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Responsibilities of gluster_maintainers


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Responsibilities of gluster_maintainers

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Responsibilities of gluster_maintainers

  1. 1. Responsibilities of Gluster Maintainers Niels de Vos GlusterFS co-maintainer
  2. 2. Gluster Summit 2015, Barcelona 2 Responsibilities of ALL developers ● Track the community maillinglists ● Assist community users asking for help ● Take/assign Triaged Bugs and solve reported problems ● Participate in the weekly Community Meeting #gluster-meeting, Wednesdays 12:00 UTC
  3. 3. Gluster Summit 2015, Barcelona 3 Different Maintainer Roles ● (Co-)maintainers Work across many different components ● Sub-maintainers Mainly work on one or a few components ● Release-maintainers Manage a certain stable release branch Listed in the MAINTAINERS file
  4. 4. Gluster Summit 2015, Barcelona 4 Technical Responsibilities ● Understanding of design, features and limitations ● Assist and mentor developers ● Timely code review, constructive comments ● Suggest changes for backporting to stable releases ● Reduce the number of bugs and Coverity issues
  5. 5. Gluster Summit 2015, Barcelona 5 Responsibilities towards the Community ● Arrange responses on related mailinglist topics ● Triage of reported bugs, regular status updates ● Inform the Community about future plans/features/... ● Accept and act upon any contribution, some examples: ● Patches by email ● Feature suggestions during conferences ● Bug reports over IRC Lead by example
  6. 6. Gluster Summit 2015, Barcelona 6 Helpful Links ● Detailed description: ● Guidelines For Maintainers: ● Bug Report Life Cycle: ● Maintainers Mailinglist:
  7. 7. Thank you! Niels de Vos ndevos on IRC