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GoPago LIVE presentation


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GoPago, Inc. is a cloud-based commerce company, transforming the way merchants and consumers connect and transact. The company's GoPago LIVE POS solution links merchants and consumers in-store, online and via mobile devices, creating interaction across the entire buying experience to boost sales, enhance customer relationships and optimize merchant resources. Integrated Brick and Mortar Point of Sale (POS), Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), Online Storefront (eCommerce) and Mobile Storefront (mCommerce) sales channel capabilities, along with consumer real-time payments analytics,offers and rewards, empower merchants to act on sales trend intelligence and promote their businesses anytime, anywhere, any way.

With optimal price-to-value packaging, GoPago LIVE's turnkey offering features a tablet with stand, MICR reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, optional peripherals, cloud-based software, consumer mobile app and 4G LTE data connectivity. GoPago LIVE levels the playing field, giving small and medium size merchants the same power out-of-the-box that many large retailers spend millions to obtain.

Founded in 2009, GoPago is backed by JP Morgan. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Dallas and New York. For more information, please visit

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GoPago LIVE presentation

  1. 1. Product Overview
  2. 2. | (800) 595-5199 | |
  3. 3. | (800) 595-5199 | | HISTORY The idea for GoPago was conceived in 2007 when founder and CEO Leo Rocco missed Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home run while he was waiting in line at a concessions stand. Rocco believed there was a need to bridge the gap between merchants and customer. In 2009, GoPago introduced their first product, which allowed consumers to browse, order and pay from their smartphone. In 2012, GoPago LIVE was born, the only all-in-one, turn-key system that is a total commerce platform. AWARDS CONTACT Most innovative Company in San Francisco San Francisco Chamber of Commerce honored GoPago with Innovation Through Technology Award (October 25, 2012) Previous winners include Square (2011), Zynga (2010), Zipcar (2009) Bronze in Best POS Transformation PYMNTS.COM awards GoPago with a bronze in the Best POS Transformation category at the 2013 Innovator Awards. (March 21, 2013) GoPago has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider, Forbes, Inc. and more. For media inquiries: For sales inquiries:
  4. 4. | (800) 595-5199 | | SOFTWARE KEY FEATURES GoPago LIVE runs on the Android operating system & delivers the most secure multi-tasking solution possible Multi-device interoperability Frequent system updates delivered seamlessly & installed automatically Continuous remote monitoring & troubleshooting Modern commerce features include: Community management Targeted discounts Text receipts Digital signature capture Web accessible reporting, & system management In addition to best in class sales reports: Top customers Top selling items and categories Custom time frames: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports Filter sales by $ dollar amount and by number of transaction Aggregated by store or across stores/ locations Web portal capability includes: Create and update your menu/product list Access your reports: sales, deposits, categories, items and customers reports View aggregated reporting across terminals and stores Update your settings and ACH information Scanner 1D and 2D automatic barcode scanner Scale Integrated 15lb Scale OPTIONAL PERIPHERALS A fully integrated platform includes the following hardware: Tablet Android tablet with 4G data connectivity Printer Integrated Thermal Printer Stand Commercial-grade tablet stand with 180 degree rotation Swiper Encrypted MagTek card reader Cash Box Integrated 5-Slot Cash Drawer with built-in peripheral management HARDWARE