Duvel Green Beyond Traditional Case Study


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Our Duvel Green Campaign hit San Francisco, Chicago and NYC simultaneously for a guerrilla-only campaign that sent participants on a quest to find Duvel Green.

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Duvel Green Beyond Traditional Case Study

  1. 1. CHICAGO / NY / SAN FRANCISCO DUVEL GREEN RECAP presentation by GoMobile www.BeyondTraditional.com DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 1 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 1 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS THE BEER 5 T H E C A M PA I G N 13 THE ELEMENTS 17 THE EVENTS: A Snapshot 38 ABOUT 42 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 2 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 3 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 2-3 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  3. 3. THE BEER DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 4 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 5 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 4-5 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Jan-Leonard Moortgat Duvel is introduced to the Duvel releases Duvel Green, 1871 1980’s 2008 establishes the Moortgat US and discovered by beer a unique ale that is more brewery-farm in Puurs, lovers across the globe. than just Duvel on Draught, between Brussels and Foremost among them to select bars in select cities. Antwep. He proceeds is Michael Jackson, The ABOUT DUVEL to build a family brewery, Beer Hunter, who identifies selling beer to fellow Duvel as ‘one of the top farmers and local five beers in the world’ and hostelries. dubs this Belgian classic, ‘beguiling’. Duvel Moortgat Brewery is a Belgian family brewing company launched in 1871 by Albert Moortgat. The Brewery’s original bottled Duvel has become one of Belgium’s favorite ales and is exported to over 40 countries worldwide. The secret of its success lies in using only high-quality ingredients, and in the well-balanced, very specific, complex brewing and re-fermentation process that takes 1923 2003 After years of formulation and Duvel acquires full ownership over 90 days. experimentation, ‘Victory Ale’ is of Brewery Ommegang in created as a tribute to English Cooperstown, New York. and US soldiers during WWI. After brewing and first fermentation - which takes about 30 days - the beer is tasted by the brew Upon tasting it, one of the brewery workers exclaims, ‘Da’s master and his staff. At this stage this beer is called “single-fermented.” Typical Duvel flavors and nen echten duvel’ (Damn that’s a aromas are already emerging, but the beer is lower in alcohol and carbonation, and the taste is devil of a beer.) The name sticks slightly lighter and crisper. and Duvel (devil) is born. When approved by the taste panel, the beer is prepared for secondary fermentation in the bottle, which involves adding additional yeast and sugar and bottling the beer. During the next 60 days the beer ferments and matures in the brewery warm-cellar and cold-cellar, developing the familiar flavors, aromas and alcohol content that shape it into the Duvel you know in the bottle. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 6 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 7 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 6-7 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  5. 5. ABOUT DUVEL GREEN THE DUVEL GREEN DIFFERENCE THE TASTE Duvel Green is a Belgian ale created specifically for Draught and based The ‘classic Duvel’ is a sophisticated, on the original bottled Duvel. For the last several decades, Duvel full-flavored and aromatic Belgian Golden brewers have pulled batches of the brew after the first fermentation, Ale, with clean, refined, silky sweet dry taste, and have enjoyed the light taste of the ‘single-fermented’ Duvel. while a ‘Duvel Green’ on Draught has a gentle Traditionally, the brewers have cold-filtered, bottled, and sold a small hoppiness, soft carbonation, and a subtle, portion of this beer, but only at the brewery and a few selected smooth dryness with hints of fruitiness. The locations in Belgium. The beer was labeled with a green label, as the beer is not re-fermented, but it does have nickname ‘kleine’ Duvel (or ‘Green’ Duvel) was used to describe the young Duvel flavors emerging from the first beer taken at a young stage of the brewing process of Duvel. fermentation. Preparing Duvel Green includes cold-filtering, balancing the raw materials for optimal flavor on Draught, and some cold ageing of the kegs. This results in a specific ABV level of 6.8%. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 8 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 9 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 8-9 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  6. 