IBM & the GoGrid Cloud - Building New Business and New Channels with Data-Driven Apps


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Being first to market has definite competitive advantages. And when it comes to building and scaling IBM DB2 database-driven applications in the cloud, you want a proven, high-performance solution. Discover how you can win and grow new business using the GoGrid cloud coupled with IBM DB2 in this educational webinar.

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In this webinar, you'll learn:
• The advantages of using DB2 as your database
• How to quickly and easily deploy DB2 within the GoGrid cloud
• How to win new business fast with a go-to-market solution from GoGrid and IBM

- Thomas Chong – Automation and Integration Lead, Information Management, IBM
- Michael Sheehan – Technology Evangelist, GoGrid

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IBM & the GoGrid Cloud - Building New Business and New Channels with Data-Driven Apps

  1. 1. IBM DB2 & the GoGrid CloudBuilding New Business and New Channels with Data-Driven AppsPresenters: Thomas Chong – Automation and Integration Lead, Information Management, IBM Michael Sheehan – Technology Evangelist, GoGrid
  2. 2. To watch the complete IBM & GoGrid webinar, please visit: © 2012 GoGrid
  3. 3. Agenda  Introduction  The importance of databases  About IBM DB2  About GoGrid  Running DB2 in the cloud  Employing IBM DB2 within GoGrid  Key takeaways3 © 2012 GoGrid
  4. 4. The Importance of Databases Cloud computing solutions deal with workloads of varying size and complexity. Good database software, such as DB2, provide a solution for managing this data in addition to these features:  Stores, retrieves, and organizes data in a reliable manner (ACID properties)  Standardized so other applications can easily access and work with the data, including support for XML and relational data  Provides integration with Big Data processing systems to deliver business insights and analysis; for example, IBM DB2 is tightly integrated with IBM Infosphere BigInsights  Removes unwanted and unnecessary redundancies  Improves overall performance and efficiency of cloud solutions  Provides a way to scale your solution to meet increased and future demands  Is less complex, less time-consuming, and more efficient to maintain, letting you focus on your business4 © 2012 GoGrid
  5. 5. About IBM DB2Reduce Operational Costs Low Operational Costs Reliability Ease of Use Automate DBA tasks, Strong heritage of proven Developer support, optimize storage, reliability, availability, XML data management, leading performance. and security. virtual appliances. We ended up choosing DB2 for several reasons. One was reliability, second was performance, and perhaps the most important factor was ease of use. – Bashir Khan, Director of Data Management and Business Intelligence5 © 2012 GoGrid
  6. 6. 1. Low Operational Costs Unparalleled automation Lower administration costs Deep compression Lower storage costs Industry-leading performance Lower server costs Fast & easy virtual appliances Lower IT costs6 © 2012 GoGrid
  7. 7. Administration is the Largest Cost $300 B Global Annual IT Spending Estimated 1996-2010 Power and Cooling Costs Server Management and Admin Costs $250 B New Server Spending $200 B $150 B $100 B $50 B $0 B 1996 ‘97 ‘98 ‘99 ‘00 ‘01 ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 ‘09 2010Source: IBM Corporate Strategy analysis of IDC data, Sept. 20077 © 2012 GoGrid
  8. 8. Autonomic Computing in DB2 By sensing and responding to changes in the environment, DB2’s autonomic computing features automatically adjust the system to optimize its operation Included in all DB2 editions: Self-Healing Self-Configuring Self-Optimizing Self-Managing• Data Studio • Configuration Advisor • Utility Throttling • Automatic Storage web console • Design Advisor • Self-tuning Memory • Automatic Manager Maintenance • Automatic Dictionary Creation Time and cost savings  It shifts the burden of managing a computing environment from DBAs to technology  More than 70% of IT budgets are consumed by labor costs8 © 2012 GoGrid
  9. 9. Let DB2 Tune Itself – Focus on Your Business Self-Tuning Memory Manager  Configures DB2 without needing a DBA  Get your system running quickly in minutes with little skills or training Let DB2 tune itself  Focus on your business, not on database management Easy configuration  Configuration Assistant  Automatic storage  Wizards and advisors9 © 2012 GoGrid
  10. 10. 2. Reliable Security & audit support Peace of mind Easy high availability Set up in minutes, recover in seconds Workload management Optimize your business10 © 2012 GoGrid
  11. 11. Reduce Risk with Improved Security & Audit Features  44% of IT staff cited authorized access as a key security challenge  Top challenges for 43% of CFOs are governance, controls, & risk management  Understand risks and security issues  Auditing redesigned for fast performance  Easily find out who, what, where, when, and how you may have a breach  Reduce the risk of unauthorized access  Precise control  Encryption IBM is a definite leader in heterogeneous data integration… – Naomi Rafael, Melbourne Health11 © 2012 GoGrid
  12. 12. Security the Way You Want It  Security has been redesigned for the complexities of having local, remote, and outsourced IT staff  Customize all DB2 security groups  Fine-grain control of what is included in each security level  Create new security or access groups to match your company’s needs12 © 2012 GoGrid
