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Gloss VIP Marketing,Promotions,Advertising and Sponsorship

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Media Kit

  1. 1. Gloss VIP Fashion Industry Marketing and Promotions
  2. 2. About Us Gloss VIP provides our clients with a “One Stop” solution for all your Marketing and Promotions needs, we structure campaigns for promotions, online marketing through various platforms, brand building with event and promotional event sponsorship, event planning, charity fundraisers and more. As a California based company, Gloss VIP works with established and emerging clients in the fashion, art, and entertainment industries. Independently owned and operated, we use a personal approach, working with our clients often on a one on one basis; helping them achieve success in their craft by being there every step of the way. Gloss VIP is about establishing and growing a trusting relationship with its clients. Large name brands like Coca Cola do branding and marketing into such events, to keep their name in front of the public. By /embedding a brand/ and/or product within a relevant activity or associating it with a lifestyle, advertising effectiveness increases significantly.
  3. 3. Event Sponsorship Celebrity | Red Carpet | Charity Events Gloss VIP provides sponsorship opportunities in all types of celebrity events. Award Ceremonies, Movie Premieres, Celebrity Golf Tournaments, Celebrity Poker Tournaments, Celebrity Weddings, DVD Release Parties, Celebrity Birthdays, and many others. Gloss VIP is connected to a large network of events and influencers all over the U.S. We can play a core role in connecting sponsors and events, and in helping to activate sponsorships.
  4. 4. Product Placement Events | Movies | Television ● Pay Per Placement ● Product Placement in Movies,TV Shows and Events ● Cinema Advertising on up to 25,000 screens in six countries ● Cross Promotions with Movies and TV Shows ● Commercials on over 300 Radio Stations ● USA Billboard Advertising Nationwide ● Airport Advertising Announcing the launch of the Green Room Celebrity Catalog. Sent directly to Celebrity events all over the USA. A low cost way for you ● Movie Coupons and Box Office to introduce your celebrity quality brand to Hollywood. Handouts
  5. 5. Sporting Events Branding | Signage | Logo Placement | Endorsement ● Gloss VIP offers direct marketing into sporting events such as: ● NFL ● Superbowl ● MLB ● WWF ● UFC ● NASCAR ● Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, NHRA Drag Racing and FIFA
  6. 6. Cinema Ads With over 25,000 screens in eight different countries for cinema advertising. There are various type of cinema ads. Some can be up and running in as little as ten minutes from the time we receive your contract and video content. Available services include • Slide Advertising • Rolling Stock • Digital Lobby Advertising • Poster Cases • Lobby Space • Box Office Hand-outs • Audio Commercials • Popcorn Bag Sponsorship • Cinema Sampling • Cinema Advertising of all types in USA,Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Ukraine, Germany, and Antigua
  7. 7. Celebrities | Agents Celebrity and Agents ● Endorsement Deals ● Guest Appearances ● Celebrity Gifting Suites
  8. 8. Sponsorship Development Sponsorship Development Wealthy individuals, foundations and corporations have supported the arts, entertain­ ment as long as most people can remember. And lets face it: nothing plays better in the minds of the public than a company with a company with cause! Hundreds of or­ganizations acquire CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP dollars and in turn produce rewarding and profitable events. Why shouldn’t YOUR organization have that same opportunity? Gloss VIP works closely with Event Organizers, Venues, Non-Profits and Charities to brokers sponsorship opportunities .
  9. 9. Event Planning Gloss VIP's niche is producing unique events in unique venues to targeted audiences we incorporate out of the box ideas for a memorable event. • Fashion Shows • Mansion Parties • New Product Launch Parties • Beauty Bars and Cocktail Parties • Brand Exclusive VIP Events 09/11/penthouse-lingerie-fashion- show.html
  10. 10. Retail Distribution Gloss VIP now has access to get your product distributed in over 156,000 locations across North America. With our product placement program, we can include retailers in your promotions for purchasing your products. This can help your brand to gain more distribution, avoid slotting fees, and in effect let your customers know where to buy your products. We currently work with retailers in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, the U.K., and China. Types of Retailers Available: • Grocery Stores • Club Stores • Sporting Goods Stores • Clothing Stores • Department Stores • Cinemas • Hotels and Resorts • Hair Salons • Casinos • Night Clubs • Airports • Bus Terminals • Shopping Malls • Spas • Gyms • Vending locations • Video Stores
  11. 11. Online Public Relations No matter who or where your audience is, we can deliver your news, announcements, digital photos and logos, streaming audio and video to them in the fastest, most "Long-term brand equity and comprehensive and cost-effective way growth depends on our ability to available. Our PR services can be broken successfully integrate and down into five categories: implement all elements of a ● Distribution - Gain visibility with media, comprehensive marketing investors & potential customers Program." ● Measurement & Monitoring- Measurable - Timm F Crull, Chairman & CEO of results at your fingertips Nestle ● Targeting - Reach those who matter most ● Photos & Multimedia - Add video, photos & images to your message ● Online - Turn-key solutions for your small business
  12. 12. Press Releases
  13. 13. Kim Bella C.E.O Kim Bella began her career in the fashion industry in 2000 as a partner in a company that was an authorized retailer for high end designer handbags, she handled multiple facets of the business from Management to Marketing. She then moved into an Executive position in the industry of Marketing and Advertising for a firm in Santa Monica, California that worked within all Industries and aspects of advertising from Product Placement, Banner Advertising , Online Campaigns and Branding Kim has also had the pleasure of gaining additional experience and was introduced to the Entertainment Industry by working for one of the top Promoters in Los Angeles by the name of Hypnotic Realities L.L.C. The combination of experiences in the Fashion, Entertainment and Advertising Industries led her to the founding of Gloss VIP, she saw a need to bring all things together to maximize the exposure and brand recognition that sponsors can get by combining all 3 Industries into one marketing campaign.
  14. 14. Jon Barnes C.O.O Jon Barnes, COO, experience in the music industry as a booking agent and event organizer. After performing as a percussionist in several bands and as a booking agent, he began organizing music events just after high school, forming ‘Stomping Foot Productions’. The company organized and promoted electronic music events for two years before changing its name to Hypnotic Realities, continuing the same work for another three. Jon was involved in a collaborated effort with three other Los Angeles promoters with an event at a major amusement park where attendance reached capacity of twenty-two thousand. Mr. Barnes left entertainment briefly to form Wireless Network, which became the number one vendor for Verizon, as well as, Motorola, Nokia and Qualcomm in North America. After selling his interests, Jon went to work in advertising as an Advertising Sales Director for a corporation that holds over two-hundred fifty web properties. Jon eventually returned to a more independent role as a marketing consultant specializing in Online Marketing and Public Relations for small to medium sized businesses. In addition, he reformed Hypnotic Realities, LLC to target the electronic music industry and is collaborating with Kim Bella for Gloss VIP. Jon has a clear understanding of sales, marketing, operations and visionary concern.
  15. 15. Mission Statement Gloss VIP provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. In recent years, corporate sponsorship has become the fastest growing type of marketing in the United States Gloss VIP believes in giving back and works closely with non-profits and charities in coordination with sponsors to give back to those who need it the most. For more information: