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  1. 1. Copyright <br />You get 100,000 banner expressions when you post Featured Classified via us on<br />..Also you get 20% commissions if you send us referrals..Click here for details or click to go to website<br />
  2. 2. Matrix<br />Multi Level marketing<br />Now more down lines you got, more traffic or money you make<br />Affiliate Builder General Configuration<br />The affiliate builder program gives you and your members the ability to share affiliate programs and benefit from member signups.<br />
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Buy Traffic<br />
  5. 5. Personal Tools<br />Affiliate Builder<br />The affiliate builder program gives members the ability to share affiliate programs and benefit from member signups. <br />Link Tracker<br />The link tracking facility allows members to monitor their campaign process both within and outside of your traffic exchange.<br />
  6. 6. Website Extras to promote your business<br />Daily Sponsor<br />Use the Daily Sponsor configuration settings are used to auction the first page members see when they start surfing. <br />Game<br />Games are popular and make a great break from surfing.  30 pages EACH member has to surf to have the game page ! Members will get the opportunity to gamble some credits and increase their overall credit holding if they win!<br />Surfing Bonus<br />A popular dynamic cascading surfing competition!  This competition is always running you earn a percentage of those surfing behind you, that is those that are not surfing as much as you are.  Let's say your name is Paul and you surf 1000, Peter has surfed 900 so you get a percentage of his credits and Peter earns a percentage of John's because John has only surfed 500.<br />Paid to CLICK<br />The Paid To Click feature rewards your members of visiting adverts.<br />Paid Email Links<br />Just $10 gets link to emails that we send weekly to our members such as newsletter and this can provide effective marketing .<br />Buy a solo ad from <br />A Solo Ad works like this:-   You buy the ad using Paypal. will credit your personal account with 3000 website hits.<br />You write your ad which must link to a page in your account which is in the rotation. <br />A solo ad costs just $9.99. It is a one time non refundable purchase. You can pay using the following processors :<br />
  7. 7. Banner Exchange <br />AdClicker<br />Adclicker is a popular alternative to surfing.  Instead of surfing your member clicks a link from a list selecting those they prefer or wish to earn credits for visiting.  This flexibility increases value to the advertiser, being chosen rather than random selection increases the chance of a sale.<br />Banner Lite<br />(You add 468x60 banner in our website.. And we promote it-No code added by you in your website)<br />Banner Lite provides 468x60 banner displays across our website.  Presently we offer incentives for people to click banners using the "Banner Blowout" function which awards additional credits for there visit by clicking your banner. WE also offer new members free banner credits for joining as well as for introducing new affiliates. Presently Free member can add to the system. Pro members receive a settable allocation of banner lite hits each month.  And you can set a minimum and maximum number of hits taken from pro members when someone clicks a banner showing the banner blowout feature (if enabled).<br />Banner Exchange<br />While banner lite only allows members to use their credits for468 x 60 banner displays (+ blowout) across our site the banner exchange allows our members to place code for banners on their site to earn credits.  It is not limited to 468 x 60 and it is possible to create any size banner you wish so Any impressions you generate go toward credits you can use to display banners on other members sites.  Using a ratio similar to the traffic exchange you can set how many credits they earn.<br />Text Exchange<br />The text exchange is a complete text exchange service enabling you to popular range of text advert designs.You can select shape, quantity of adverts and colors to match the design of their website.  Using a simple point and click tool they can quickly build the code for pasting directly into their websites.<br />
  8. 8. member growth<br />Progress chart – Upward arrow<br />Join<br />Your Logo<br />
  9. 9. THANK YOU!<br />Your Logo<br />