Making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management - Atlassian Summit 2010


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Making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management

Michael Mielke, Deutsche Bahn

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Making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management - Atlassian Summit 2010

  1. 1. Atlassian Summit 2010 …the journey making Confluence an Enterprise Standard for Knowledge Management… Deutsche Bahn AG DB Training Michael Mielke Frankfurt 2010, 04, 20
  2. 2. Deutsche Bahn carries more than 4.7 million passengers per day on around 30,000 trains Passenger Transport   Revenues €11 billion   No. on payroll 64,000   Stations/stopping points 5,700   Locomotives 2,200   Railcars/carriages 21,100   Busses 4,100 Long-Distance Regional DB Vertrieb Urban Transit Transport Transport (Sales)  Passengers/day 0.3 million  Passengers/day 3.1 million  Passengers/day 1.3 million  Tickets/year 254 million  Trains/day 1,300  Trains/day 24,200  Trains/day 3,500  Data records/day 1.5 million  No. on payroll 16,000  No. on payroll 29,000  No. on payroll 12,600  No. on payroll 6,700  Revenues € 2.9billion  Revenues € 6.4billion  Revenues €1.7billion  Revenues € 0.1billion Source: Facts and Figures, Deutsche Bahn (2004)
  3. 3. …implementing an Enterprise Standard is a long journey… We started 2006…today we are running 4 Full Confluence Licenses and support more than 15000 Users and 200 Spaces…we still are growing…
  4. 4. Aim of project „Marvin“ Focus is the improvement of Knowledge within TQM-Team Specific aims: 1. More transparency & re-use of existing knowledge   Templates for everdy-day work   Useable presentations for short-time meetings 2. Optimal cast & usage of experience   „Whom can is ask needing information X?“   „Who has contact to customer Y?“ 3. Improving the availability for our customers   Preparation of offers by Knowledge-Management 4. Improved sheduling by an active developement of topics   Active creation of new topics   Overview on topics developement-level DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 4
  5. 5. People, Playgrounds, Prospects, Projects People   Who are we? What are our talents?   What is faszinating us? Playground   Creation of topics   Creation of new consulting-products Prospects   Customers & contact to customers   Knowledge on customers problems and current issues Projects   Information on Projects: Who was involved?   What experiences have been made in an project? DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 5
  6. 6. 4P: Find the connections between thefour dimensions I look for... + Contexts, Standards, People Play- Prospects Projects grounds Templates People Phonebook, This Employees is This employee has The employee Employee-Profile, working on which made experiences worked in which Org Chart topics? whit which projects ? I come customers? from... Playgrounds Who is dealing with Overview on topics, Among which Which projects to a a specific problem? Framework customers this topic specific issue have Navigator, Product- is a current issue? been Navigator accomplished? Prospects Who are the contact From the Customer database, What are the persons? Who perspective of this Org Charts of customers projects knows this customer, what are customers, we worked on? customer? the current issues? Customer- management, Pipeline Projects Who was involved What are the topics references, contact Project database, in this project? handled in this persons to a project-controlling, project? project, customers project-portfolio- feedback management DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 6
  7. 7. Implementing Wiki unifies various companies and customers information requirements… Companies perspective concern business customer   Usability   easy ITK-integration   Easy information exchange   Age structure   Easy use   Intuitive usability   Information exchange   No high education afford   No complex User-Training   Interface problems easy to   Services and Support easy to necessary solve purchase   Teamwork on content possible   Low costs   Easy publishing of content   Kind-of-industrial-standard   No extra hardware and   Law-concept licenses necessary   CI capable   BP / experience exchange A D V   Reduction in costs in management A   Compatible to given Components N T   Migration A   Reduction in number and open Interfaces G E   Given Licenses and potential users S DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 7
