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Using Atlassian with Agile project management: JIRA, GreenHopper and more


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JIRA + Greenhopper might be Agile's best kept secret. Whether you're exploring Agile, already a blackbelt or just looking for a slick interface to JIRA, this session will help you understand how to use JIRA as your agile workbench.

Customer Speakers: Jim Morris of Buzzillions, Jean-Christophe Huet of Greenpepper

Key Takeaways:

* GreenHopper plugin overview
* How to use JIRA for agile project management

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Using Atlassian with Agile project management: JIRA, GreenHopper and more

  1. 1. Using Atlassian with
 Agile project management A winning formula!
  2. 2. What is on the Menu?   Who is JC?   What is Greenhopper? JC Huet, GH Dev at Atlassian   Quick demo   What is   Project management game Jim Morris, VP at changer   Before & After GreenHopper   Q & A
  3. 3. Who is Jean-Christophe Huet?   Actuary with a Master in Computer Science   Joined Pyxis-Technologies in 2005   Won the 2007 Atlassian Codegeist   Implemented GreenHopper   PO/2 / ScrumMaster / Lead Developper   Now a proud full time Atlassian employee
  4. 4. What is GreenHopper?   Atlassian's lastest Baby!   A JIRA plugin for project Management o  Interactive and simple interface o  Visibility and traceability of ongoing versions GreenHopper in Numbers Born in September 2007 1000+ Clients 30+ Releases
  5. 5. Manage Your JIRA Projects “à la Carte” Multi level planning Track ongoing work Visibility and Metrics 1. Backlog Maintenance 1. Track Sprint Progress 1. Hour Burndown Chart 2. Prioritise 2. Track Story Progress 2. Issue Burndown Chart 3. Estimate Issues 3. Log work 3. Burnup Charts 4. Release Planning 4. Configurable columns 4. Velocity Chart 5. Sprint Planning 5. Personal Board 5. See Forecasts With
  6. 6. Quick Demo
  7. 7. The Plain List View
  8. 8. The Summary Cards View
  9. 9. The Indexed Cards View
  10. 10. The Column
  11. 11.   Order Issues   Nest Versions   Schedule Issues   Nest Components   C.R.U.D. Issues   Search Issues   Filter & Highlight   Release Versions
  12. 12. The Plain List View
  13. 13. The Summary Cards View
  14. 14.   Transitate Issues   Log Works   Personalised   Filter & Highlight
  15. 15.   Issue Burndown   Custom Field Chart Project Level   Velocity Chart   Burndown   Burnup