Award winning scale-up and scale-out storage for Xen


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This webinar discusses the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for Xen which packages GlusterFS in a virtual machine container optimized for ease of use with little to no configuration required. The Virtual Appliance seamlessly integrates with existing virtualization environments such as Citrix Xen, allowing you to deploy virtual storage the same way you deploy virtual machines. Deploy on premise to create a private cloud using any certified Xen server hardware platforms and certified storage: JBOD, DAS, or SAN.

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  • MIKE:And, absolutely, we want to take your questions throughout the webinar, so let me begin here briefly by reviewing how to ask a question on this particular platform.If you'll note in the upper right hand of your screen, you'll see our control panel. On it you'll see a section called QUESTIONS… click on the Down Arrow and then just type in your question in the available space. You can do this at any time during the webinar and we’ll be responding to as many of them as we can during our the Ask the Experts section.We’ll also be conducting two quick online interactive Polls, for which you'll also use the control panel to provide your answer. No worries! We’ll walk you through this.At the end of the webinar, you'll see a brief survey in your browser window. We’d love your direct feedback so please take a moment then and share your thoughts with us. And for taking a few minutes to fill out the survey, we’ll be selecting at random an attendee who will to win a Jawbone ICON™ headset and they will be notified by email by Friday of this week.While we plan on finishing on time, feel free to submit your questions throughout the webinar. What we can’t answer on air, a Gluster representative will reply to you by the end of this week.Also a copy of today’s webcast will be recorded and all registrants and attendees will receive a thank you email with instructions on how to view the recording on-demand.{{CUE – advance slide to tee up Poll#1)
  • Panelist overviewTony Asaro – Industry analyst focused on storage, virtualization and data managementBarry Jaspan, Senior Architect for Acquia Brent Richter, Director of Enterprise Research IS at Partners HealthCare Systems
  • TONY–Softball Questions1.       Fred from Kansas asked: How does Cloud Computing differ from Out Sourcing? - Tony2.       Alan from Missouri asked:  Does Gluster support point in time recovery? – Jack3.       David from South Africa asked: Are there feasible 3rd party cloud storage options available to compliment cloud compute systems? – Tony4.       Does Gluster have a viable business model?  How do they make money? – Tony5.       What was your biggest storage challenge before implementing Gluster and how did Gluster help solve this issue? – Brent & Barry6.       How many customers are using Gluster in production today? – JackMIKE Folks, we’re at that time and want to thank each of you for joining us today and hope that you found today’s webinar Case Studies: Deploying Open Source Storage Clouds of value and you’ll want to join us for future events. You’ll be receiving a short survey at the end of this webinar, and we’d sure appreciate your filling it out as we value your time and feedback.Additionally, for those questions we couldn’t answer on air, we’ll have Gluster work with each subject matter expert to reply to your questions and a copy of today’s recorded webcast will be make available as an On Demand Viewing, and you’ll each be receiving an email with a link to access this recording by early next week.Special thanks to our guests Tony Asaro, Barry Jaspan and Brent Richter for joining us today with us, as well as Gluster for sponsoring today.And don’t forget by completing the short survey that will appear on your screen momentarily you’ll have a chance to win a Jawbone ICON™ headset. We will be drawing a name at random and notifying the winner by email on Friday.And again as your moderator, Mike Agron saying thank you again and have a great rest of the week, good bye for now!End Webinar, and everyone dial in for the debrief.
  • Award winning scale-up and scale-out storage for Xen

