A Sim Legacy Chapter 8


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A Sim Legacy Chapter 8

  1. 1. Welcome back. Last chapter our heir Beatriz gave birth to two sets of twins each with different fathers. As soon as she came home she went to rummage her own trash can for no reason.
  2. 2. Her brother Carlos was teaching the girls their toddler skills, but he really wanted to get married and move out of the house.
  3. 3. Amber was still around and was more than happy to care for her grandchildren. She was getting a little scared that soon she and Cycl0n3 wouldn’t be around and Carlos would move to live his life and Beatriz didn’t have anyone else to take of her. She knew about her daughter’s mental state and she worried a lot about her.
  4. 4. Delilah enjoyed playing in Carlos’ room and leaving her toys there. She and her twin sister Carlotta both hated their mother for having an affair with Scotty, but they were still just toddlers so they couldn’t really say anything.
  5. 5. “I will move out of this house soon Kirsten, I’m just helping my sister set her life straight. I couldn’t possibly leave the house knowing what she could do to the babies if she was by herself.” “I understand sweetie, I just really want to be with you.” “Me too, and we will be together I promise.”
  6. 6. Taking care of four screaming babies can really tire anyone out. Amber was enjoying a little nap, little did she now it would be her last.
  7. 7. Amber got up and started glowing…
  8. 8. …and with that she left this world.
  9. 9. Beatriz and Cycl0n3 took it really hard and started crying as they saw Amber leave the world of the living.
  10. 10. The Grim Reaper wasted no time in showing himself.
  11. 11. Carlos got home just in time to witness the event, and see his mother for the last time.
  12. 12. Amber lived a full life and had no reason to prolong the inevitable. She quickly shook hands with the Reaper and left.
  13. 13. Everyone took it pretty hard.
  14. 14. They were all in a horrible mood because of it.
  15. 15. But no one took it as hard as Cycl0n3. His love had died and he was left with a broken heart.
  16. 16. Amber Sim Clumsy, Good, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, and Lucky. Loved Autumn Salad, pop music and the color pink. Founder of the legacy and married to Cycl0n3 Sw0rd with whom she had two beautiful children, Beatriz and Carlos. She completed her lifetime wish and became a celebrated five-star chef. Lived to be 92 years old.
  17. 17. With Amber gone Beatriz started taking more responsibility in the care of her children.
  18. 18. Perhaps it was a way for her to ease pain.
  19. 19. That night she decided to go visit Scotty. He lived pretty close by so she got there very fast.
  20. 20. She quickly told Scotty what had happened.
  21. 21. I suppose this was his way of consoling her. She asked him if he wanted to stay over with her that night and he said yes.
  22. 22. As soon as they got home Beatriz let her pain out and cried in Scotty’s shoulder.
  23. 23. “Thanks for spending the night with me Scotty.” “No problem Beatriz. I got to spend time with my girls too.”
  24. 24. A little later Scotty left the house.
  25. 25. “Beatriz you need to do something with your life. You have to decide if you want to be with Scotty or with Julius. You can’t spend yours days sleeping with both of them, and besides your girls need a father I have my own life to live and I can’t help you forever.” “You right brother, I’ll call Julius.”
  26. 26. “Hi Be I came as soon as possible. What’s wrong?” “We need to talk Julius. I … I want to break with you.”
  27. 27. “You want to be with Scotty huh?” “How did you…” “How couldn’t I know? Everyone in town is talking about it. They all know how you betrayed me and slept with Scotty behind my back.” “Then why didn’t you say anything?” “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I still loved you even if after what you did. My sister was right I should have never been with you. Goodbye Be.”
  28. 28. Inside Carlos was trying to teach Carlotta how to walk, but he still managed to hear everything. He knew about the things people around town said about his sister and frankly he would have preferred if she had chosen Julius over Scotty, but it was her choice and he wasn’t one to decide in it.
  29. 29. Knowing that Beatriz would soon ask Scotty to move in, Carlos decided it was time for him to move on as well. He quickly looked for a nice house and told Kirsten.
