Presentation on Low cost solutions for mass scale renewables


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What could be done soon very low cost Renewable Energy Products. These be used in preference to former Costly Solutions

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Presentation on Low cost solutions for mass scale renewables

  1. 1. Providing access to energy is at the heart of the development challenge
  2. 2. Quick Low priced Solution
  3. 3. Allows the poorest to cook, lights home work, and protects health Envirofit cookstove Improved air quality with clean cookstove Global market of billions of customers requires distribution partners
  4. 4. Stove market price: $14 (IRS675) Pellets for 1 week: $0.4 (IRS20) Combustion efficiency from 40% to 80% Cooking and fuel gathering time from 3h to 40hper day Carbon monoxide emissions down 98% 4-5 years life expectancy
  5. 5. B-1200 stove market price: $17 Fuel consumption reduced by 50%
  6. 6. Solar LED lanterns Retail prices range from $10 up to $35 The Solata prices: $12 to $20 D.light Design
  7. 7. SOLAR HOME SYSTEMS Lighting, communication and income generation for richer rural households ~20% upfront, rest monthly fees Financing scheme: Microfinance or revolving funds, some household savings solar panel (typically 10 to 50W) A 12V battery to store the power A charge controller to protect the battery 2 to 6 lamps (LED)
  8. 8. Needs addressed: lighting, cooking, entertainment, communication and income generation (working at night) Grameen Shakti Bangladesh has already built up 41 Grameen Technology Centers for distributed assembling and servicing of SHS. Currently they are training local technicians who can take on future servicing and installation of SHS at the village level SHS priced at $140 for 10W system, $412 for 50W; $1,000 for 130W Biogas Plants starting from USD 187 for a 1.6 cum plant to $422 for a 4.8m2 plant Improved Cook Stoves at $11.76 >215k SHS installations
  9. 9. The Solar Energy foundation (SEF) promote solar energy lighting in Africa with non-subsidized Solar Home Systems Financing: $80 upfront, then $9 per month for 3 years ~$7.5 monthly households spending replaceable by ST10 power Needs addressed: household and classrooms lighting. Also addressing water pumping and cooling systems for medicine.
  10. 10. Micro hydro plants owned and managed by the community 100kW plant costs $300k to build Each customer pays $0.10 per kWh, roughly $2 a month Beneficiaries: 60 villages; 300,000 people
  11. 11. FINANCING • Facilitating the development of social enterprises • Grant-based support to build the market • Patient capital with energy sector expertise • Carbon markets designed to serve low-income communities
  12. 12. Recommendations • Design targeted subsidies • Support social entrepreneurs • Finance ecosystem for poorest customers • Invest in programs designed to create the required “infrastructure” for the energy initiatives • Support favorable energy regulation • Set quality standards to weed out sub-standard products • Avoid market distortions such as the promise of free help • Solidify relationships between public utilities and energy enterprises
  13. 13. Thank you The Hystra / Ashoka team This team was led by Olivier Kayser, with Laurent Liautaud as day-to-day project manager. Aileen Nowlan and Jean-Elie Aron worked full time on this project FOR MORE INFORMATION • • • HYSTRA_Access_to_%20Energy_for_the_BOP.pdf