always loved God and I felt like I was letting him down. Then one night when I was visiting my parents b/c my mom was sick. I was laying in bed and I heard my mom in the kitchen puttering around like she was making something to eat. I began to does off a bit but before I fell asleep I could hear her begin to pray. Instantly I was 16 again hearing her praying before she woke us up for school. I woke up smiling, kind of laughing to myself saying "After all these years I can still hear my momma praying.
  8. 8. " I wrote "Mama Praying," that night and I never wrote another secular rhyme.” Do you have plans to develop a following through social media? If so how? Mr. Christian answered, “That is the main plan. I have been putting the plan together and getting the budget up so that when the time comes we can go full force to the masses using these social media outlets as a jumping off point.” What do critics say about your rhymes? “Right now it has been like singing a gospel song at the Apollo. They may not like you but they won't boo you off. I run in to people who really love what I do and support me and some folk just nod and smile but no one has been like "That Jesus stuff is wack." It may be coming but I haven't run in to it yet.” I know Who do you see as role models for what you are doing, and why? Mr. Christian answered, “This is a crazy question because no on has done what I seek to do. Nobody has crossed over in the world of gospel rap so who can I look to? I like to watch people that you never hear about in the news like Jadakiss. The illest rapper right now but you don't hear about any arrests for drugs or touching some chick or none of that. That's the kind of person that is a role model to me. Even though our values may be different and our belief systems differ. Plus he's ill.”but I haven't run in to it yet.” I know your pretty busy, because nine times out of ten I’ll get routed to voicemail when I call… so how often do you get a chance to perform at events? Mr. Christian stated, “I don't get to perform at nearly as many event as I would like. Running 2 companies keeps me so busy. I would love to be everywhere but for too long I haven't been able to get out. Plus with the limited number of venues for my kind of music it’s even harder.” differ. Plus he's ill.” How hard would you say it is to stay focused on your goals as a Christian hip hop artist? “How hard is it to blink. Its not hard at all. When you believe in something with your whole heart and you love what you do, doing it is never hard.” What is your long term goal you want to achieve within the music industry? Mr. Christian answered enthusiastically, “To be a gospel Berry Gordy. To be some one that changed the face of the industry.” I also found it interesting to learn who his main supporters are, “They come from a wide range of areas. I have bible toting staunch church goers that are in love with the music as well as die hard hip hop fans that you find at all the underground shows loving it also. I have met a few people who hate rap but love my music.” Where do you feel most comfortable performing? Mr. Christian answered, “There is always something about going home so I would have to say NYC. To do it big in your home town is something special. Ask any athlete that made the pro's and ended up playing for their home team.”
  9. 9. CAN’T I JUST LISTEN TO MY CAR’S RADIO? Ned Delaney Years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, you could control your car radio with two and a half knobs. One knob controlled the volume, turning it to the right raised the volume, to the left lowered it. The other button controlled tuning in the radio station you wanted to listen to. Turn to the right, you zipped up the dial, to left back down. Behind one button was a metal ring with a nub protruding that controlled the Fast forward 40 years. Right now I’m listening to a Book On Tape (actually on CD) and the reader’s voice is soft and consequently muddled when I’m listening while driving around. I want to adjust the treble to punctuate the highs so I don’t have to keep replaying CD # 4 over and over again, trying to make out if he said ‘house’ or ‘spouse.’ The first row: clock/set/fm/am/sat/cd/me dia. Row two: track-seek- apc/scan/rpt/push- power/1/2/3disc. Third row: V/prog/rdm/vol/4/5/6diskv. First knob at the bottom: tune/push/auto/disp/esn. Second knob: push/audio/VLM/-awX. What is ‘media’? I am never prescient enough or allow enough time to adjust my radio while my car’s in the driveway. I only try to adjust it when it gets on my nerves I can’t hear what the guy on the CD is God forbid when I try to set my car’s clock to the right time. There’s a Morse code of pushing button sequences that you have to circumnavigate and If I take my eyes off the road to actually see what button I’m pressing and to try to ascertain what function it has I wind up with screeching tires and driving tactics that would make Mario Andretti proud. So, I barely manage to avoid a car wreck and fail to adjust the treble on my Book On Tape and I just can’t win. protruding that controlled the treble and bass. Turn it to the right, there was more treble. To the left, bass. That was it. ‘house’ or ‘spouse.’ You’d think adjusting the volume in your car’s radio would be like falling off a log. It’s like designing and controlling the lunar rover they sent to Mars to putter around and send back pictures of dust and rocks. For one thing, I don’t have a car radio anymore. I have a sound system that is part of my audio entertainment complex. There are more control buttons than you can shake a stick at, three rows of them followed by two multi- function buttons. Except for the pushbuttons below the radio dial. When you found a radio station you liked, you pulled out a pushbutton and then pushed it in and viola, it was locked there and you just had to press the preset to zap to your favorite station. You could control your car’s radio in your sleep. hear what the guy on the CD is saying over the din of my car on the road and this is where I start blindly pushing buttons and twisting knobs. I have terrible luck with this approach. Invariably, without fail, I’ll wind up with a radio station with Anne Coulter on it. I’ve got to admit to my political bias and tell you Anne Coulter grates on me like fingernails on a blackboard. If I start pushing more buttons to get rid of Anne Coulter, without fail, I’ll wind up with Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I just want to turn the treble up while I’m listening to my Book On Tape. I either wind up adjusting the sine waves on screen number 8 or being on military time, 0:700. Am I a Luddite when it comes to electrical things? I can turn on the living room lights with the best of them and while I should be embarrassed to admit I have a VCR, I can program that to record. And it works. So I have some semblance of coexistence with the electronic world but not with my car’s entertainment complex, with its myriad of different ‘soundscapes’ and ability to control the Hubbell Telescope. I just want to turn up the treble. Is that too much to ask?
