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Why Microlearning is the Training Solution for Employees [Infographic]


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Take a gander at this infographic and see the power of microlearning.

Attention spans are dropping at the same time technology is advancing, leading to a digital
skills gap costing the U.S. economy $1.3 trillion annually in lost productivity (equivalent to a
loss of $10 million per 1,000 employees). Therefore there’s an ever-growing need for new
and better ways to teach, learn, and train the 21st century workforce – and microlearning is
the solution.

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Why Microlearning is the Training Solution for Employees [Infographic]

  1. 1. Therefore, traditional training doesn't work Meanwhile... We’re moving from a culture of deep attention to hyper attention ATTENTION SPANS ARE SHRINKING By 2015 we’ll be consuming more than per day Prior to the 1960s, movie shots held viewers’ attention upwards of In 2013, older adults (aged 50-64) upped daily consumption of online video from Now it’s less than of Millennials prefer video to text 2013 attention span 2000 attention span 12 SECONDS15 HOURS OF MEDIA 8 SECONDS goldfish attention span 9 SECONDS Hyper Attention Switches focus between multiple information streams, a preference for high stimulation and lower tolerance for boredom Deep Attention Able to concentrate on one object or information stream for long periods of time, ignoring outside stimulation In the first 8 minutes, we’re at our peak energy level After 20 minutes, our neurons experience a noticeable drop After 60-120 minutes, alertness completely collapses Microlearning beats traditional training in a variety of ways REFERENCES avg. time an employee trains annually Microlearning in 3-7 minute chunks matches the brain’s working memory and attention span Bite size microlearning yields an average of 4-5 learned items taken from a series Microlearning can cut development costs by 50% while increasing the speed of development by 300% Over 1.2 billion learners have access to smart devices and expect to use them 51% WHY MICROLEARNING IS THE TRAINING SOLUTION FOR EMPLOYEES’ SHRINKING ATTENTION SPANS 15:00 20 SECONDS 11 MIN. 19 MIN. 2-3 SECONDS u.s. businesses spend over on employee learning and training Hayles, University of California; USC Marshall School of Business, ScienceDaily; Levels Beyond, Direct Marketing News; National Center for Biotechnology Information, The Associ- ated Press; Cross-Platform Report, Nielsen Q2 2104; Harris Survey, Grovo 2014; Human Capital Trends Switzerland 2014, Deloitte; National Sleep Foundation, BusinessWeek; Ameri- can Dietetic Association; McKinsey, BusinessWeek; Skills Soft; The Association forTalent Development; Via Learning Solutions; Wall Street Journal; Pike, Creative Training; Techniques Handbook; Goldstein, Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday Experience; Bailey, Mindgym; Jimenez, “3 minute learning”; eLearning Infograph- ics, Mobile Learning Generation $160 BILLION ANNUALLY 90/20/8 rule says: OVER 30 HOURS successfully apply what they learn fewer than 15% 80% is said to be forgotten within 30 days (90% within one year) 43 - 185 HOURS avg. time to create 1 hour of classroom training bite size is the right size: As a result of rapidly changing technology, a digital skills gap has emerged — one that is costing the U.S. economy OVER 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS annually in lost productivity TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCING This technological change has also led to a skills half-life of 2.5 years. Because training hasn’t kept pace, workers are falling further and further behind, putting a strain on our workforce: 43%1/3 TRAINING CAN'T KEEP UP of workers clock over 50 hours per week get less than seven hours of sleep per night 25% of execs report their communications are unmanageable say they don’t have time to do the training they need 40% Costly, structured, trainer- driven Boring, text-based All content is same priority Single-use Segments = 60-90 minutes Long slides, lectures Paper-based, PDF, HTML Yearly, quarterly, never-ends At one time Prior to work, or interrupting work Group learns at same pace Cost-effective, flexible, learner-driven Games, audio/visual, graphics “Must Learn” and “Learn on Need” Reusable, Shareable Segments = 1-3 minutes Small, short lessons Mobile, web, shared content Minimal infrastructure/upkeep Self-paced, self-directed, individual choice/path When you need it During work, in the moment, or on own time DELIVERY CONTENT traditional microlearning Grovo teaches Internet and modern professional skills with 60-second videos. The videos follow Grovo's proprietary microlearning methodology and are delivered in its beautiful and effective training platform. With more than 4,500 video lessons, Grovo makes it easy for people and organizations to learn critical skills needed to succeed in today's always-connected world. To learn more visit: