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How to avoid wasted work in 5 minutes a day


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How to avoid wasted work in 5 minutes a day

  1. 1. How to avoid wasted work The daily 5-minute routine that saves you hours each week.
  2. 2. 90% of companies rely on teams to get work done.
  3. 3. Because we’re all solving complex problems these days.
  4. 4. Trouble is…
  5. 5. Without a little coordination, team members duplicate each other's work – or drop the ball entirely.
  6. 6. But there’s good news.
  7. 7. You can avoid hours of wasted work in just 5-10 minutes a day.
  8. 8. Here’s how.
  9. 9. Gather your team and stand in a circle near your desks. STEP 1: STAND UP!
  10. 10. Pipe in remote folks via video chat or phone. (You should totally still stand up, though.) SARAH, ACTUAL REMOTE WORKER ON THE MARKETING TEAM
  11. 11. Go around the circle and briefly share… • your progress since last time • your plan for today • whether you’re blocked on anything STEP 2: SYNC UP
  12. 12. Don’t rabbit-hole. Keep the meeting moving and grab a side convo later if you need to. BERNIE, SERIOUSLY A REAL PROGRAM MANAGER
  13. 13. Leave a minute or two for announcements, then summarize any follow-ups. STEP 3: WRAP IT UP
  14. 14. That’s it! You’re done. Wasn’t that easy?
  15. 15. Stand-ups aren’t just for software teams anymore. They’re great for any team.