Why GoGrid Wins Over Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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This deck provides an overview comparison between 2 main cloud providers: GoGrid and Amazon Web Services. This presentation discusses:
- Why Cloud Computing?
- Key differentiators of GoGrid
- Feature comparison between GoGrid & AWS
- Advantages of hosting with GoGrid

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  • Scalability, scale up and down based on demandInfrastructure scope does not need to be “set in stone,” eliminating the risk of over- or under-buying your infrastructure footprint.Services can be deployed as demand/load increases, and brought down just as quickly. Cost ControlMetered use, utility billing model. You pay for what you use, when you use it. While infrastructure is running, the meter turns, After services are deleted, the dial stops.No capital expenditure on hardware or infrastructure required, services are operational expendituresLess risk in undertaking new projects than with traditional infrastructure provisioning, customers don’t need to procure;Data center spaceNetwork transitServers and network equipmentHuman resources: People to manage infrastructure and network, show up to replace failed hardware at 3am Time to MarketVirtual infrastructure can be spun up in minutesDedicated servers within 1 to 2 daysNo lengthy procurement cyclesServers can be configured, installed and then templatized to deploy future serversEnsures rapid deployment and repeatable successReduces the chance for human error, provides consistencySaved application stacks allow turnkey delivery of the revenue-producing servicesFull-featured API allows programmatic control of product deliveryCustomers can focus on their core products and services, not on infrastructure management and procurement Price /PerformanceHigh-performance virtual servers, dedicated servers, load balancers, firewalls, storage all joined by hardware-based switching fabric for superior latency and throughputPredictable pricing model. Many components other providers charge for, GoGrid includes for free:Access to storage (Read/Writes)API usageInbound network transfer is freeTransfer between servers is freeFirst 10GB of storage within a datacenter is free 
  • Why GoGrid Wins Over Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    1. 1. Why GoGrid Wins over Amazon Web ServicesJune 14, 2013
    2. 2. 22Agenda Why cloud computing? GoGrid Key Differentiators IaaS pioneer Best price/performance Integrated cloud + dedicated infrastructure Personalized service & Support Simple, straightforward pricing Feature Comparison: GoGrid vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Meeting customers’ needs Advantages of hosting with GoGrid© 2013 GoGrid
    3. 3. 33Typical Reasons to Move to the Cloud Scalability Cost Control Time-to-Market Price/Performance© 2013 GoGrid
    4. 4. 44What Makes GoGrid Unique Hybrid Infrastructure Architecture High-performance networks join virtual (cloud) and dedicated infrastructure Dedicated bare metal servers can be customized to suit or ordered through the managementconsole in standard configurations Private network throughput (inter-server, storage) is unmetered and free Superior Price/Performance Cloud Servers provisioned on compute nodes with local drives rather than network storage Local 15K SAS drives provide persistent, reliable storage with high performance Third-party benchmarking shows our Cloud Servers have better I/O performance than ourcompetitors’ Customer Service & Account Support 24/7/365 Technical Support via chat, web ticket system, and phone Dedicated Account Manager Solutions Architect consultations available for expansion, contraction, or other service changes© 2013 GoGrid
    5. 5. 5GoGrid’s History 2002: John Keagy started ServePath Created ColoServe with extra data center space 2005: Started looking at utility computing 2006: Launched UtilityServe 2007: Launched Grid Series March 2008: launched GoGrid GoGrid’s full service (on Windows & Linux) pre-dates: Amazon – not until late 2008 Rackspace – not until late 2010© 2013 GoGrid
    6. 6. 6Feature Comparison: GoGrid vs. AWS Compare functionality in key areas© 2013 GoGridFeatureGoGridCloud ServerAmazon EC2Multiple Data Centers √ √SAS 70 Type II Certified √ √Standards-Based Architectures √“Hybrid” Hosting √Private Cloud √Partner Ecosystem √Private VLAN √Dedicated IPs √Custom Infrastructure Integration & Hosting √Dynamic Load Balancing √Free Technical Support √Dedicated Connection between Data Centers (CloudLink) √*Firewall Options: Cloud Firewall Service or Managed Firewall* √**Available for additional fee
    7. 7. 7Meeting Customers’ Needs: GoGrid vs. AWS Compare how we meet customers’ needs© 2013 GoGridCustomer’s need AWS GoGridFlexible dedicated servers No true dedicatedservers, but avirtualized server ontop of underlyingsegregatedhardware.Cloud and dedicated servers reside on the same private VLANout-of-the-box. No extra fees or connectivity to connect thetwo.Month-to-month dedicated servers with no commitment.Geographic disasterrecoveryNeed VPN to connectbetween data centers.Customers haveregional disasterrecovery on theirminds since HurricaneSandy.CloudLink is a dedicated, private connection between ourWest and East coast data centers that never passes throughthe public Internet.Completely redundant dark-fiber links; completely separatefrom our public Internet providers.Unlimited data transfer for a fixed monthly cost starting at$99/month.Customer Support (with areal person)Support is offered for afee or for very large($250k+/month)customers only.24/7 Support is absolutely free with each GoGrid account, nomatter how large or small.Big Data applications Only cloud serversare available forclustering.Dedicated server specifications are available tailored for BigData and deployed in high-availability clusters according toindustry best practices.Control over data bylocationControl by region only. Control by data center.
    8. 8. 8Advantages of Hosting with GoGrid We own our IP Develop everything in-house Don’t rely on third-party software Interoperability Network services reach outside the data centero Dynamic Load Balancer can load-balance any IPo Firewall Service contains global security groups Integration with key partners: Racemi (data migration), Cloudera (Hadoop), etc. Automation Programmatic access through a RESTful API Central control through web-based management console All products are self-service and deeply integrated with GoGrid’s Cloud Platform© 2013 GoGrid
    9. 9. 9More information Website: www.gogrid.com Blog: blog.gogrid.com Wiki: wiki.gogrid.com Twitter: @GoGrid Facebook: facebook.com/gogrid LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/gogrid© 2013 GoGrid