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Deterministic releases and how to get there with Nigel Babu


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Gluster Developer Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Deterministic releases and how to get there with Nigel Babu

  1. 1. Deterministic Releases Nigel Babu - Principal Yak Shaver
  2. 2. Our releases now
  3. 3. Our releases now - Chaos © william veerbeek on Flickr. CC-NC-SA
  4. 4. No safety checks
  5. 5. Chaotic No safety checks Depends on maintainers Components are tested independently Our releases now
  6. 6. Where we want to be Nightly automated tests Sanity tests Does Gluster install and run correctly? Functional tests Does this code do what it’s supposed to do? Scenario tests How does Gluster perform for this use case? Upgrade tests What happens when I upgrade to this version? Do all of the above work out okay?
  7. 7. © lindsayensing on Flickr. CC-BY
  8. 8. How do we get there? Glusto QE team is committed to upstream-first BVT tests We can use this to power a lite upgrade testing Performance Testing Catch regressions early Dedicate energy to reducing bottlenecks Scenario Testing We come up with scenarios where we currently claim to do well. Add scenarios every cycle.