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Teagarden Portfolio


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A selection of web and marketing communications projects I have done for a wide range of B2B companies.

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Teagarden Portfolio

  1. 1. PortfolioCompelling Web & Marketing Communications TEAGARDEN
  2. 2. Redesign ‣Developed information architecture; created wireframes ‣Wrote and edited most of the 500+ pages of the siteCargill Website: Home PageADC Website Design & Information Architecture teagarden
  3. 3. Cargill Website: Home PageADC Website Design & Information Architecture teagarden
  4. 4. Cargill Website: Connections Case Study (feature stories)
  5. 5. Cargill Website: Our History Page
  6. 6. Before After ADC TrueNet Website ‣ New website design and information architecture for ADC’s structured cabling business. Clean design, new branding, and simplified navigation. ‣ The site led to significant increase in unique visitors.Website Development and Information Architecture
  7. 7. ADC Website: TrueNet Home PageADC Website Design & Information Architecture teagarden
  8. 8. ADC Website: TrueNet Data Center Page
  9. 9. ADC Website: Main Distribution Area
  10. 10. ADC Website: BICSI Conference Presentation Offer
  11. 11. Online Event Development and Production ‣Videocasting and podcasting. ‣Rebranding of online event increased attendance two-fold.ADC Online Event Development and Production
  12. 12. Branding and Advertising Development ‣ Communications highlighted superior technology designed into the products. ‣ Brand tagline Engineered for Uptime stressed product benefit: Network infrastructure uptime.ADC Branding and Advertising
  13. 13. ADC Branding and Advertising
  14. 14. Case Studies and White Papers ‣ Case studies communicated vertical market expertise — e.g. education. ‣ White papers helped establish industry thought-leadership and expertise in specific technologies.ADC Case Studies and White Papers
  15. 15. Visual Guides: Clarifying Complexity ‣ Created series of illustrative white papers called visual guides. ‣ Simplified complexity through brief copy and poster-size graphics. ‣ Given to end-users, channel partners, and consultants.ADC Visual Guides, White Papers and How-To Guides
  16. 16. Poster Side of Data Center Visual GuideADC Visual Guides, White Papers and How-To Guides
  17. 17. Custom Product Sample Kits ‣ Custom product sample kit designed from standard Pelican case. ‣ Elements: Structured cabling products with cable selection guide. Includes detailed booklet highlighting technology differentiators of products. ‣ Results: Product management and sales force called it best sample kit in the industry.Product Sample Kits
  18. 18. Before After Wellington Website and Branding ‣ New website design features Wellington’s customer segments through compelling photography. Introduced new company positioning: Confidence. Delivered. ‣ The website differentiates Wellington from its competition through employee profiles, customer successes, and its long history of unparalleled customer service.Website Development and Branding
  19. 19. Wellington Security Systems Website: Home Page
  20. 20. Wellington Security Systems Website: Section Page
  21. 21. Internal Communication Program ‣Launched employee portal to communicate strategy to the business. ‣Created IT organization brand: Technology Delivering Business Value.GMAC-RFC Internal Communication Program: Intranet site
  22. 22. Internal Communication Program ‣Communicating business value of GMAC-RFC’s IT organization. ‣Newsletter articles, posters, presentations, and town hall meetings.GMAC-RFC Internal Communication Program
  23. 23. Marketing Collateral Development ‣ Recruiting brochure positioned AiC as the firm where consultants could find challenging work. (Upper left; inside page, right) ‣ Customer brochure positioned AiC as a company focused on the success of its clients. Promoting Client Success in the World of Information. (Lower left) ‣ Services brochure for Lawson Software customization. Positioned AiC as the “go-to” partner with Lawson. (Lower right)Analysts International Marketing Collateral
  24. 24. External and Internal Publication Development ‣ Customer publication The New Analyst showcased customer success stories through the eyes of the customer. With Analysts’ help, of course. ‣ Employee publication The Consultant focused on Analysts’ consultant staff with feature articles and career-building tips (Bottom). Consultants loved this monthly publication; and eagerly contributed editorial.Analysts International Publications
  25. 25. Integrated Marketing Campaign: Health Care Technology ‣ Marketing communications program introduced wireless technology applications to the health care industry. ‣ Elements: Website, Marketing Collateral, White Papers, Co-Branding with Palm and Patient Keeper, Direct Mail, Custom Packaging, Case Studies. ‣ Results: Generated dozens of new leads; deployed by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rochester, NY.Analysts International Marketing Campaign
  26. 26. Branding Campaign ‣ Rebranding direct mail campaign for Analysts International, the IT consulting company. “The Analysts Perspective.” ‣ Successful in repositioning AiC as a full- service business/IT consulting company.Analysts International Branding Campaign; Repositioning
  27. 27. Analysts International Branding Campaign; Direct Mail 1
  28. 28. Analysts International Branding Campaign; Direct Mail 2
  29. 29. Analysts International Branding Campaign; Direct Mail 3
  30. 30. Trade Shows: Navy League Sea•Air•Space Exposition ‣ Demonstrated militarized computer operating under stream of water. ‣ Posters designed for expo given to guests and signed by the photographer. Promoted through formal invitation. ‣ Complementary article in customer magazine, Performance. ‣ Resulted in record exhibit traffic and increased trade press coverage.Unisys Trade Shows and Special Events
  31. 31. Integrated Marketing Campaign: Defense Systems ‣ Marketing communications campaign introduced ABCCC to global customers. ‣ Elements: Marketing collateral, poster, 3D direct mail, corporate magazine, trade shows and press conferences. ‣ Results: raised awareness in targeted markets (Greece, Turkey, Germany, more); led to several presentations, meetings and proposals.Unisys Integrated Marketing Campaign
  32. 32. Customer Publication ‣ Award-winning Performance magazine was mailed to 20,000 customers and prospects. ‣ Editorial for the quarterly publication focused on customer successes tied to Unisys systems and solutions. It quickly became known for its striking photography and informative editorial. ‣ Performance generated responses from hundreds of customers during its publication run.Unisys Customer Publication