GoGrid & IBM: Creating and Scaling Data-Driven Solutions in the Cloud


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Today, your clients are capturing vast amounts of data in real time from social interactions, geolocation, financial transactions, and legacy archives. They need your recommendation for the best solution that can warehouse and analyze all that data, help get to market quickly, and also scale to meet demand. Deploying IBM BigInsights and Streams in GoGrid’s cloud infrastructure is a seamless, cost-effective, powerful way to enable your clients’ Big Data architectures.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
• What scenarios are ripe for Big Data implementations
• How to cloud-enable your Big Data solution
• How to identify and close business with the IBM Big Data and GoGrid cloud solution

- Bruce Weed – Program Director, Worldwide IBM Big Data Business Development, IBM
- Michael Sheehan – Technology Evangelist, GoGrid

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GoGrid & IBM: Creating and Scaling Data-Driven Solutions in the Cloud

  1. 1. How to Put Your Big Data in the CloudBruce Weed – Program Director, Worldwide IBM Big Data Business DevelopmentMichael Sheehan – Technology Evangelist, GoGridWebinar recording:http://go.gogrid.com/l/3442/2012-08-02/2d2xt8
  2. 2. To watch the complete IBM & GoGrid webinar, please visit:http://go.gogrid.com/l/3442/2012-08-02/2d2xt82 © 2011 GoGrid 8/2/2012
  3. 3. Agenda  Big Data sweet spots  Big Data ecosystem  IBM BigInsights & Streams  Big Data in the GoGrid cloud – Recipe for success  How to spot & close  Q&A3
  4. 4. Big Data Sweet Spots Big Data is applicableFocus Industries across all industries, both  Finance/Insurance  Public Public and Private Sector  Retail Sector/Govern  E&U (Telco) ment  HealthcareUse Cases4
  5. 5. Big Data Challenges Have Diverse Requirements Process & store huge volume of any data Description: Distributed File System Structure & control data Description: Parallel Processing Engine Process streaming data Description: Stream Computing Engine Analyze unstructured data Description: Analyze textual content for insights Integrate all data sources Description: Integrate, transform, and manage metadata5
  6. 6. The Solution – IBM’s Big Data PlatformBring together any data source, at any velocity, to generate insight IBM’s Big Data Platform  Variety  Velocity  Volume6
  7. 7. IBM’s Big Data Platform7
  8. 8. The Big Data Platform Products InfoSphere BigInsights Hadoop Information Integration Stream InfoSphere & Governance Computing InfoSphere StreamsInformation Server MPP Data Warehouse IBM InfoSphere IBM Netezza High IBM Netezza 1000 IBM Smart IBM Informix Warehouse Capacity Appliance Analytics System Timeseries8
  9. 9. IBM’s Big Data Ecosystem CC&G Partners 100 th Big Data Business Partner Signed9
  10. 10. InfoSphere Streams v2.0Platform for analytics on real-time streaming data Unique Features Complex Analytics Analysis of structured & unstructured data Mining Toolkit To score data models in real time against streaming data  Fast – Clustered runtime for high- performance, extremely low-latency streaming applications  Enterprise-scale – High availability via runtime restart and recovery services  Scalable Integration Capabilities  Connectivity is expanded to support Netezza TwinFin, Microsoft SQLServer, and MySQL, in addition to DB2, Informix®, solidDB®, and Oracle databases10
  11. 11. Top Industry ExamplesBig Data in Action IT Stock Market  Transition log analysis  Impact of weather on securities prices for multiple  Analyze market data at ultra-low latencies transactional systems Law Enforcement, Defense, & Cyber Security  Real-time multimodal surveillanceE-Commerce  Homeland Security Analyze internet behavior and buying patterns Financial Services  Improved risk decisions  AML (Anti Money Laundering)Manufacturing Process control for microchip fabrication Utilities  Weather impact analysis on power generation Health & Life Sciences  Smart meter data analysis  Neonatal ICU monitoring  Epidem Telephony Call Centers  Voice-to-text mining for  CDR processing customer behavior  Churn prediction understanding11