  8. 8. Advantages to implement Wiki from an enterprise perspective   Usability   Consideration of the demographical development   Cross organizational and cross functional approach   Safety Topics   Exchange of content is easy   Cost Efficiency   Many worldwide companies use Confluence and it is kind-of-industrial- standard   Available User Management   Exchange of Experience   Fits easy in existing ICT Networks   User Friendly, useable without high training effort   Teamwork on a single content is possible   Easy to publish content   … DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 8
  9. 9. We compared various available systems due to our requirements before we decided to use Confluence… …we tried a few before we made our decision…   There are several providers on the marked solving different problems in individual ways   To make the best choice we defined our requirements before we tried some systems   Two independent surveys came to the same result. DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 9
  10. 10. Comparison Table Confluence MediaWiki TWiki XWiki Version 2.7 1.11.1 TWiki 4.2.0 1.3 Licens commercial GPL GPL LGPL language Java PHP Perl Java storage Database Database File, RCS Database Usergroup Enterprise Finaluser Small to middle class Work-groups, developer companies MySQL yes yes no yes Oracle yes optional no yes Accountmanagement yes no yes yes E-Mail news yes optional yes yes Comments Threaded Discussion Threaded Threaded Syntax Highlighting yes Plugin Plugin yes Quoting yes no yes yes Scripting Macros, Plugins, Optional JavaScript, TWiki Velocity & groovy & JavaScript and more Vars, powerful API very powerful API PDF Export yes optional Plugin yes (Quelle: Auszug aus der Präsentation „Wiki-Produktvergleich“, DB Systel, 08.07.2009 von Diana Paulußen) DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 10
  11. 11. Main Enterprise Users and ICT Requirements Confluence MediaWiki TWiki XWiki Usability Interface management ITK- Integration keys: Cutting costs Handles all requirements Support & Service Handles some requirements Used in Industries Handles few requirements DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 11
  12. 12. Confluence has become an so called Industry Standard Many internationally working companies are focusing on knowledge management today… Companies who tried to develop their own wiki-like software systems have failed and lost a lot of money… Examples Big Blue invested a lot within two years trying to develop their own system…they finally have implemented Confluence. Sun Microsystems made Confluence Wiki a core system of their Community Equity Strategy. Quelle: DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 12
  13. 13. Interface Management to other related ICT Services BKU: Group-Folder Management and MS-Office Integration Lotus WebDav Audio / Video   Mail   Bahn TV   Databases   Podcast   Sametime   Documenta- tionen Print Wiki Document-   Spaces / knowledge management Management   Newsletter   Discussion   DB Welt   Teamwork on single content   ECM   Update (CoreMedia)   Lifelink / Share Point / Alfresco DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 13
  14. 14. …a lot of our organizational units are very satisfied with our Wiki and the Knowledge Management Approach… Customer Voices   Wiki established a great knowledge and communication platform for our teams… …a few of our main clients…   We could significantly increase networking with clients and colleagues, thank you Marvin…   DB Mobility Logistics AG   Now we can provide fast and simple information for our clients and we get their feedback fast was well…   Deutsche Bahn AG   Thanks to Marvin, we network a lot more…please   DB Netz AG push blogging and chat as well…   DB Fernverkehr AG   Please keep moving this great approach…you are forcing our managers to play an active and visible   DB Regio AG role here…   DB Vertrieb GmbH   Thank you Marvin to bringing fun back to work…it is a lot easier to find useful information now…   DB ProjektBau GmbH   Collaborating is actually fun, I never thought that's possible working together virtually…   DB Energie GmbH   DB Station & Service AG Quelle: TQM-Survey „Interview Results Wiki-System-Usage“, Schulte / Becker, Frankfurt am Main, 27.09.2009 DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 14
  15. 15. …our Knowledge Management Approach… Best Practise media- Floorwalking Newsletter Podcast and Project- communication Kick-off meeting Day workshop support min. 1 per month Storytelling homepage in the office (3 per year) (min 1 per month) extension of support of operative knowledge mapping Structures-workshop basic structures structures processes integration analog Plug-ins access local Space 1 infrastructure / Global Space using the systems basic systems digital access local Space 2 platform Wiki group- integration local Space 3 folders Plug-ins open concept of- competition actions like laudation & agreement on access, motivation motivation awards Treasure-hunt appreciation objectives less rules communities of identification of rules & benefits rooms & moderators practice experts deployment of communication Integration of: Management of report on topics scheduling & platforms Circles of innovation competition Award & improvements & rules communication innovations analysis of systems concept of integration in KVP, proposals wanted implementation overall concept DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 15
