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To Host, Or Not To Host?


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While the JIRA and Confluence OnDemand are similar in functionality to the installed versions, there are some important differences. Considerations include total cost comparison, Google apps integration, application response time, the migration process and pitfalls such as data encryption, plugin use, and integration with in-house authentication. Come learn how and why Healthonomy migrated to Atlassian OnDemand versions of JIRA, Confluence, and FishEye (SVN) after 2 years of self-hosting.

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To Host, Or Not To Host?

  1. 1. To Host or Not To Host?!Migrating to OnDemand versions of JIRA, Confluence & FishEye!Jeremy Johnson!Director of Engineering, Healthonomy!
  2. 2. Overview!•  About Us!•  Why we chose OnDemand!•  General migration process!•  Specifics for Confluence, JIRA, and FishEye!
  3. 3. About Healthonomy!•  Founded in 2010!•  Electronic Medical Records for Workers’ Compensation!•  LAMP on AWS!•  6 full-time, 5 part-time employees!
  4. 4. Growing Up! AWS EC2 Medium Instance 3 versions of application AWS EC2 Small Instance Subversion® Team of 10 MySQL slave & other services
  5. 5. To Host or Not to Host! AWS EC2 Medium Instance 3 versions of application ?! AWS EC2 Small Instance Subversion® MySQL slave & other services
  6. 6. Advantages of Installed!•  Retain control of data!•  Install any plugin!•  Greater customization (svn hooks)!
  7. 7. Advantages of OnDemand!•  Automatic upgrades!•  Lower maintenance cost!•  Atlassian product integration! Where’s my•  Google apps integration (SSO, Docs)! Structure? •  Performance!•  Availability!
  8. 8. Installed $7,000 $4,300 $2,700 $2,600 JIRA/Confluence/GreenHopper/Bonfire: 11+ users FishEye/Crucible: 10 users
  9. 9. Migration Process! 4. Repeat (Final Migration)! AWS EC2 Medium Instance 1. Export! Dump File 3. Trial ! 2. Import!
  10. 10. Confluence Migration Tips!•  Every Confluence Space must be migrated individually: Global and Personal!•  Verify that all user groups exist!
  11. 11. JIRA Migration Tips!•  Enable FishEye application access (required for WebDAV)!•  Use cadaver (WebDAV client for Unix)!
  12. 12. FishEye Migration Tips!•  All private data ever stored in SVN invalidated!•  Grant access to repository root!•  Subversion dump must mirror OnDemand project structure!•  Set up SVN mirror to use SVN hooks!
  13. 13. FishEye: Required SVN Structure! HEALTHONOMY branches tags trunk IN branches tags trunk
  14. 14. FishEye: Preparing for Migration!healthonomy svn-dump-reloc HEALTHONOMY branches branches 2. Rename project! tags tags trunk trunkIN IN branches branches tags tags trunk trunk1. Update directory structure!
  15. 15. Post-Commit Auto-Updates!Workspace Subversion QA Server svn commit post-commit svn update
  16. 16. Post-Commit Auto-Updates! Subversion Workspace (mirror) QA Server svn commit svnsync post-commit svn update
  17. 17. Allan Carhart Jan-Michael Ong Thank you!Links to helpful resources:
  18. 18. Bullets – 2 Columns!•  Body level one! •  Body level one!•  Body level one! •  Body level one! •  Body level two! •  Body level two! •  Body level two! •  Body level two!•  Body level one! •  Body level one! •  Body level two! •  Body level two!
  19. 19. Chapter or statement !
  20. 20. Bullets + Image!•  Body level one!•  Body level one! •  Body level two! •  Body level two!•  Body level one! •  Body level two!
  21. 21. Title Only!
  22. 22. Statement !
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