6. BEER STATS Pillowy white head, leaving fine Belgian lace as it recedes Self-Defined Style: Belgian Golden Ale Signature glass funnels the foam to the top and collects aromas for your nose Strength (ABV): 6.8% ABV Appearance: Bright, golden color with excellent clarity. Fine, soft carbonation. Single fermented, filtered, kegged and Creamy, meringue-like head, creating clinging lace as it diminishes in the glass. shipped fresh Aroma: Subtle citrus notes with a touch of honey and grain. Gentle, green herbal hoppiness. Fine and decidedly lively carbonation Taste: (Note that the beer is definitely best when well-chilled.) Dry and crisp with mild, yeasty citrus notes. More hops on the palate than nose. Well balanced, hops play off both malt and citrus. Hints of floral and sweet orange. Pils malts, Styrian and Saaz noble hops give golden body and full flavor Mouthfeel: Lively and spritzy. Smooth, light on the tongue with crisp, young beer brightness. Superb refreshment and easy drinkability at Drinkability: Easy drinking and refreshing. Simple, clean and easy. 6.8% ABV Availability Kegs: European 20 Liter DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 10 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 11 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 10-11 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  7. 7. THE CAMPAIGN DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 12 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 13 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 12-13 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  8. 8. THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION We were asked by San Francisco-based interactive branding agency, Real Branding, to mutually We used a derivative of Geocaching, an outdoor activity that uses create and execute a complete guerrilla marketing campaign for Duvel Green, the latest beer from geographical points (usually latitude and longitude), to create a Belgian brewing company Duvel, as it rolled out to select bars in New York City, Chicago and San treasure hunt for participants, which dictated the vision for the entire Francisco. The goal was to create ground-level buzz through multiple media outlets that took campaign. Custom Duvel Wild Postings, each printed with the nearest advantage of the exclusive nature of the product’s availability. bar’s latitude and longitude points, were installed all over each city. To accompany them, branded Building Illuminations lit up the sky at night, and street teams of over 50 infiltrated heavy bar areas distributing custom Duvel coasters that doubled as Admit One tickets to a VIP Duvel-sponsored party. We partnered with bars in each city for “buy the beer, keep the glass” promotions that left a solid takeaway with each person that tried Duvel Green. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 14 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 15 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 14-15 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  9. 9. THE ELEMENTS DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 16 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 17 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 16-17 2/18/10 8:48 AM
  10. 10. THE COASTERS A coaster’s many elements - a flat, considerable surface to design on, its “pocketable” size, not to mention its obvious relation to a beverage campaign may be overshadowed by its utter simplicity. Aside from its obvious use, we gave the coasters value by doubling their use as an Admit One ticket, printed on the backside, which granted its owner VIP access to an exclusive party in their city, hosted by Duvel Green the following week. Coasters were designed to fall in line visually with other campaign elements and maintain a synergistic brand experience throughout the promotion. We distributed branded coasters sans-VIP invite to each bar serving Duvel Green, which sealed the brand experience once inside the bar. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 18 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 19 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 18-19 2/18/10 8:49 AM
  11. 11. THE MICROSITE To serve as an information hub for the entire campaign, a microsite was created at DuvelGreenDiscovered.com. The site featured a complex and interactive site map of the three cities featuring Duvel Green bar locations, and highlighted special Duvel Green events throughout the course of the campaign. The website URL was highlighted on Duvel coasters that were distributed throughout the course of the campaign and the website received nearly 2,000 hits during the month of December alone. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 20 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 21 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 20-21 2/18/10 8:49 AM
  12. 12. WILD POSTINGS Following the Geocaching theme of the campaign, we installed over 100 wild walls around each New York City, Chicago and San Francisco Duvel Green bar location. The posters gave latitude and longitude clues directing viewers to their closest Duvel Green establishment. This meant customizing each wild wall with unique coordinates specific to its nearest bar, adding a truly local and unique touch. The posters also directed participants to the campaign’s mi- crosite, DuvelGreenDiscovered.com, which highlighted Duvel Green bar events, VIP party dates and further clued viewers in to specific Duvel Green bars in their city DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 22 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 23 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 22-23 2/18/10 8:49 AM
  13. 13. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 24 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 25 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 24-25 2/18/10 8:50 AM