  10. 10. In 1995, the group released their debut single "Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless", charting on the Billboard Hot 100. The release landed them a record deal with Uptown Records. The group contributed a single to the Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood soundtrack, titled "Renee". The song became a major hit, breaking into the Top 40 on the Hot 100 chart. The single also reached Gold status in 1996. On June 4, 1996, they released their debut album Legal Drug Money. The work was highly acclaimed, and the album featured five Hot 100 hits, including their past singles "Lifestyles of the Rich & On the night of March 28, 1999, at a birthday party for Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah was shot in the head while exiting the Sheraton Hotel in Queens. Tah was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 4:20 am, at the age of 27. The getaway driver, Raheem Fletcher, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for Manslaughter. In 2001, Kelvin Jones pleaded guilty to the murder. The three remaining group members finished their third album LB IV Life, released in September 1999. The effort fell short critically and commercially, failing to provide any Hot 100 hits, and failing to reach Gold status. The three split-up after the release, and lead MC Mr. Cheeks began a solo career. He released his first solosingles "Lifestyles of the Rich & Shameless", "Renee", as well as "Music Makes Me High", "Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz" and "Get Up". The album was certified Gold by the RIAA in late 1996. Their second album, Love, Peace & Nappiness, was released on June 17, 1997 on Uptown/Universal Records. It featured another Hot 100 hit single, "Me & My Crazy World". One of the most famous songs on the album was the posse-cut "Beasts From The East", featuring A+, Redman and Canibus. The album wasn't as acclaimed as their debut, but fared well commercially, reaching Gold status in late 1997. a solo career. He released his first solo effort John P. Kelly in 2001, which featured the smash hit "Lights, Camera, Action!". The album also featured a heartfelt tribute song to Freaky Tah, titled "Till We Meet Again", featuring Bob Marley's son Stephen. Cheeks released another album in 2003, titled Back Again!, then followed in 2004 with Ladies & Ghettomen. On January 16, 2004, DJ Spigg Nice was tried and convicted of multiple bank robberies in New Jersey and was sentenced to 37 years in prison.[1] The group released a compilation album Lost Boyz Forever in 2005, featuring past hits and previously unreleased material. Sited From…
  11. 11. LOST BOYZ Bio Update! In keeping with their “Lost Boyz For Life” vow.....the Lost Boyz are back! The remaining members of the Platinum selling rap group, Mr. Cheeks, Pretty Lou, and Spigg Nice have re-united to work on their fifth studio album. The project will feature extended LB family and newly inducted Lost Boyz members, Dramatic Da Dj (Spigg Nice’s protégé) and rapper Black Smoke. The original dreadlocked South Jamaica, Queens rap quartet consisting of Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Tah, Pretty Lou, and Spigg Nice busted on the scene in 1995 with their highly acclaimed debut cd, Legal Drug Money. The classic album featured five Billboard Hot 100 hits: “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless”, “Renee”, “Music Makes Me High”, “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz, & Benz”, and “Get Up”. The five singles topped the R&B and Rap charts as well. Legal Drug Money was certified Gold by the RIAA in 1996 Shortly after the release of LB IV Life, the group took a long hiatus, and Spigg Nice became incarcerated. In late 2001, Mr. Cheeks resurfaced as a solo artist. His debut solo album, John P. Kelly, featured the hit single “Lights, Camera, Action!” and collaborations with Stephen Marley (son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley) on the ballad “Till We Meet Again” (recorded in Freaky Tah’s memory) and the reggae-flavored “Mama Say”. The Lost Boyz chief rapper released three solo albums and appeared on various projects including Lil Kim’s hit single, “The Jump Off”. “Lost Boyz Forever”, a compilation album of previously unreleased tracks, as well as past hits feature the original members as well as rare, unreleased vocals from Freaky Tah himself was released in 2005. With both Platinum and Gold success, seven albumsLegal Drug Money was certified Gold by the RIAA in 1996 and later certified Platinum. The Lost Boyz certified Gold sophomore album, Love, Peace & Nappiness, released in 1997 and featured R&B /Rap chart topper