  16. 16. Control loop for a successful Knowledge-Platform Concept of motivation Concept of communication Creating & maintaining initiating, sponsoring, commitment defining tasks analysis of systems Integrating other platforms & systems Implementati on Monitoring and circle Gathering & structuring evaluating processes the collection of and contents knowledge, Qualification Continuous endorsement of content Optmizing systems Distributing & connecting knowledge Concept of integration Concept of architecture DB Training,|GE Beratung, (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 Training GE Beratung Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 16
  17. 17. The single most overlooked aspect of changing the way people think and act is „WII FM?“ Lessons Learned: WII FM: What‘s In It For Me? –  As long as you cannot answer that question convincingly for everyone affected by the change you want to put in place, don‘t expect results. –  Make sure you understand the formal an informal measurement systems Communicate –  Design a clear message and vision for the change –  Inform people early, inform them often Feedback, Feedback, Feedback –  Dialogues, focus groups, feedback loops –  People support what they help to create DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 17
  18. 18. Project „Marvin“ – factors for success …what leads us to success…   strategic top-down-approach   sponsoring by the management   aim of project was clearly defined   Active project-team   own roadmap including guidelines/ milestones, but a also hight flexibility   external consulting / project-support   reconditioning of projects hypothesis + visionary work oriented on solution and resources (Future- History-Process, metaphor)   4P-Approach   elaborated Change-Management-Approach   creation of a learning wiki system (principle of self-organization)   long-run change-approach DB Training | GE Beratung (TQM-Team), 6/14/10 18
  19. 19. Next Level using Confluence for Corporate Innovation Lab With SketchUp designed 3D Model of the CIL The Pensive Innovation Area Workshop- Area Meeting Room Workshop- Area DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 19
  20. 20. Different Areas for certain functionalities… The Information / Innovation Area The Information / Innovation Area   …come together with some “crazy”, “weird”, creative people who can imagine….   Setup our screens with all useful information you have due to a certain problem you want to solve…   Visualize your current services associative with some good pictures and do the same with your customers… …when you look at all the information you are typically moving in your head while thinking about a solution for a certain problem, you will get that great idea faster, if you do that together with some people mentioned above the results will even come faster and more innovative. …most of the information needed is available in our wiki… DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 20
  21. 21. Different Areas for certain functionalities… The Pensive, your room to think… The Pensive Teamwork and Innovation is fast and highly dynamic. Sometimes you might need a quit place to think about the new idea on your own. The Pensive is a quit room to think, a place to escape from the rush of the other areas. Get in if you need, but come back as well… DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 21
  22. 22. Different Areas for certain functionalities… The Meeting Room and Decision Area The Meeting Room This Room is dedicated to decision! You have worked out some ideas in the other areas and now you want to go ahead. Develop your concept, project plans or roadmap, assign resources and finally specify your decision. This room is fully equipped with all infrastructure you need, no excuses… DB Training, GE Beratung, Michael Mielke, 6/14/10 22
  23. 23. Proof on Concept   June 24-25th we are proof this concept running 5 different CIL parallel in one of our training facilities.   This approach combines “classic” infrastructure with knowledge and information management based on confluence 3.X
  24. 24. …getting further…
  25. 25. …2011 will be back here as a sponsor…
  26. 26. Thank you for your interest!!! Questions?