  12. 12. InfoSphere BigInsights v1.4Platform for internet-scale analytics Platform  Hadoop or Cloudera foundation, MapReduce  Large-scale indexing  Integrated text analytics Usability  BigSheets  Includes a limited-use version of InfoSphere or Streams  Java, Hive, PIG, & JAQL Announcement Material http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi- bin/ssialias?subtype=ca&infotype=an&appname=iSource&supplier=897&letternum=ENUS 212-21312
  13. 13. Hosting Options Supporting Big Data  Self-Hosted – On-premises Both capital- & labor-intensive  Hosted – Self-managed (colocation) Blended capital expense (CapEx) & operating expense (OpEx)  Hosted – Fully managed Operating expense (OpEx) only13 © 2012 GoGrid
  14. 14. Hosting Options for Big DataOption $ Cost IT Cost Easy CommitmentDo It Yourself High High No High(self-hosted/On-Prem)Do It Yourself High High No High(colocation)Hosted High Medium No Medium(Managed/Shared/Dedicated)Cloud Medium Low Yes Low(GoGrid)  GoGrid advantages • Monthly/hourly billing for cloud infrastructure = controllable expediture • Easy to deploy as GoGrid Server Image (GSI) = ease of use • Monthly licensing = controlled costs • Fully managed cloud infrastructure = minimal IT cost • No long term contracts = lower commitment14 © 2012 GoGrid
  15. 15. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Delivers  Best of both worlds – gives you flexibility  VMs  Scalability  Environment control  MyGSI capability  Dedicated Servers  Single tenancy  Committed I/O, CPU network15 © 2012 GoGrid
  16. 16. Advantages of Hybrid Infrastructure Tuned for Big Data Best Fit for Most Application Delivery Virtual Servers Web/app front-end typically demands rapid Resolves Compliance/Security Concerns horizontal expansion and contraction via multiple load-balanced instances Delivery of Service can be Precisely Tuned for Product/Business Needs Dedicated Servers Data stores typically Highly Customizable Over Time require less-rapid scalability, provide greater performance and higher Mitigates Project-/Product-Based Risk security without Sacrificing Service Delivery16 © 2012 GoGrid
  17. 17. What makes a good prospect for InfoSphere Streams?For Business Partners who:  Have/need applications processing large volumes of data, require smart insights to run their business with ultra-low latencies, need to make decisions quickly ,and increase response times from hours to seconds!  Have requirements for a platform that supports applications with heterogeneous data sources and data destinations:  Structured & unstructured data: video, audio, text, etc.  Want to take advantage of a new computing paradigm to build non-traditional applications that in the past were prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to build.  Want a platform on which to build applications quickly and integrate easily with other applications (without having to build and support it themselves) and who need to show clear ROI.17
  18. 18. IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Provides Unique Business Value Optimized beyond open source Hadoop  Workload optimization Integration with enterprise systems  Connectors for multiple data sources Accelerators reduce implementation time  Industry & application accelerators  Analytic accelerators18
  19. 19. GoGrid Cloud + IBM BigInsights = Big Data in the Cloud  IBM BigInsights as a GoGrid Server Image (MyGSI) solution  Deploy BigInsights directly into the GoGrid cloud in minutes  Bring your own license or use GoGrid licensing  Faster time to market by deploying in the cloud  minutes to deploy  Pre-built & pre-integrated server image solution  Monthly billing  24x7 Support19 © 2012 GoGrid
  20. 20. Q&A Performance Automation Security Templatization Control Scalability Flexibility Risk Mitigation20 © 2012 GoGrid
  21. 21. Discuss Your Big Data Infrastructure with an Expert Set up an appointment: www.GoGrid.com Telephone: 1-877-946-4743 International: +1-415-869-7444 Learn more about GoGrid’s Big Data Solution: http://www.gogrid.com/cloud-hosting/cloud-hosting-packages/big-data.php Telephone: 1-877-946-4743 International: +1-415- 869-744421 © 2012 GoGrid
  22. 22. To watch the complete IBM & GoGrid webinar, please visit:http://go.gogrid.com/l/3442/2012-08-02/2d2xt822 © 2011 GoGrid 8/2/2012