5 Reasons Why Your IT Pro Isn't So Different From James Bond


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From keeping calm and strategizing his survival technique while falling parachute-less from a plane in Moonraker to skiing down a mountain on just one ski while firing a machine gun in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Mr. Bond is a master of strategy, troubleshooting and advanced technology — much like your IT guy or gal.

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5 Reasons Why Your IT Pro Isn't So Different From James Bond

  1. 1. 5 Reasons WhyYour IT Pro Isn’tSo Different fromJames Bond
  2. 2. “The name is IT pro . . . your IT pro.” The latest James Bond thriller, Skyfall, hit theaters, promising action, adrenalin and acumen. That got us thinking about what impressive stunts 007 shows off this time around. Bond is known for his competence, the ability to work well under pressure and of course his arsenal of the latest tech gadgets. These tough traits and tech tricks have spared him from many a boondoggle. From keeping calm and strategizing his survival technique while falling parachute-less from a plane in Moonraker to skiing down a mountain on just one ski while firing a machine gun in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Mr. Bond is a master of strategy, troubleshooting and advanced technology — much like your IT guy or gal.2
  3. 3. In fact, strip off the short-sleeve button-down shirt and cell phone carrier case from his belt loop, and hand him a suit and sunglasses, and you might not be able to tell the difference. Which brings us to . . .3
  4. 4. 5 reasons why your IT pro isn’t so different from James Bond Reason 1: They’re international agents. James Bond is prepared to travel the world over to protect your freedom, just like your IT guy or gal, who, with stunning tech tools like remote support, is able to solve your network problems from the beach in the Bahamas or anywhere else that suits them.4
  5. 5. GoToAssist enables our small staff to deliver consistently excellent attended and unattended technical support to several hundred remote customer sites in the U.S. and around the globe. Our reps can connect quickly and easily at the office and also from home, which means higher productivity for SAI and greater satisfaction for our customers. Because it offers the scalability of a hosted solution, GoToAssist is also an important tool for our corporate growth strategy. David Codding President Systems Associates, Inc. To optimize the efficiency and productivity of our team, we avoid driving to a client’s location whenever possible. We rely on remote monitoring to anticipate problems before they escalate, and on remote support to resolve issues. Bryan Brooks IT Manager SPRT IT Solutions5
  6. 6. Reason 2: Their technology tools fit in the palm of their hand. In Skyfall, Bond uses a gun that is programmed only to fire when in contact with his unique palm print. And your IT pro? They’ve got remote access to your computer from a tablet or smartphone using a unique pin. GoToAssist for iPad is ideal for times when I have work to do but can’t be at my desktop computer. It’s simple to use and such an efficient way to provide remote support to customers in need while I am traveling. James “Rusty” Baldwin Vice President for Global Customer Advocacy EcoInsight6
  7. 7. Reason 3: Hero is their name; protection is their game. James Bond wants nothing more than to save the world from terrorists, preferably while entertaining a beautiful woman and driving a ridiculously cool car. Your IT pro might love a fancy car and a pretty face too, but they’ll settle for encrypted networks and passwords with symbols substituted for letters. The ability to offer efficient unattended support while our clients are away from their desks is another huge advantage. John Mast President Computer Works Intuitive to use and truly out of the box, GoToAssist Service Desk supports our business and allows us to focus on service. Graeme Shellard IT Operations Manager Fronde7
  8. 8. Reason 4: They love a good challenge. Look closely and you’ll see the same look on James Bond’s face when he pulls off the mission that your IT pro gets when they secure your connection to the network just in time for your presentation to start. One of the best features of GoToAssist is that it gives us the ability to offer secure, remote and unattended support of our customers’ computers. This is vital because it allows us to connect and fix problems in a timely manner, even if the end user is not available to work with us. Christopher Dottavio Director of Customer Services ID Networks, Inc.8
  9. 9. Reason 5: They rely on innovation. James Bond doesn’t need superpowers, and neither does your IT pro. Instead they pair their intellect with a powerful array of technology tools that proves their reputation for fastidious and heroic work. Citrix is truly trying to make products that can be easily used and provide a one-stop shop for IT support needs. With the addition of help desk functionality, technicians are able to receive work orders and troubleshoot those issues through one portal, which in turn should reduce the time to close and resolve incidents. Rob Brothers Program Director IDC9
  10. 10. The James Bond support desk toolkit GoToAssist continues to simplify IT support by providing easy, affordable access to an essential toolset – service desk management, remote support and IT monitoring – all from one user interface. Combining critical tools enables IT departments to be more efficient and effective and save costs. Customize GoToAssist to fit your unique business needs — choose one module, two or all three. • Use GoToAssist Service Desk to log and track incidents, deliver end-user self-service and manage configuration, changes and releases. • With GoToAssist Remote Support, you can deliver on-demand support and access unattended servers and workstations. • Use GoToAssist Monitoring to proactively monitor your entire IT infrastructure, including critical servers and services.10
  11. 11. Key benefits of integrated IT tools: • Reduce IT firefighting and lower IT support costs while freeing up time. • Deliver multiple critical IT support services from one easy-to-use interface. • No more juggling tools and duplicating data entries. • Gain total visibility into the entire IT support services to accelerate issue resolution. • Streamline support workload among team members. • Remove the complexity and time in implementing ITIL and ITSM best practices. Learn more about delivering multiple IT services from one integrated cloud-based toolset — visit www.gotoassist.com. “Citrix remains the market share leader… by focusing on simple-to-use solutions and introducing innovative services that deliver on customer needs.” - IDC11
  12. 12. Additional Resources news.citrixonline.com/resources Access upcoming and on-demand webinars, case studies and best practices white papers about working from anywhere with anyone. www.workshifting.com Read the blog dedicated to all things related to workshifting (getting work done outside the traditional office), including best practices, tips and tricks.12
  13. 13. About Citrix Citrix is transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. Its portfolio of GoTo cloud services enable people to work from anywhere with anyone by providing simple-to-use cloud-based collaboration, remote access and IT support solutions for every type of business. Learn more at www.citrix.com and www.citrixonline.com. © 2012 Citrix Online, LLC. All rights reserved. Citrix, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, Podio and ShareFile are trademarks of Citrix or a subsidiary thereof, and are or may be registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. 12.6.12/B-87220/PDF citrix.com13