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Go Global: Creating an eCulture March2010


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This presentation was delivered at a Summit Meeting for a client to introduce them to the concept of eCulture and how the principles of face to face culture apply in an online environment

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Go Global: Creating an eCulture March2010

  1. 1. creating an eculture
  2. 2. culture culture everywhere... the case study the model applied the outcome
  3. 3. culture was challenging enough... ...and then along came social business
  4. 4. this is the story...
  5. 5. 38 countries 20,000 people 11 languages38 business owners Franchised 18 time zones ....and and of course.... infinite opinions!
  6. 6. “ How do you manage people who work from different locations? What is it like to work with people, you seldom or never see face-to-face? Can an individual learn to work online successfullydoes online work take the human elementout of the work place? Can you build trust among a remote group of co-workers online? How do you create a positive collaborative infrastructure on line ” are their teachable competencies or does one have to have an instinct for it?
  7. 7. The technological answer... a web based platform, that enabled online learning, communication, reporting and collaboration
  8. 8. the people answer... hmmmmm
  9. 9. “Culture is a little like dropping anAlka-Seltzer into a glass-you dont see it, but somehow it does something.” Hans Magnus Enzensberger
  10. 10. the culturemodel
  11. 11. Culture CitizensCommunity
  12. 12. CommunityIn biological terms, a community is a group ofinteracting organisms sharing an environment... like minded individuals form a collaborative,unified by common interest, goals, motivations, beliefs
  13. 13. Citizens accept their rights, responsibilities and obligations in being part of the community know the repercussions if they breech the boundaries contribute, collaborate, participate and share
  14. 14. Cultureso the reason
  15. 15. did it work?
  16. 16. more experiments...