  14. 14. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 26 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 27 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 26-27 2/18/10 8:50 AM
  15. 15. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 28 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 29 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 28-29 2/18/10 8:51 AM
  16. 16. STREET TEAMS PHASE 1 To introduce Duvel Green to bargoers in each city, street teams surrounded event locations in teams of eight. Dressed professionally in all black attire, our teams donned green and gold striped scarves representing Duvel Green’s colors and engaged the public about the beverage. An exclusive campaign with a specific target demographic calls for an equally exclusive Coasters that doubled as VIP tickets to Duvel Green’s exclusive party were used as invites team of highly trained brand ambassadors. We hand picked our teams of over 150 ac- during conversations with the ultimate goal of raising awareness of the beverage and filling up cording to the goals of the program to ensure they carried the brand message profes- Duvel Green bar events nearby. sionally while maintaining an air of mystery. PHASE 2 For one special night in each city, flash mobs of 50 brand ambassadors infiltrated the city blocks surrounding chosen Duvel Green bar events during their “Keep the Glass” promotions. This promotion allowed all who purchased Duvel Green to take home its signature, one-of-a-kind glass that Duvel is famous for. This massive presence was created by dividing teams into two groups: ushers, equipped with special green LED flashlights escorting bargoers to the event, and gatherers, engaging street traffic, handing out coasters/VIP tickets and leading interested bargoers to ushers. Using this system, we packed bar locations and had lines out the door! DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 30 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 31 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 30-31 2/18/10 8:51 AM
  17. 17. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 32 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 33 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 32-33 2/18/10 8:51 AM
  18. 18. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 34 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 35 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 34-35 2/18/10 8:51 AM
  19. 19. BUILDING ILLUMINATIONS While our street teams focused on one-on-one interactions and our wild wall postings targeted street traffic in larger numbers, our building illuminations were designed to make the largest splash, reaching tens of thousands of eyeballs in the downtown cores of each city. Sprawling illuminations featuring a super-sized Duvel Green glass lit up the night sky on traditional bar nights, echoing the design of all other marketing visuals and providing latitude and longitude coordinates of the nearest Duvel Green bar. The mobile nature of our illumination team meant the ability to target multiple buildings each night for maximum impact. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 36 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 37 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 36-37 2/18/10 8:52 AM
  20. 20. THE EVENTS A SNAPSHOT · An estimated 1 million consumer impressions and engagements · Over 25,000 coasters distributed · Over 1,000 Duvel Green signature glasses given away · Over 100 wild postings installed · Nearly 2,000 visits to DuvelGreenDiscovered.com in the month of December · Standing room only at targeted bars during events... some to the point of tap out! DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 38 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 39 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 38-39 2/18/10 8:52 AM
  21. 21. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 40 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 41 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 40-41 2/18/10 8:52 AM
  22. 22. ABOUT GOMOBILE GoMobile is a leading non-traditional and guerrilla marketing company that sparks instant, intimate relationships between brands and consumers through strategic and targeted alternative and out-of-home marketing experiences. GoMobile works with both brands and agencies, including Hitachi, Miller Brewing Company, IKEA, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Goodwill, KFC and MacDonald Media, Copacino+Fujikado, McCann-Erickson, Young & Rubicam, and Starcom Worldwide, and has recently honored with the EX Award and ADDY Awards. For more information on GoMobile, visit BeyondTraditional.com. ABOUT REAL BRANDING Real Branding is one of the largest independent interactive agencies in San Francisco, considered a leading market for interactive talent, innovation and expertise. Real Branding clients include: AOL, Coca- Cola, Corona Beer, Diageo, ditech.com, HBO, Quicken Loans, Unilever and Warner Home Video. The agency has earned national recognition for its creative and media planning innovations, including Best Banner Advertisement of the Year from Ad:Tech in 2003. Information on Real Branding can be found at www.realbranding.com. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 42 DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 43 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 42-43 2/18/10 8:52 AM
  23. 23. DUVEL GREEN RECAP | 44 7446_duvelRecap3.indd 44 2/18/10 8:52 AM