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Clinical Communications: Collaboration Tools for Healthcare Providers


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Professionals in the medical field need access to the most robust communications tools in the industry -- tools that can keep up with the high-stress demands and fast-paced environment of the job. Leading medical institutions are adopting cloud PBX solutions and applications with easy remote access that facilitate effective interactions among a mobile workforce and dispersed patients.

Next-generation technology and high-quality patient care go hand in hand. Momentum’s Clinical Communications platform is an innovative fully-hosted solution that is tailored to the healthcare and medical industry. Momentum’s cloud collaboration tools generate a more efficient workflow model that streamlines operations, allowing clinicians to devote less time to administrative tasks and more time tending to the well-being of patients and the delivery of optimal treatment.

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Clinical Communications: Collaboration Tools for Healthcare Providers

  2. 2. In the healthcare field,miscommunications canmean the differencebetween life and death.
  3. 3. Professionals in themedical field needaccess to the mostrobust communicationstools in the industry --tools that can keep upwith the high-stressdemands and fast-pacedenvironment of the job.
  4. 4. Many hospitals andclinics are relying onoutdated communicationsequipment that could bringcommunications linesdown in the event of anemergency and leave thembehind competing, moretechnologically advancedmedical facilities.
  5. 5. When communications is the lifelineof your business, you shouldn’t leaveanything up to chance.Is your communicationssolution due for a checkup?
  6. 6. Symptom:Deskphone TraumaBecause you’re always on the go, you frequently missimportant phone calls, messages and voicemails thatpile up on your desk phone.4 6 3
  7. 7. Treatment:Unified CommunicationsServices like Internet fax and voicemail to email bringconvenience to communications. No more waiting by thefax machine or walking to the central nurse station just tocheck the deskphone for missed calls. Messages can bedelivered straight to your inbox and viewed from a mobiledevice while making the rounds.And features like Anywhere let youroute inbound calls and make outboundcalls from a personal mobile phoneunder business identity, which lets youprotect personal information and still beaccessible when needed.
  8. 8. Symptom:Disaster PhobiaYou’re constantly worriedabout what would happenif phone lines went downin a crisis situation, andcommunications throughoutthe hospital and withemergency responders areimpossible.
  9. 9. Treatment:A Geo-Redundant NetworkGeo-redundancy ensures communications continuity in anycrisis situation and can give healthcare providers peace of mind.In the event that the primary network goes down, calls fail over tothe backup switch automatically so you never miss a call.In the event of a power outage that interrupts phone service,the system detects the absence of handset connection and callforwarding not reachable is instantaneously activated so thatcalls are routed to a number that is available.
  10. 10. Symptom:Growth DeficiencyTreatment:Collaboration ToolsYou’re worried about falling behind other medicalfacilities and not providing patients with the mostinnovative, technologically-advanced care.
  11. 11. Telemedicine is being used for everything from initialconsultations and virtual face-to-face checkupsto post-surgery follow ups. Video and webconferencing solutions connect patients withleading healthcare specialists, regardless of locationand allow specialists to extend top-notch servicesrural areas.Clinics can use video conferencing to confer withother experts in the field about treatment optionsand participate in training for revolutionary medicalbreakthroughs. Virtual meetings can be an optimalway to discuss lab results, review images and sharepatient records with staff members at satellite officesor specialists at other locations.
  12. 12. SCALABLE -Add users and features instantlyRELIABLE -Uninterrupted network uptimeFLEXIBLE -Integrated mobile solutionsINTEROPERABLE -Consolidated networkAFFORDABLE -Reduced equipment and IT costsWhen you’re looking for a hosted pbxclinical communications solution, be sure tocheck for the vital signs:
  13. 13. Click here to learn moreabout Momentum’s InnovativeCommunications Solutions forHealthcare ProvidersGOMOMENTUM.COM