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Franchise Relationship Institute's Field Manager Summit 2010 Social Media Keynote Presentation by Karli Furmage

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  • Numbers are impressive and in context are awesome, but something is going on that is even more impressive... And thats the story behind the numbers
  • Get comfy, feet on the floor, close eyes if it helps...Imagine a world where... Education is freely available to whoever wants it news is written by not the victors or censors, but by the children whoose school has just been bombed in Afghanistan, pr the nurses working in refugee camps in sudan where people can connect and join a community regardless of their religion, the colour of their skin or their location where ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things where we can connect with our heroes and have a conversation with Bono...Well... That’s the world we are currently living in, its happening now Take that down a level and into this room, imaging a world where...You can collaborate with field managers across the country and the world where you can access coaching, ideas, support, help... Where ever you are tap into global best practice where u can feed issues to the support office and get timely answers where you can comm efficiently and effectively with zeesThats happening now... And happening because of social mediaYes problems, fakes, privacy... Hopefully see beyond that to the potential at the heart of this stuff
  • SM is like swimming, i can stand here and describe it to you in detail... Where hands go, how kick legs, feel of the water, what you see under the skin, the sting of salt water...BUT not til you do it do you really get what its like... Same for social mediaI can stand here and explain it , but you wont really get it until you jump in and get wetSo lets find out whose been swimming in the room shall weStand upGoogleEmailYou tubeFacebookLinked intwitter
  • We have just ½ hout to talk about one of the biggest global shifts in the modern world and of our life time Objective;Motivate and inspire the virgins to jump in get wet splash about and see what you think?Those already doing it to take it to the next level and help othersRaising more questions than providing answers
  • I am not an expertSoMe is just one of the tools we use at GG to achieve our objectivesWe are practitioners professionally and personallyThe space is cluttered with expertsMost SoMeconvo’s focus on the marketing potential, that pisses me off, becacause so much more than that Lots of crap misunderstanding and apthathy so my mission is;Try and refocus the attention onto the potential as a collaboration, communication and learning toolGet inspired have a plany
  • We play regularly and funDived in...
  • Who feels like this?Interesting to note...When got numbers for the masterclass, daylight between the SoMe class and the others- Had a cray, now really curious as to why
  • Think of your evolution through technologyBW TV Fax machineVCRDial upLearning to use emailThis is just the next thing..... Social media is increasingly being linked to and defining how we work. Learn, mourn, play. Learn, share, discover, create, complain, celebrate applaude, influence, collaborate, evaluateReal Issue: clinging to ideas, way of doing business, practices that no longer serve us. Better ways of doing things
  • Its a fancy way of describing the zillions of conversations people are having on line in a gazillion different formats 24/7We are using digital platforms to create content, participate in discussions, engage in conversations, share information, opinions and knowledge...Individuals – share thoughts, opinions knowledge, participate, engage, network, research, connect...all around the world what can do is endless
  • Popular applications
  • 3 out of 4 Australians use social media technologies 2/3 of the global internat pop visit social mediaBecause visiting social sites is now the 2nd most popular online activity [ahead of personal email]Because time spent on social networks is growing at 3x overall internet rate = 10% all internet time 1/3 women between 18-34 check fb when they first wake up even before goign to the bathroomSocial media is word of mouth on steroidesDazzle you with stats for ever, real fact is...The pace of change is incredibleWe are being left behind. First gen of kids who had computers in preschool is hitting the workforce now Who is leading the change?Think about, who are your future franchisees and what will their relationship with SoMe be?
  • That is no longer the discussion Its here its staying its growing at an unprecedented rate The debate is over.... The real question now is what are you doing about it
  • If current trends continue, emial will be redundant in 5 yearsIts not going away Email not in use in 5 years time
  • At the heart of the change is this....Life is changingThe way we do social is changingOnline communitiesWhat’s happening to social interaction On line dating – if you cringe wake up! Entire relationshipsMobile devices making it so easy Its how we do social nowCommunitites of like minded people, connecting, what ever your interest is...
