Business in Transition?


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Business in Transition?

  1. 1. Preston Willis can help you quantify the value of your company, using CoreValue® Software that combines up-to-date industry transaction data, your CoreValue® Rating, and financial performance. The CoreValue algorithms, based on years of academic and in-market research, will not only estimate your enterprise value, but will identify your potential value and the drivers holding it back. Don’t let anyone say your business has no value. Now you can show them proof it does -- and why. © 2012, CoreValue Software. All rights reserved. CoreValue Software is patent pending. Powered by Now you have built your business, what is the next step? • Sell to a third party • Build its value • Expand into new markets • Transition to Family • Merge with another Company • Renovate to address business issues All of these options require lead time and planning to obtain what you want from the business, for the business, and for your family and your legacy. PWG works with the owner and management team to position the firm to maximize the Transferable Enterprise Value (TEV) today or for the future and position the firm properly so that it will sell. We use proven tools and techniques to quantify the intangible assets hidden within a business – assets that can increase a company’s value by millions – and which a business owner can then use when transferring ownership, raising capital, or building for the future. With a well-defined and proven process, well tested software and seasoned professionals (all of whom have built and run businesses) we help you obtain your goals. Our objective is to: • Maintain the forward momentum of your business • Improve the value of your asset and • Identify and resolve the key value gaps Transitioning or Building Your Legacy: Maximize Enterprise Value ENTERPRISE  VALUE  ASSESSMENT PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
  2. 2. Think of the Enterprise Value Assessment as a ‘body scan’ for your business, identifying weaknesses and quantifying the value of shoring up those weaknesses. We can suggest specific tasks for you to work on, and will identify which tasks give you ‘the biggest bang for your buck’. There’s nothing like watching the value of your business grow. It’s that simple. © 2012, CoreValue Software. All rights reserved. CoreValue Software is patent pending Powered by We can help you identify and fix problems. ENTERPRISE  VALUE  IMPROVEMENT PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
  3. 3. Build Enterprise Value Our Services TOP  LINE  GROWTH Sales Channels for Startups A cost effective program for startups operating on a shoestring budget, PWG develops a go-to-market plan and secures that all important first channel necessary to gain traction in a new market. Sales as a Service A three-stage program for growth-oriented companies entering new geographic markets. Acquire (Lead Generation) Stage 1: PWG designs and executes a cost effective program that tests the receptivity of the target market to the client’s products and offerings. The litmus test is the ability to generate qualified leads. A post-test analysis of market responsiveness to its offerings enables the client to make an informed entry decision. Develop (Lead Conversion) Stage 2: A combination of telephone, online and face-to- face methods is used to demo, propose and close leads. Beyond achieving revenue, an accompanying analysis enables the client to evaluate the effectiveness of various channel(s) to reach the market, and the expected financial outcome of each go-to-market approach. Retain and Grow (Account Development) Stage 3: PWG performs all of the selling functions for the client – closing sales, managing accounts, and recruiting channels of distribution. In its ultimate form, PWG can establish a distribution arrangement or recruit a direct sales force, all with the goal of transferring operational control to the client at the appropriate time. Sales as a Business As companies successfully achieve a foothold in a new country, the decision is made to establish an ongoing presence. Utilizing its Build-Operate-Transfer program, PWG builds the operation to agreed specifications, runs the operation for the client during this period, and finally hands off day-to-day operations to the client when it is ready. PWG and its network of professionals can handle everything from hiring through to legal incorporation, and regulatory filings. Our Fees PWG offers a combination of fixed and performance-based fees. Entry level services start at $6,000. Business  Stage   PWG  Service Startup Early   Growth Scale  the   Business Transition/ Exit Investor  ready P P Sales  Channel   ready P P P Sales  as  a   Service P P Sales  as  a   Business P P Transition   Your  Business P P Services by Growth Stage ENTERPRISE  VALUE  GROWTH Transitioning Your Business You build the business; we help you build the asset. Do you think your business is worth more than others tell you it is worth? Utilizing our software-enhanced service we help you evaluate the18 drivers of valuable businesses, compare your business to the industry, and then help you devise and execute a plan to increase the value of your business. You then build, raise capital, sell, or simply enjoy running your business again. Investment Ready For firms seeking VC capital – particularly in Silicon Valley – this program provides those companies a proven and systematic method for making a proposal to top VC’s. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. Glenn Myers Partner Glenn is a experienced business executive with 17 years in senior positions within sales, marketing and general management. These positions were in the technology and telecommunications sectors, in small, including start-ups, medium and large companies. In addition to Canada, Glenn has managed companies in the U.S. and Europe. Glenn’s 25 years of consulting activities have enabled companies to achieve their revenue and profit goals, internal controls and market share objectives and to raise investment capital and/or divest their business. Phone: 416-347- 7551 Email: Bob MacBean CPA, CMA, MBA, BASc., Peng Partner Bob is a seasoned insightful financial executive, team builder, and business leader with international market development skills with extensive experience in public and private companies as a Board member, executive and advisor. His diverse industry background includes executive and advisory positions with companies in the SaaS and Software Development, Renewable/Clean/Alternative Energy, Environmental/CleanTech, Multimedia, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Mechanical Contractors, Architecture, and Training Program Development & Delivery. Bob has developed, implemented and managed strategies for driving and balancing growth, profitability, scalability, cost control, comprehensive reporting processes, cultural change, and performance to budgets and plans. Phone: 416-505-5854 Email: Preston Willis Group Overview PROFESSIONAL  MANAGEMENT  COMPANY Preston Willis Group Partners (PWG) is a team of seasoned senior business executives. We provide insight, expertise and operation know-how to enable our clients to a win, scale and achieve desired business outcomes. We have each faced the challenges of profitably growing $10M through to $1B annual revenue businesses, and we each share a talent for execution that ensures the right people do the right things in the right way. We help B2B clients scale efficiently, compete effectively, build operational discipline and align their go-to- market practices to achieve their revenue targets. Drawing on our personal experience, our approach incorporates time-tested, field-proven methods and a great deal of common sense. MULTI-­‐LOCATION Partners and Principals in San Francisco, Boston & Toronto. WORLDWIDE  NETWORK  OF  PROFESSIONALS   We maintain a network of contemporaries and business specialists around the globe. OPERATIONAL  KNOW-­‐HOW  AND  ACCOUNTABILITY We don’t merely recommend winning moves, but put them into play to achieve results. OUR  PARTNERS Preston WIllis Group Info: PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT