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Building a Successful Service Culture: How Airbnb Elevates with Jira Service Desk

These are the pillars of Airbnb's core values:

- Champion the mission
- Be a host
- Embrace the adventure
- Be a "cereal" entrepreneur

The IT team set out to deliver a level of service that embraced these values and brings them to life. They called this project “Latitude:" a solution that gives users the latitude - or freedom - to easily find the information and help they need. They practiced "champion the mission" by providing a self-help solution for the community; "be a host" by listening and working closely with business teams to find excellent solutions; "embrace the adventure" by offering insights about evolving methodologies, new tools, and processes; and "be a cereal entrepreneur" by providing automated self-service help based on individual client needs.

With the help of Jira Service Desk, project "Latitude" saw these highlights one month after launch:

- 94% response SLA
- 5200 knowledge base article views
- 5% of articles deflecting ticket creation
- 4.9 of 5-star user satisfaction rating

In this session, Airbnb will describe the "Latitude" journey, how it opened up new ways to provide help and delivered results. We'll also talk about what's ahead.

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Building a Successful Service Culture: How Airbnb Elevates with Jira Service Desk

  1. 1. Bringing Service-Oriented Support to Airbnb Chris Arrington & Laurent Bordier / September 2017
  3. 3. Care for others and make them feel like they belong. Encourage others to participate to their fullest. Listen, communicate openly and set clear expectations BE A HOST Be bold and apply original thinking. Imagine the ideal outcome. Be resourceful to make the outcome a reality BE A CEREAL ENTREPRENEUR Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow. Own and learn from mistakes. Bring joy and optimism to work EMBRACE THE ADVENTURE Prioritize work that advances the mission and positively impacts the community. Build with the long-term in mind. Actively participate in the community & culture CHAMPION THE MISSION Airbnb Core Values Our Mission: Airbnb exists to create a world so that anyone can belong anywhere.
  4. 4. Our Support Past Finding self-help & personal help Dozens of group emails or even worse an individual’s email address Finding content is difficult and dispersed in Box, Drive, Wikis, etc Inconsistent formatting reduces content effectiveness No centralized place to get real-time status or make updates
  6. 6. BEFORE
  7. 7. DISCOVERY Communicate, communicate and communicate COMMUNICATION Identified who are your stakeholders, power stakeholders and VIP stakeholders STAKEHOLDERS Define the Service Catalog KNOWLEDGE BASE Document the business requirements BUSINESS NEEDS Organize your JIRA Service Desk project data ORGANIZE Define a Strategy for your content plan PLAN
  8. 8. Ex: Project Plan Champion The Mission VISIBILITY 4 Business Units 6 weeks Building On boarding
  9. 9. JSD Project Data Champion The Mission • Project Members & Roles 
 • Service Categorization
 • Knowledge Articles
 • Queues
 • Portal Requests
 • Workflows
 • Automation
 • Reporting
 • User Acceptance Testing Your contract
  10. 10. And More… Embrace The Adventure CATEGORY TOPIC ITEMS & APPROVAL JIRA Dashboards JSD OOB Reporting Integration with external reporting tools REPORTINGLDAP INTEGRATION Actions for JSD Extension for JSD Queues Management LDAP Automation ADD-ONS Agents Power Users end Users TRAINING(s)
  11. 11. Service Catalog Champion The Mission REFINE Keep the customer-facing items NAME Name items as services GROUP Logically categorize your services DEFINE List all the things you do Governance Federated Search Taxonomy Labeling User Experience Self Help Personal Help
  12. 12. Workflow(s) Champion The Mission Unify Simple
  13. 13. DURING
  14. 14. BUILD Communicate, communicate and communicate COMMUNICATION Define and build all add hoc reporting REPORTING Define and create all workflows for all issue types WORKFLOWS Create Confluence space and content KNOWLEDGE BASES Define and build all automation according to the business requirements AUTOMATION Define and build all services requests according to the business requirements SERVICE REQUESTS
  15. 15. Sprint Process Champion The Mission 4 Business Units 6 weeks Building On boarding
  16. 16. JSD new UI Be a Host Airbnb Listings - Each JSD project has its own custom banner Custom Layout - The Welcome message and News section are in custom split layout Search Bar - Outline color darkened for emphasis and position moved to be more centrally located on the page
  17. 17. Self Help Content Be a Host Consistent Formatting - Templates for FAQs, Overviews and Guides keep answers clear and simple to read Relevant Content - Answers to popular questions using KCS support methodology Fast Creation - Content can be created faster with template guidance. www.yourcompanyname K.I.S
  18. 18. Self Help Content Be a Host
  19. 19. Close the loop support Be a Host Positive user experience will build your brand and drive adoption   Anticipate your customer’s needs before they need them   Reduce frustration by offering to get users to the help they need.    Every step of the way
  20. 20. Nested queues Be a Host Organize Work - Establish queues to view different request types, locations, status and more Track SLAs - Manage request Response and Resolution times to provide timely responses. Automation - Assign tickets based upon the request type, notify specific users about Critical issues From email folders to LATITUDE
  21. 21. TypeForm Embrace The Adventure
  22. 22. AFTER
  23. 23. Market your product Be a Cereal Entrepreneur If no one knows They will never use it Digital Signage
  25. 25. Reporting
  26. 26. Reporting Embrace The Adventure If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. -Peter Drucker Just because you can measure it, doesn’t mean you should. -Chris Arrington
  27. 27. Reporting Embrace The Adventure 0 1.3 2.5 3.8 5 United States Canada Australia China Brazil 3.6 2.933 4.1 What are your goals? Are the metrics actionable? Are they customer focused?
  28. 28. Reporting GIGO Embrace The Adventure Acknowledge - Transitions Status from Open to In Progress, Self-Assigns the ticket - fulfilling the Response SLA   Categorization - 3 tiers provide additional level of detail needed to match to our service catalog for IT. Demographic Data - Additional data needed to gain insights into support opportunities by organization, location, employee type and new hires
  29. 29. Reporting KISS Embrace The Adventure Core Metrics • Response SLA 
 • Response SLA
 • Top Requests
 • Ping Pong Tickets 
 • First Call Resolution
 • Customer Satisfaction 
 • New Hire Tickets
 New Hire Tickets • Educate
 • Automate 
 • Eliminate
  30. 30. ROI & NUMBERS
  31. 31. Thanks Mike! I have had a good look through the new platform and its great. Can I just add my 5 unbiased stars. Woohoo! Looks pretty snazzy! :) This is baller AF. Congrats! It's clean, easy to use and polished. Wow! Way to go, Chris. A huge project, and it looks fantastic
  32. 32. 4.9 CSAT
  33. 33. Questions