  • Porn stats going down150 unis free info social learning- those who influence can come from anywhere- why exciting- levelling the playing field, access to info and peopleHow else using it?150 Unis putting course ocntent online for freeUtube influencing our music chartsFlickr, facebook news imagesBloggin opened up opinions
  • CommnicationCollaborationMultimediaReview ans opinionsEnterPersonal and professional playgroundtainment
  • Everybody can have a sayIran election – fear forlives, only way get message out is through SoMeTalk about anything now
  • Also bringing out
  • Its not all sunshione and rosesRecruiters look at online profiles, drunk pics future employersDangers of social media End of the day its a tool and can be used like any tool
  • Old saying, if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail Strategy first tools secondWhat do you need and what will enable you to deliver itTechnology is the enabler Put people first
  • Social networking sitesPeople and organisations connect, interact with friends and colleaguesOnline profiles, share photos, videas, links, audio...Send private message and instant messagesFollow brands, celebrities, own fans BlogsShared on line journalAnyone can be a publisher!346 million people globally who read blogsPodcastsPersonal on demand broadcastsAudio or visual file download to your computer Internet based 3D virtual worlds People interact through characters called avatarsResidents explore meet others socialize learn participate, create...A website that allows visitors to easily edit add remove content – great collaboration tools Wikipedia written by volunteers all around the worldTwitter110 million users on Twitter140 characters per tweetOther people can follow you and you can follow them Fast paced real time RSS - Content publishers can make blog entries, headline news, events, podcasts and other content available to subscribers
  • Return on ignoring???Imagine yoru life both personally and professionally if you didnt have email [how do job, connect with friends...]Just imagine thatNow project yourself 2 / 5 years into the future, email gone way of the fax, SoMe is the now... What would your life be like?So better question is whats your return on ignoring?
  • Be authentic and share
  • How many 3G enabled phone?The business world today ... Actually franchissing today led by people educated in the last milenium. Lotes [not all] holding onto the ways of that time, those beliefs, way of doing business no longer serve us [GFC]...The future leaders of our franchise community are in this room, we need to look forward to where we want to be, not back to where we have been. Need to take ownership and whether its dipping a toe, getting your floaties on, or making the mother of all splashes... Hold your breath and dive in, then help others take the plunge.... Cause this is the future and its the now.
  • Imagine that world we started with... And know that you can be apart of creating it.... Dive in! Serious look at how SoMe influencing our culture
  • Go Global FMS2010 Keynote

    1. The Field Manager’s Guide to Social Media<br />
    2. Video<br />
    3. That’s impressive! <br />
    4. imagine<br />
    5. What can we cover in this much time? <br />
    6. First, there are a couple of things you should know ... <br />
    7. Social media is a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online.... <br />
    8. Think not what social media can do for you but what you can do for social media <br />
    9. Why should you give a... <br />
    10. changes in <br />society<br />big freakin problem!!!<br />our <br />adaption<br />Time<br />
    11. it’s a fad<br />....hmmm.... they said the same thing about coca cola, the Beatles, automobiles....<br />
    12. ...Social Media is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution<br />
    13. Hey baby,wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo ‘til igoogle all over your facebook?<br />
    14. beyond porn... and what you had for lunch<br />
    15. Social media is good for...<br />
    16. It’s not about social media.<br />It’s about social ideas and unsocial ideas.<br />
    17. What happens on tour stays on... <br />facebook...twitter...google...flickr<br />
    18. It’s never ever about the technology <br />
    19. Go Global’s 2 minute guide to what’s out there and what you can do with it....<br />
    20. ... and <br />
    21. We<br />Social<br />Media<br />
    22. Hello<br />My name is<br />R.O.I<br />
    23. Listen<br />Experiment<br />Make a plan<br />Be transparent and honest<br />Contribute in a meaningful way<br />Be proactive<br />Have fun! <br />
    24. It’s in the palm, of your hand.....<br />
    25. imagine<br />
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