    1. 1. Award Winning Scale-up and Scale-out Storage for Xen<br />Audio is available via VoIP or Landline.<br />For VoIP<br />You will be connected to audio using your computer’s speakers or headset.<br />For Landline:<br />Please select Use Telephone after joining the Webinar.<br />US/Canada attendees dial (484) 589-1011<br />Access Code 162-834-000<br />
    2. 2. How To Ask a Question?<br />Some Housekeeping Items…<br />Ask a question at any time<br />There will be ample time for questions<br />Slides will be available after the webinar<br />The webinar is being recorded<br />
    3. 3. Today’s Speakers <br />John Kreisa <br />Vice President<br />Marketing <br />Gluster, Inc. <br />Tom Trainer<br />Director<br />Product Marketing<br />Gluster, Inc. <br />Craig Carl<br />Senior Systems Engineer<br />Gluster, Inc. <br />
    4. 4. What Did Gluster Win at Citrix Synergy 2011? <br />Best of Synergy <br />Accelerating Cloud Adoption <br />
    5. 5. Why Did Gluster Win at Citrix Synergy 2011? <br />The Gluster Approach<br />Treat storage as a scalable, virtualized, commoditized and centrally managed pool <br />Hardware independent<br />A file system that delivers high availability, scale-out capacity and scale-up performance <br />Accelerate the adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud deployments<br />The Technology<br />Deploy in public, private and hybrid clouds<br />Linear performance scaling <br />Synchronous and Asynchronous replication<br />Global namespace <br />Cloud federation<br />
    6. 6. What is the Gluster File System? <br />Open source scale-out file system for public and private cloud storage<br />Metadata free storage <br />Global namespace<br />POSIX compliant<br />NAS<br />Highly available <br />Replication<br />Linearly scalable performance<br />Easy to deploy and use<br />Stores and manages data with 3x the performance and 1/3 the costs<br />
    7. 7. A Standard Gluster Deployment<br />Standard clients running standard apps<br />Clients/Apps<br />Clients/Apps<br />Clients/Apps<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />IP Network<br />Over any standard IP network<br />Access application data, as files & folders, in a global namespace, using a variety of standard protocols<br />Gluster Global Namespace (NFS, CIFS, Gluster Native)<br />Application Data<br />VMs<br />Gluster Virtual Storage Pool <br />Stored in a commoditized, virtualized, scale-out, centrally managed pool<br />DAS, SAN, NAS<br />
    8. 8. Strong Global Gluster Community<br />150,000+ downloads<br />~8,000 /month<br />500+ ‘registered’ deployments<br />45 countries<br />1,500+ registered users<br />Mailing lists, Forums, etc.<br />Member: OpenStack, Linux Foundation<br />Community contributions<br />Diverse testing environments<br />Bugs identification and fixes<br />Code contributions<br />Download now!<br />Global adoption<br />
    9. 9. Select Gluster Customers<br />
    10. 10. Common Solutions Built on GlusterFS<br />Media Serving<br />Large scale file storage<br />File Sharing<br />Multi-tenant file systems <br />High Performance Computing<br />IaaS Storage layer<br />Disaster Recovery<br />Backup & restore<br />Private cloud<br />
    11. 11. Anatomy of a Cloud Storage Pool with Citrix Xen<br />Linear Scale Out - Performance & Availability<br />Gluster Global Namespace<br />Gluster Virtual Appliance<br />Gluster Virtual Appliance<br />Gluster Virtual Appliance<br />Other<br />VM<br />Apps<br />Other<br />VM<br />Apps<br />Other<br />VM<br />Apps<br />Xen Hypervisor<br />Xen Hypervisor <br />Xen Hypervisor<br />Server<br />(CPU/Mem)<br />Server<br />(CPU/Mem)<br /> Server<br />(CPU/Mem)<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />Scale Out Capacity<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />1 TB<br />
    12. 12. Benefits of Gluster with Citrix Xen <br />Deploy on any certified HW<br />Provision storage in minutes<br />No modifications to applications <br />Aggregate CPU, memory, network and capacity<br />Replicate synchronously or asynchronously <br />Easily incorporate legacy storage<br />Scale to petabytes<br />
    13. 13. Anatomy of a storage pool: Public Cloud<br />Scale Out Performance & Availability<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br />Gluster AMI<br /><ul><li>Gluster Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
    14. 14. The only way to achieve high availability in Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    15. 15. Scale-out capacity and performance as needed</li></ul>EC2<br />EC2<br />EC2<br />EC2<br />EC2<br />EC2<br />EC2<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />Scale Out Capacity<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />EBS<br />
    16. 16. Tying Xen into The Public Cloud <br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />Client/Apps<br />IP Network <br />Gluster Global Namespace<br />Xen based Private Cloud<br />Public Cloud<br />Replication<br />
    17. 17. 4 Supported Ways to Consume GlusterFS<br />Virtual Machines<br />GlusterFS supports the leading virtual machines <br />Amazon Web Services (AWS)<br />GlusterFS can be deployed within Amazon Machine Image (AMI) <br />RightScale Cloud Management <br />GlusterFS is available within a RightScale ServerTemplate <br />Deployable via the RightScale Cloud Management Dashboard<br />Storage software appliance<br />Deployable on bare metal and supports any hardware on the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) of certified servers and storage<br />
    18. 18. Summary<br />GlusterFS is award winning technology <br />Brings significant benefits to Xen environments<br />Accelerates cloud adoption <br />Download and try it now!<br />
    19. 19. Questions and Answers<br />Your turn - ask our experts<br />Try Gluster for free here:<br />Additional resources here:<br />Join the community:<br />Follow on twitter: @gluster.<br />Read our blog:<br />Contact us at: or 1-800-805-5215<br />