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Event Marketing Mandates Data Collection


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Marketing your event is crucial to its success. In order to make the most of an event, you need a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers instead of more traditional methods like lectures and meetups. The event should invite and encourage an active audience to participate in the evolution of your brand in various ways.

Quality staff members can serve as your brand ambassadors and help create a positive image for your brand. Dedicated employees that work hard need a way to document and proves successes – in order to change or further working strategy.

Similarly, collecting consumer insights can boost the power of your brand and the effectiveness of your event. We live in an experience economy and creating memorable moments for your customers through event marketing, product launches and more will win over your customers.

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Event Marketing Mandates Data Collection

  1. 1. Event Marketing Mandates Data Collection
  2. 2. The dynamite combo of Event Marketing & Data Collection 
  3. 3. The Importance of Experience Having deeper insight into 
 the market than your competitors is crucial to crafting a more memorable experience.  Turn consumers into active participants within the evolution of your brand by recording insights from the field. 
  4. 4. The 4 Components of Event Marketing Employees Visual marketing Field Interactions Event feedback
  5. 5. Employees Give employees a way to document and track innovative insights. Encourage selfies and other social media posts for additional promotion.  Your staff are your brand ambassadors. 
  6. 6. Make the most 
 of photos and other event images.  Promote shareable visuals on social media.  Use software that integrates well with social platforms. Visual marketing
  7. 7. Make sure consumers can easily interact with your: field managers account managers brand ambassadors promoters Field Interactions
  8. 8. Don’t miss the chance to get crucial feedback on your event.
 Examine various API integrations to make feedback seamless.  Event feedback
  9. 9. From Good Data to Great Content The right software with smooth API integration allows you to collect and make sense of all your data in no time.  Mobile data collection gives you a clear picture of how consumers reacted to every aspect of your marketing strategy.  Use these insights to make memorable content that speaks directly to them. 
  10. 10. Gather meaningful data about your competition Have superior insights into your market. Win a bigger market share. Make powerful 
 and unique experiences. Your Competitive Edge
  11. 11. A Mobile Data Collection App For Retail Execution.