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Mc carthy proposal


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Mc carthy proposal

  1. 1. December 5th, 2011To Whom It May ConcernDear Sir, PROPOSAL FOR DAILY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR FACILITYWe write to propose the offering of daily cleaning and maintenance of your office or residentialfacilitylocated anywhere in Nigeria. Before we go on, we would like to ask a few questions:  Would you be interested in a daily cleaning and maintenance solutions that will reduce the rate of depreciation of your office or residential building by 20% annually?  Are you looking for an affordable Janitorial Cleaning Solution provider with experience in floor restoration and repair?  Would you like to ensure ahealthy working environment for your members of staff through the provision of professional cleaning services?  Would you prefer to hire a professional cleaning service company with special Janitors that can serve as office assistance with no extra cost?If your answer to the questions above is YES, then let us show you how our relationship with you oryour organization will be of mutual benefit but first let us introduce our company to you.About McCarthy Hygiene SolutionsMcCarthy Hygiene Solutions is a member of Maldini Group of Companies based in Lagos. Since2006, McCarthy Hygiene Solutions has been delivering quality cleaning services in Nigeria and nowhas expanded to Ghana. We specialize in industrial/domestic cleaning services and distribution ofquality hygiene products for industrial and domestic use. As at today, we have serviced over 412corporate organizations and individuals in Lagos, Abuja, Kogi and River States.We are a customer focused hygiene firm and our objective is to put to use our wealth of experience,dynamic professional work force and quality products/services to meet and exceed the expectation ofour clients. McCarthy Hygiene Solutions is dedicated to deliver 101% result on the investment of ourclients by combining hard work, excellence and dedication. We lead in property cleaning,maintenance and facility management through our foreign affiliation and exclusive representations.McCarthy Hygiene Solutions is best known for Professionalism, Affordability, Dynamism andQuality of products used in executing any cleaning task. We are one of the best in Floor restorationand Janitorial cleaning service delivery. We have some of the most presentable professional janitorscapable of handling any cleaning task in the industry. Our marble mechanics are trained in Italy and 1
  2. 2. are capable of restoring and repairing Granite, Terrazzo, Paladiana and Marble floors, no matter howbadly damaged they are. We are the most innovative cleaning company in Nigeria.We are yourperfect cleaning contractor!Our VisionTo be the best Industrial and Domestic cleaning service company among the rest.Our MissionTo constantly surpass the expectation of our clients through the use of quality products to deliverimpeccable cleaning services.Our Core Values  The fear of God in all our transactions.  Integrity in business and relationships.  Respect to all our stakeholders at home and abroad.  Delivery of quality service at no extra cost to our clients.Our Competitive Edge S/N McCarthy Hygiene Solutions Other Cleaning Companies1 We have the most presentable and Most janitors of other companies can easily be experienced janitorial team which blend identified in a site because of the ill way they in perfectly with our clients’ brand dress and carry themselves. In most cases, they image. Our janitors are highly motivated don’t conform to the brand image they service. and celebrated.2 We have equipment specially designed Only one or two cleaning companies in Nigeria for cleaning and restoring wall surface, have the equipment and technical know-how to no matter how tall. solve vertical cleaning problems. They believe their clients cannot pay for that kind of service, why bother?3 We use powder wax for clients that Most cleaning companies use liquid wax for all approves that we restore their floor back floor types, including Granite which in most to their original look. Our powder wax cases starts to pill off within a short period of system polishes Granite, Marble, time because liquid polish cannot penetrate hard Terrazzo and Paladiana floors from surface floors. Instead of using a more quality inside out unlike the liquid polish. polish which polishes from the inside out, other companies hide behind the notion that their clients can’t pay for the service.4 We use the fastest burnishing and Most cleaning companies use the same scrubbing buffing machine in the industry. This machine for buffing which gives low quality gives us more quality finish all the time. finish because of its low speed and previous use with other chemicals.5 We are a technology driven cleaning Most cleaning companies don’t see the need to company. We are building a system, an advance technologically; they still see cleaning online application that will make us the as the business of broom and packer. In fact, No. 1 customer service cleaning most cleaning companies don’t see why they company in Nigeria. should invest in new cleaning technologies that would help them deliver better service. 2