  13. 13. Robust Operation with High Availability  Ultra-fast (seconds)  Manage planned and unplanned outages  Easy to add  No rewrite of your application Keep servers  No specialized hardware synchronized  Setup in only minutes with graphical wizard  Systems can be in different locations Primary Standby One of the major advantages of DB2 is that we get a disaster recovery solution for our SAP system with HADR at no extra cost. – Gustav Elias, Austrian Railways13 © 2012 GoGrid
  14. 14. 3. Ease of Use Database changes without downtime Easier database changes Industry-leading pure XML storage Easier XML projects Integrated data management Easier collaboration Extensive developer support Easier development projects14 © 2012 GoGrid
  15. 15. Respond to Changing Business Needs  To be successful, organizations must adapt to changing business needs  Technology and databases often limit an organization’s ability to be responsive  DB2 eliminates these limits  Break free with DB2  Change database schemas without downtime  Get multitenancy out-of-the-box  Move database schemas efficiently  Move data to new tables without downtime  Re-organize database partitions  And more…15 © 2012 GoGrid
  16. 16. Database Multitenancy  Multitenancy can further reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of a database in the cloud (>100 times cheaper for small tenants)  Multitenancy = multiple companies or individuals using the same software with a level of isolation  Multitenancy is analogous to users running various applications on the same operating system Large tenants MT Application or MT Application MT Application Non-MT Application Medium tenants Long tail of small tenantsSize of Tenants Large Tenants Medium Tenants Small Tenants Isolation: Databases Isolation: Tables Isolation: Rows Shared: NA/Hardware Shared: Database Shared: Tables Number of Tenants 16 © 2012 GoGrid
  17. 17. Move Data without Downtime  Respond to evolving business needs  Avoid costly database downtime  Freely change columns used in views and other objects  Easily and quickly move data between QA, test, and production environments  Efficiently move schemas  Easily set up multiple test environments  New table space can have different properties  No downtime—keep tables online  Extract DDL and other dependent objects  Directly reference containers of table space in target database17 © 2012 GoGrid
  18. 18. Hosting Options for DB2 Option Cost IT Cost Easy? Commitment Do-It-Yourself High High No High Self-Hosted/On-Premises Do-It-Yourself High High No High Colocation Hosted High Medium No Medium Managed/Shared/Dedicated Cloud Medium Low Yes Low GoGrid  GoGrid advantages  Monthly/hourly billing for cloud infrastructure = controllable expense  Easy to deploy as GoGrid Server Image (GSI) = ease of use  Monthly licensing = controlled costs  Fully managed cloud infrastructure = minimal IT cost  No long-term contracts = lower commitment18 © 2012 GoGrid
  19. 19. GoGrid: Enabling Cloud Adoption Public Cloud • Cloud servers • Load balancers • Cloud storage • Content delivery network (CDN) • Firewalls Hybrid • Cloud Private Cloud • Dedicated • A dedicated non-shared • Private network GoGrid instance • Single control panel19 © 2012 GoGrid
  20. 20. GoGrid: Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Advantages  GoGrid cloud = New sales channel  Streamlined sales & implementation workflow  Provides more flexibility for ISVs  Technology delivery  Pricing  Faster time-to-market  Quick proof of concept (POC) or demo process  Seamless conversion from demo stage to live implementation  GoGrid Exchange = ecosystem of server & software solutions  Consolidated invoicing for customers20 © 2012 GoGrid
  21. 21. IBM DB2 on GoGrid21 © 2012 GoGrid
  22. 22. Select the IBM DB2 GoGrid Partner Server Image (PGSI)22 © 2012 GoGrid
  23. 23. Configure the DB2 GoGrid Cloud Server23 © 2012 GoGrid
  24. 24. DB2 LUW Advantages on the GoGrid Cloud  Easy and fast setup  Increase time to value  Custom web-based modules to configure cloud image instance, DB2 instance, and O/S environment  Variety of offerings  Variety of production-ready offerings and payment options such DB2 Express & Workgroup  Variety of payment options  Just an infrastructure shift  DB2 LUW features work the same in a cloud environment as in a traditional data center  Features in DB2 LUW are even more important in cloud environments than usual • Autonomics, availability, efficiency, security  Make money by building on top of existing offerings24 © 2012 GoGrid
  25. 25. Get a DB2 database up and running in minutes! User-friendly GUI-based setup Quick and easy setup of server and DB2 environment Automation capabilities allow for SaaS deployment Leverages specific cloud infrastructure technologies such as GoGrid cloud storage25 © 2012 GoGrid
  26. 26. DB2 on GoGrid as Engine for Customers’ Applications in the Cloud DATABASE APPLICATON Create, deploy, manage, and scale within26 © 2012 GoGrid
  27. 27. IBM DB2 + the GoGrid Cloud = Easy DB2 Implementation  IBM DB2 as a GoGrid Server Image Solution (MyGSI)  Deploy DB2 directly into the GoGrid cloud in minutes  Bring your own license or use GoGrid licensing  Faster time-to-market by deploying in the cloud  minutes to deploy  Pre-built & pre-integrated server image solution  Monthly billing  24x7 Support27 © 2012 GoGrid
  28. 28. Q&A Performance Automation Security Templatization Control Scalability Flexibility Risk Mitigation28 © 2012 GoGrid
  29. 29. Discuss your DB2 & Cloud Infrastructure with an Expert Set up an appointment: US & Canada: 1-877-946-4743 International: +1-415-869-7444 Learn more about GoGrid’s Big Data Solution: US & Canada: 1-877-946-4743 International: +1-415- 869-744429 © 2012 GoGrid
  30. 30. To watch the complete IBM & GoGrid webinar, please visit: © 2012 GoGrid