and Hot 100 hit single, “Me & My Crazy World”. Deemed underground favorites, the Lost Boyz enjoyed success, toured the world, blessed stages overseas, and participated in countless projects. The group contributed its “Renee” single to the Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood soundtrack, were featured in the hip hop documentary, Rhyme and Reason, Statistic, and appeared in Sprite’s “Obey Your Thirst” television commercial. At the height of the group’s success, Freaky Tah was tragically murdered in March 1999. The remaining group members forged through the pain of losing their LB family member, and finished their third album, LB IV Life. The album featuring Freaky Tah was dedicated to the LB fallen soldier and released six months after his death. With both Platinum and Gold success, seven albums albums (collectively), and a cult following under their belts, the “Feel Good & Party Anthem Hip Hop” kings are back! Although, Spigg Nice remains incarcerated, he will lend his vocals and creativity to the pending project. The demand from loyal Lost Boyz fans and supporters for new Lost Boyz music is at an all time high! New Lost Boyz album and tour coming soon! “It’s LB fam no matter what. We’re still here, still trendsetting, still holding things down and making hot music. We represent that lost society of cats that didn’t think that they could do it. Now, we’re coming back to the ring. ” – Mr. Cheeks
  12. 12. The Lost Boyz are back on the scene returning with their classic style that brought them success in the mid to late 1990’s. The Lost Boyz family is taking their game to a whole new level as indie artists on the rise and still commanding top dollar for their showcase performances. With talent that is virtually unmatched The Lost Boyz are brought I waited patiently as Ms. Janet Williams CEO of The Matriarch Agency and publicist for the Lost Boyz assured me that Mr. Cheeks would be out of the booth momentarily to answer my questions. After all what was the rush for me? I thought the world of these guys and I sat back in my chair day dreaming of the times I had in my youth listening to the groups iconic flair for blending and constructing versatile chemistry. It was pretty much an honor to get the chance to interview the Lost Boyz. I spent most of my teenage years and young adulthood searching for my “Renee”, minus the tragic ending that is played out in the Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou agreed, “No doubt, it’s definitely a lot easier for an artist to find an outlet without a major label.” Artists now a days have to be consistent with making improvements to their style and performance. Mr. Cheeks, has it been hard making adjustments to the new type of game that exists within the industry today? “Yes and No. (Yes)The game now is more visual than talent based so it's a little hard to adjust from the golden era. (No) There are so many new ways for your fans to be one with you so we are excited about that.” The Lost Boyz By The Consultingguy The Lost Boyz are brought together through the artistic flavor of Mr. Cheeks, Spigg Nice, Pretty Lou, Black Smoke and their official DJ Dramatic Da DJ. After learning from The Digital Conglomerate insider agency (The Matriarch Agency) that the Lost Boyz were scheduled to be making a return to the stage I caught up to the Lost Boyz at their K. Michael eyewear photo shoot. Studio time for production on new material was also scheduled at this time, so you know that the Lost Boyz had a very busy schedule. that is played out in the unforgettable classic song by The Lost Boyz “Renee”. When the opportunity presented itself I caught a quick few minutes of time from Mr. Cheeks and Spigg Nice. I had a few questions for them, because everyone wants to know what has the group been up to. I asked Mr. Cheeks why did he feel that it was important to return to the hip hop game? Mr. Cheeks answered, “Easy; to leave our stamp in the history of rap music and make some new fans along the way.” With technology and the internet has that been a useful tool that you all have utilized to help with your return to hip hop? excited about that.” I was very excited and interested in knowing a little bit more of what Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou thought about their fans and the self critiques they have made on their work. Their performances and music had a dynamic impact on the hip hop and party scene in a major way. After wrestling with a thought I finally asked Mr. Cheeks which hit did he feel was the greatest hit that the Lost Boyz produced? Mr. Cheeks answered, “It's hard to say. If you ask the fans I think they would say Renee.