  3. 3. Our Organizational Structure Board of Directors MD/CEO P/A/ Secretary Head Operations Head QC Head Admin/HR Head of Sales/ Marketing HR Officer Regional QC Sales Executives Store keeper Accountant Supervisor Ad Regional Site Hoc/ Floor Supervisors Laundry Repair Officer Site supervisors Floor Receptionist Repairers/Ad Hoc Pro Janitors/Office Team Assistants 3
  4. 4. Our ServicesWe offer the following services to our highly esteemed clients:Cleaning Services  Daily Cleaning & Maintenance of Offices, Malls, Factories, e.t.c  Post Construction and Pre-move in Cleaning Services  Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Services.  Airplane & Ship Cleaning Services  Floor Restoration and Repair ServicesSpecialized Services  Fumigation and Pest Control Services  Façade Window Cleaning Services  Façade Paint ‘n’ Wash Services  Interior Painting and Cleaning Services  Housekeeping and Laundry Services  Waste Management ServicesSales and DistributionWe sell hygiene products in the following categories:  Equipments  Accessories  Toiletries  Chemicals  Safety Gears  Literatures 4
  5. 5. List of ClienteleWe have the following value customers as part of our clientele:  Foxglove Limited  Compera Capital Management Ltd  Tese Nigeria Limited  Troopers Family Club  Redeemers Family Club  Salvation International School  Fibercom Limited  SofundeOgundipeOsakwe&Belgore  Industrial & General Insurance Plc  Home Away Guesthouse  Tociano Nigeria Limited  TQA Communication Limited  The New Court Place Estate  Pampers group of Schools  Villa Construction Limited  Greenspring School, Lagos.Project Description and Problem StatementA reputable highly organization like yours with assets (office buildings) worth millions of Naira inNigeria needs the best Cleaning Service company to handle the daily maintenance of your asset. Wegive our clients world-class janitorial cleaning services by deploying trained hygiene professionalswho can also double as office assistants to handle theirdaily cleaning needs.Once an office building is in use, the need for constant cleaning of restrooms, floors, furniture,computer systems and other public areas become necessary. Failure to regularly clean office buildingleads to increase in depreciation of the building. In the same vain, an unclean office environmentposses health risk to office users because germs thrives in an unclean environment. An unclean officecan make a staff fall ill which is counterproductive to that organization.Proposed Solution to Problem StatementsWith over 10 years collective experience in industrial and domestic cleaning services in Nigeria, weare confident in delivering tailor-made cleaning services that will solve your particular need. Some ofour approaches to solving your daily cleaning needs are:  We will use quality chemicals and tools to ensure a healthy working environment for all your staff.  We will train and deploy professional janitors who will ensure that the rate of depreciation of your assets is reduced by up to 20% annually.  We will save your money and time by deploying janitors that can serve as office assistants.  We will restore and repair worn out floors made of marble, granite and terrazzo instead of laying new ones.  We will ensure the constant cleaning of all your restrooms in your offices.  We will work together with your organization to enhance the corporate its image by training our janitor to dress and carry themselves well. 5
  6. 6. Project Objectives  To train, deploy and manage professional janitors/office assistants at your offices  To ensure the daily cleaning and maintenance of your offices to world-class standards.  To provide periodic floor stripping, refinishing and general cleaning of your offices.  To ensure a clean and healthy working environment to all staff of your companies.  To kill and control the interference of rodents and pest in your offices.  To ensure proper arrangement of files and other esthetics in your offices.Project Benefits to your Bank  Affordability  Professional service delivery  Reduced value of depreciation  A healthy working environment for staff at all times  Office assistance support services at no extra cost to the bank  Enhanced brand image through the engagement of McCarthy Hygiene Solutions.Project ScheduleWe guarantee our clients the best service by implementing the daily maintenance schedule shownbelow: Summary of Cleaning Service ScheduleService Description Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly As RequiredGeneral cleaning and spring  cleaningGeneral cleaning of furniture,  equipment and other assetsHard floor cleaning- Mop  sweeping and moppingHard floor cleaning- Stripping  *HTA and ScrubbingHard floor cleaning-Waxing,  Polishing and BuffingDry Vacuum Cleaning of  carpets and rugsRotary shampoo/extraction of  carpetCleaning of light fixtures and chandeliersCleaning of reflective glass  *HTA  and anodized partitions plusinternal curtain wall and wallpartitionCleaning and disinfection of  toilets, bathrooms and 6