  30. 30. “I’ll still keep an eye on you sis. If Scotty ever does something to you he will be sorry.”
  31. 31. And so Carlos left the house.
  32. 32. He moved into a beautiful home near town. Apparently if you use the Kick Out option, the sim automatically moves into an unoccupied lot without spending the main houses simoleons.
  33. 33. The first thing he did was invite Kirsten over.
  34. 34. “So you finally moved out?” “Yes.” “So why did you want me to come over so quickly.” “Kirsten would you move in with me. I want to be with you.”
  35. 35. Do I have to say what she replied?
  36. 36. The next morning in the middle of his new living room Carlos proposed to Kirsten.
  37. 37. She said yes and they were now engaged.
  38. 38. Kirsten got a little makeover and quit her job as maid. She is a Flirty, Brave, and Neat Kleptomaniac. She likes kid’s music, Stu Surprise and the color lime. Her dream is to have a home worth at least 162,000 simoleons.
  39. 39. A few days later Carlos and Kirsten were to be married. They threw a very nice party at their house. “Beatriz this is a wedding I asked you to come in formal clothes.” “I can wear whatever I want.” *sigh*
  40. 40. Carlos and Kirsten got married in the back on the house.
  41. 41. They exchanged rings and kissed in front of the crown of guests that attended the ceremony.
  42. 42. Just as they were finished with the wedding, Kirsten showed everyone that she was feeling a little sick. I think someone celebrated a little early.
  43. 43. After the party was over Beatriz just stayed there throwing rice. I thought that maybe it was because of her insane trait, but then I realized that Bella and a few other guests were stuck as well.
  44. 44. As time passed the guest were still stuck and hadn’t moved an inch. I tried sending Kirsten to ask them to leave, but she couldn’t. So I tried the move objects cheats and that didn’t work either. Then I remembered there was a cheat list in the Sims 3 guide and it worked. It was this: resetSim <firstname> <lastname> It returns the sim back to their house.
  45. 45. When I went back to the legacy lot I saw Amber had decided to haunt the house.
  46. 46. All she did really did was take a nap in Carlos’ old bad. I guess she misses him.
  47. 47. I was also very surprised to see Beatriz wasn’t in the house. She had apparently moved out of the house, even though I turned both aging and story progression off while I played with Carlos, and she had gone to live with some random sim. I waited until morning and had Cycl0n3 invite her over and ask her to move in again.
  48. 48. Maybe Beatriz was just trying to run away from the responsibility of taking care of her four daughters. Whatever it was at least I managed to set everything straight really easily and continue the legacy.
  49. 49. Don’t ever do that again understand. You are not to leave this house even after you die. “This salad is delicious.” Are you even listening to me!
  50. 50. “Look Scotty I need you to move in with me. You promised that if I accepted being with you would take care of my daughters and you have to take care of your daughters too.” “Ok, I’ll move in with you.” “Really?” “Yep.”
  51. 51. And so Scotty moved in to the house. Scotty Wan Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Never Nude, Hopeless Romantic, and Charismatic. Favorites: Classical Music, Hot Dogs, and Green He wants to be a Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers.
  52. 52. “You know Beatriz I really like it when you wear those clothes.”
  53. 53. She didn’t get pregnant again just in case. Trust me.
  54. 54. I have enough problems with these bundles of joy already. There is always a baby crying in this house. When I feed these two the other two need to be fed and by the time the others are fed these one need to be changed, and it goes on like in an endless loop. No one in this house has time for anything.
  55. 55. The little time they have they spend teaching Delilah and Carlotta their skills. I don’t know what exactly Scotty wants to teach her, but I don’t think he should.
  56. 56. They are cute when they aren’t crying though.
  57. 57. It was time for Morgan and Tina’s birthday. Scotty is really happy that he gets to see his girls grow up. They had a simple party at home because everyone was in a pretty bad mood. First up was Morgan.
  58. 58. Here she is. Why do I get so many bald-shirtless toddlers?
  59. 59. Tina was up next, and even the new maid joined in to the festivities.
