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Cheap vitamin could prevent birth defects


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Politicians need to help tackle the common misconception that taking folic acid during pregnancy is optional, writes Jackie Bland, chief executive of SHINE.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Cheap vitamin could prevent birth defects

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BayanRahman Big thank you to British MPs @nadhimzahaw i @megmunn @halfon4harlow MP One in three and others w ho are seeking debate on KurdishSpina bifida is the most severe congenital abnormality compatible with life, yet it still affects 1 in 1000 pregnancies in Brits are genocide in UK parliament 18 hours ago · reply · retw eet · fav oritethe UK (900 per year). Not usually detected until a 20 week scan, approximately 80% of these pregnancies result in nervous about speaking to DarrenFShine Big @GoFolicUK story of the DAY -traumatic, late terminations at 20 weeks +. Yet, we have known since 1991 that up to 72% of cases of Neural Tube people who "Cheap vitamin could prevent birth defects"Defects (NTDs), like spina bifida and anencephaly, could be prevented with a simple and cheap vitamin supplement, have dementia #FolicAcid -folic acid (vitamin B9). s/art… 35 minutes ago · reply · retw eet · fav oriteOfficial statistics focus on live births (approx 200 per year) providing a false impression of the scale of the ShineRBarnatt Promoting folic acid use coulddevastating effects of these severe congenital abnormalities, leading them to being described as a ‘manageable reduce incidence of NTDs like spina bifida- pls RT s/art…problem’. Termination must not be viewed as a means by which to ‘manage’ any disability, but particularly in the Dementia Join the conversationcase of Neural Tube Defects when so many cases could so easily be prevented. Patients Need Urgent Support After DiagnosisAwareness of folic acid is now lower than it was in the early 1990’s. In response to this SHINE (Spina bifida.Hydrocephlaus. Information. Networking. Equality) launched its own awareness campaign Go Folic! in 2010. Despitethe campaign’s growing success, charity funding alone cannot reach the number of women necessary, nor should itneed to.Much needless suffering and long term costs to families, the NHS and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)could be prevented through investing in primary prevention, rather than ‘managing’ the consequences of a lack of Marie Flemingeducation and awareness. A small investment could lead to an enormous long-term saving in both the lifetime costs loses legal case challengingof raising a child with a multifaceted disability, and the psychological trauma of so many avoidable late terminations. Irish laws prohibiting assisted dyingThe long term costs associated with living with spina bifida include: repeated complex surgeries affecting the spine,brain, legs, feet, kidneys, bladder, bowel; immobility, shunt malfunction, epilepsy, kidney failure, osteoarthritis,scoliosis, organ compression, skin breakdown, ongoing pain management (including medication), specialistequipment (wheelchairs, orthotics, catheters, cars) and treatment for stress and depression. All this is before weeven consider social care and welfare benefits. Unicef UK callsThe majority of women are still not taking folic acid prior to and during pregnancy, and of those that do only 5.5% for more support fortake it at the correct dose and time for it to be effective. Sadly, there is a widespread misconception that folic acid is motherssomething optional that can be taken during pregnancy because it is ‘good for the baby’, rather than something thatis essentialto help prevent very serious consequences. This misconception mustchange if women are to take theDepartment of Health’s recommendations seriously. The only way that this will be achieved is through on-goingeducation and health promotion.Every politician in the UK, at both national and local level needs to understand the lifelong impact of these severedisabilities regardlessof whether an affected pregnancy results in a live birth or termination. We need to ensurethat policies are implemented to support effective and on-going awarenessraising amongst all womenof achildbearing agealong with good preconception health promotion. We need to be proactive not reactive if weare to bring about the reduction in the number of pregnancies affected by Neural Tube Defects that we know ispossible.Go Folic! converted by