  7. 7. kitchenette.General cleaning of building  surrounding, drains and carparks.Cleaning gutters and spouts  Cleaning and sanitizing trash  holding areas *High Traffic AreasLead Person’s ResumePaul Oseghale is the Managing Director of McCarthy Hygiene Solutions Limited. He has over 8years industry experience in Industrial and Domestic cleaning services. He trained as a professionalMarble processor with Italian Design Marble Company, Lagos and as an Industrial and Domestichygiene specialist with Klindex Systems, Manoppello, Italy. He’s among the first 3 floor repairprofessionals that understand the techniques of restoring marble, granite and terrazzo floors inNigeria.Paul is a multi-talented entrepreneur and an experienced hygiene and marketing trainer who hasdelivered training programs to over 85 corporate organizations in Lagos, Abuja and River states. Hehas worked for other leading cleaning service companies in Nigeria including; Splendix NigeriaLimited, Teknokleen Nigeria Limited, Mighty Hygiene Solutions Limited and SpringClean HygieneConcept. He has handled projects such as the daily maintenance contract of UBA head office and thefloor restoration of NPA Abuja (now Defense House), Oando Towers in Victoria Island just tomention a few.Why You Should Choose Us to Handle yourCleaning Projects  We are very affordable and flexible  Our janitors can serve as office assistants  We use quality hygiene products that are environmentally friendly.  We have presentable and experienced janitors for deployment anywhere in Nigeria.  We have capacity for specialized cleaning services such as floor restoration and repair.  We have experience quality control officers that ensure consistency and quality service.  We know how to service our relationship with our clients; we make them happy because they make us happy.Cost ImplicationUsually, we prepare a comprehensive quotation for our clients as soon as a detailed audit of theproperty has been conducted. The audit is to help us determine the hygiene state of the building to becleaned, what is required to clean the facility and ascertain the risk that will be involved in cleaningthe facility. However, under our retainership cleaning plan, we usually propose two basic costoptions to our clients. They are: Cost Option One In this cost option, we charge N37, 000/janitor/month. With this amount per janitor required for the daily maintenance of your office, we will provide all the tools and chemicals required by the janitor monthly, train janitors periodically, assess the performance of deployed 7 janitors daily and offer free office assistance services.
  8. 8. Cost Option Two In this cost option, we charge N30, 000/janitor/month. With this amount per janitor required for the daily maintenance of your office, we will NOT be responsible for the tools and chemicals required by the janitors monthly. The client will provide all the chemicals, tools and other cleaning requirement on site. Under this type of cost option, we are liable for poor quality of service caused by the use of substandard cleaning products.Health and Safety ProceduresWe place priority in ensuring the implementation of all our health and safety procedures onsite. Our health and safety procedures are aimed at ensuring the best working standards for allour staff. In conformity to industry standards, we implement the following health and safetyprocedures on site:  We provide First Aid box in every site for our staff  We use helmet and eye glasses when working in a factory or high surfaces  We provide monthly medical check-up for our staff on site  We provide health insurance for staff after 6 months  We wear hand gloves when working in restrooms and with harmful chemicals.We hope this proposal will meet your requirements. We hope it is convincing enough toignite a mutually beneficial business relationship between our respective organizations.We look forward to receiving your call to arrange for a presentation with other key staff ofyour organization to further explain the benefits of hiring our company.Yours faithfully,UCHE AJEROHead of MarketingTel: 08092403510E-mail: 8
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