  60. 60. This is Tina. She must have gotten her black hair form Scotty’s side of the family. I like her.
  61. 61. Scotty quickly began teaching them skills.
  62. 62. That night it was Cycl0n3’s turn to leave this world.
  63. 63. He was in the middle of teaching Morgan how to talk. Poor girl this will probably scar her for life.
  64. 64. “What is this incessant crying?” Even the Grim Reaper gets annoyed
  65. 65. Cycl0n3 is saying one of two things right now: 1.“Now please more time. I never got to fulfill my dream, please don’t take me yet.” Or 2.“Thank you! You have no idea what it’s like here. I’m a slave to my grandchildren’s demands.”
  66. 66. Beatriz was very sad. Now both her parents had passed away.
  67. 67. Cycl0n3 Sim Absent-Minded, Couch Potato, Computer Whiz, Genius, Inappropriate. Loved Electronica music, Mac & Cheese and the color Black Co-founder of the legacy and married to Amber Sim with whom she had two beautiful children, Beatriz and Carlos. He did not complete his lifetime wish to be a Chess Master, but he did master the Logic skill. Lived to be 92 years old.
  68. 68. Cycl0n3’s death didn’t help everyone’s mood. Look at that plumbbob it’s so red!
  69. 69. Scotty decided to call a babysitter for a while so that he and Beatriz might get some sleep. Poor kid.
  70. 70. Beatriz went to visit his sister-in-law and saw that she had given birth a lovely baby boy. Everyone meet Davon Sim. Kirsten’s parenting skill need a little help.
  71. 71. Since one of Scotty’s traits is Never Nude he wears his bathing suit when he bathes.
  72. 72. He also got a job in the political career.
  73. 73. Beatriz has been talking to herself a lot lately. I think she’s going more insane if that’s even possible.
  74. 74. “Ok Delilah I’ll teach you to use the potty.” Tina: “Dada” “I’ll play with you in a moment sweetie. Hey, Morgan stay away from those stairs!” Scotty is a little in over his head right now. “Why did I ever agree to live here?”
  75. 75. “So mom, what’s it like being a ghost?” “I’ve had better days.” “Cool”
  76. 76. “No Beatriz I don’t want to WooHoo you!” “Why!?” “I don’t want to risk having anymore children, you got me?” She had the want to WooHoo with Scotty, but he rejected her. It was very interesting.
  77. 77. Finally it was time for Delilah and Carlotta to be children. Maybe now everyone can have a little rest.
  78. 78. It was funny that the babysitter brought Carlotta over to the cake even though I told Scotty to do it.
  79. 79. “Cake! My babies are finally growing up!”
  80. 80. “Finally two less dippers to change.”
  81. 81. Carlotta twirls and sparkles…
  82. 82. …and she grows into a very nice little girl. She looks a lot like Beatriz did at this age. She got the Unlucky trait.
  83. 83. Next up was Delilah who was also brought to the cake by the babysitter. I think the parents are wishing Cycl0n3 was here.
  84. 84. Just as Delilah blew out the candles, the cake…I think, caught on fire.
  85. 85. The babysitter ran and put Delilah in the safety of the bathroom and then proceeded to go back into the kitchen. -_- They were both stuck in there since the fire was blocking the door.
  86. 86. It was interesting to see that the neighbors heard the ruckus and came over to see what was going on even though they didn’t contribute to anything. Just like in real life.
  87. 87. Scotty and Carlotta could do nothing but watch as the flames engulf the kitchen and the firefighters ran to the rescue.
  88. 88. Yes I did say firefighters. There were three of them. They managed to extinguish the fire and told the household to be careful next time.
  89. 89. Specially this one. “Be Careful! Don’t you know how hard it is to get down here?!” Beatriz was scared of her.
  90. 90. After replacing the table and chairs everyone continued with Delilah’s birthday.
  91. 91. Delilah turned into a very interesting looking child. She got the Technophobe trait.
  92. 92. Notice how these girls look nothing alike. I really like them both! ~ And here my dear readers is where this chapter ends. See you next time. :D