  13. 13. People of all ages and nationalities come to us and say hey we love that song man.” Do you feel that you were more successful by branching off into a solo career or were you more successful with the group the Lost Boyz? Mr. Cheeks stated, “I think going solo gave me an opportunity to reach a whole new set of fans that didn't follow the Fam. I don't look at it as being more successful either way, I have fun making music and performing.” A performing artist group relies on their fan base “All the time. People want that vibe you know that party feel we bring.“ To many artists leave the game only to have regrets The Lost Boyz are reemerging as unique and original hip hop artists. I was wondering what will be the next big move they are planning to make? “Right now we're in the lab working on a new lb fam joint..we're gonna showcase some lb family members on so people can see that lb fam ain't just a group but a relies on their fan base and experiences to help continue to push the group forward and continue making chart topping banging hits. I asked Pretty Lou did he feel that the group has the same fan base they started with, why or why not? Pretty Lou answered, “Yes, I’d like to think that our fan base stuck with us through it all.” Do fans often approach you and ask you when are the Lost Boyz going to bring back their style? game only to have regrets about what they should have done or could have done better. I wanted to know if Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou could relive their past experiences with all of the group members of The Lost Boyz would they change things a little bit or would they keep things the same? Both Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou agreed that they wouldn’t change a thing… “Those were the happiest times of my life.” group but a movement...It's time to bring the fun back to music.”
  14. 14. “Crossing the Line: A Review” By: Lynne Murray Last night on WLIW 21, the special "Crossing the Line: the Lucero Murder" aired. The special was a panel discussion on the murder of Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero, who was murdered on Long Island over a year ago by high school students who targeted him because they believed he was Hispanic. The panelists included Newsday columnist Joye Brown, Suffolk County Latino activist Francisco Hernandez, professor of Immigration studies at Baruch College Robert C. Smith, and Matthew Crosson, president of the Long Island Association. Lynn May was the moderator. During the special, the panelists discussed how many people today blame immigrants for the economic recession, because they believe immigrants are taking away jobs from American citizens. Sadly, that may have been the belief of the young men involved in the Lucero murder as well. Economic recession, as stated in the panel discussion, is not the fault of immigrants. Immigrants come to this country for the “American Dream” as did millions of others throughout history. The cruel reality is that the people who come here every year for a better future still face persecution for being an immigrant, like so many before them . It if unfair to think today, with all the rights that we have, we are not willing to extend those same rights to anyone else. The discussion also extended to how the crime has affected people outside of Suffolk County, who are now also working towards hate crime prevention. Several months ago, Nassau County students appeared in a movie made by the Nassau County police department entitled "Hate-Crossing the Line." The film has garnered a great deal of attention, since it is geared towards teaching high school students valuable lessons about hate crimes and the importance of tolerance in our society, so that crimes such as the murder of Marcelo Lucero do not occur in the future. More About This Article Can Be Found At The Website Address Below:
  15. 15. What Has PR Girl C. Nicole Been Up too? By The Consultingguy Catching up to C. Nicole Pierce wasn’t easy. You may remember her from our October 2009 issue of The Digital Conglomerate Magazine. She is the famed publicist and PR specialist for the singer and R&B sensation Trey Songz. I had a few follow up questions for her just to see how things are coming along. I asked C. Nicole a few quick questions just to break the ice and get the ball rolling… How does Getting deeper into our conversation I thought it was about time to ask the probing questions that would surely give readers what they were looking for. After all the woman is very interesting and her time is extremely valuable. I asked Ms. Pierce How has dealing with a star like Trey Songz affected your personal life? “My business and personal life are separate and I plan to keep them that way.” Some people actually think there are secrets to a successful person’s success. I know the deal, but do others know? So I had to ask her are people always looking to find outball rolling… How does Trey's pr team handle situations that could harm his reputation? She quickly stated, “Depends on the situation.” How does C. Nicole Pierce feel about Trey's success so far? “Naturally as a member of his team, I'm proud of him. I've always believed in him even before I met him. I feel that the rest of the world is finally starting to see what we saw all along. It feels great to work with someone who I support 100%... it's surreal.” people always looking to find out what your secret to success is? Nicole answered confidently, “I'm not sure if I understand the question. There is no secrets behind my success to my knowledge.” I wanted to know what are C. Nicole’s personal ambitions for the future, as it pertains to her business and career. I asked her what other types of clients do you want to pursue in the near future if at all? Ms. Pierce answered, “I work with entertainers, mainly recording artists. I also plan to represent fashion brands or even corporate clients in the future.”
  16. 16. The PR & Media Distribution Channel (PR, Marketing Strategy, Concept Design)