A Sim Legacy Chapter 7


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A Sim Legacy Chapter 7

  1. 1. Welcome back! Last time our heir Beatriz went into labor. She was about to bring to the world the next generations of Sims. She decided to have her baby at the hospital.
  2. 2. She changed into her formal clothes and called a taxi. I guess since it‟s a special event she might as well go dressed pretty.
  3. 3. Amber did nothing more than go crazy in a corner of the house. Take it easy she‟s going to the hospital. “My daughter is insane! What if she decides to eat something on the way and ends up having my grandchildren in a dinner.” O_O Good point.
  4. 4. Fortunately Beatriz found her way to the hospital safely and Julius was waiting for her there.
  5. 5. Julius‟ sister Bebe was there too. “This is the girl you got pregnant! Julius what is wrong with you!” “It‟s my life Bebe.” “But couldn‟t you find a more mentally healthy girl to have your children. How do expect her to take good care of them.” Julius went into the hospital ignoring his sister. Bebe stayed there screaming to herself almost through the whole birth.
  6. 6. Ladies and gentleman I present you with Delilah Sim, the first baby of generation three. Delilah was born with the Brave trait locked in and rolled Virtuoso as her second. She enjoys eating hamburgers and listening to classical music. Her favorite color is Spiceberry.
  7. 7. Surprise! Meet Carlotta Sim. Yep, Beatriz had twin girls! Carlotta was born with the Clumsy trait locked in and rolled Easily Impressed as her second. She enjoys eating a plate of Goopy Carbonara while listening to some indie music. Her favorite color is Yellow.
  8. 8. Amber was happy and a little scared to see her granddaughters safely arrive home.
  9. 9. She quickly started playing around with both of them and rolled constant wants to snuggle and hold the girls.
  10. 10. Look who came to visit, Scotty Wan. He probably wants to ask Beatriz if she wants to be with him now that she‟s not pregnant anymore.
  11. 11. Beatriz came out and talked to Scotty. “Will you really take care of my baby girls if I accept having a relationship with you?” “Of course I will Beatriz.”
  12. 12. That didn‟t really take long. I went to check on the babies and they where smacked together when I came. I guess they really have the hots for each other.
  13. 13. Poor little Delilah saw everything, (I don‟t know how) and now she dislikes both her mother and Scotty. Witnessing the event also caused her to be in a horrible mood. Poor kid is already suffering and she was born just a few hours ago.
  14. 14. “Walk away Cycl0n3. Pretend you didn‟t see anything.”
  15. 15. Everyone in the family enjoys taking care of the babies. Carlos is also constantly caring for the twins. What is their mother doing?
  16. 16. She is quite busy with …other matters that demand her attention.
  17. 17. “That was really fun Beatriz. I‟m so glad I came over. I have to go now bye.
  18. 18. And he left. I guess Scotty is the love „em leave „em kind of guy.
  19. 19. Beatriz didn‟t really care if Scotty left; she was too busy fighting invisible fairies. “Go away! I don‟t want your pixie dust!”
  20. 20. She did go hug her babies once in a while, even if now both the girls hate her guts for betraying their father.
  21. 21. Carlos is still searching for a girl that will be with him forever.
  22. 22. But this dumb park is plagued by old people. Not one single adult showed his face all day. I swear girls are evading him. Maybe they think he is crazy just like his sister and are staying away.
  23. 23. Carlos isn‟t the only one feeling bad right now. It looks like Beatriz is a little sick. “Stupid fairies must have put pixie dust in my food last night.” Sure blame it on the fairies.
  24. 24. When Carlos came home he was more than happy to meet the new maid. This is Kirsten Griggs the replacement maid, since the last guy was fired for laughing at Beatriz all the time.
  25. 25. Carlos wasted no time learning more things about Kirsten. He quickly found out she was single and was more than happy that she didn‟t run away when he asked.
  26. 26. They hit if off really well and were very soon flirting with each other. Kirsten even forgot about work and left half the house dirty and still got paid.
  27. 27. “I‟m hungry.” “Beatriz if you‟re hungry go eat something.” Cycl0n3 soon learned that he should pay more attention to what Beatriz says while she‟s holding a baby.
  28. 28. She followed her dad‟s advice and went to eat something, taking poor Delilah with her. She then proceeded to leave the girl on the cold floor while she went to eat.
  29. 29. Random sims would come pick the girl up and play with her a while. Then they would leave her on the floor again.
  30. 30. Amber came to the rescue soon, and scooped the girl up and took her home. “I knew I shouldn‟t let her carry the girl.”
  31. 31. “Where‟s my baby.” “Your mom came and took her home.” “Oh. I guess baby De called her.”
  32. 32. “Honey you cannot leave a baby unattended on the floor of a restaurant.” “It‟s ok dad, Delilah called mom.” “Beatriz she‟s a baby even if she did have a cell phone she couldn‟t use it.” “Really? Then my baby girl must have telepathy and called mom using mind. Awesome!” “Forget it Dear.” Screamed Amber form the kitchen.
  33. 33. Elbert the ladybug is still in the house. Amber still enjoys her talks with him now and then. They still seem to argue about things.
  34. 34. Pretty soon Beatriz discovered that she was pregnant again. She changes into her bathing suit instead of her maternity clothes. “The fairies really did add pixie dust to my food.” For the last it wasn‟t the fairies, it was your fault for sleeping with Scotty. “So Scotty was the one to use pixie on me?” -_-;
  35. 35. Amber and Cycl0n3 still enjoy each other‟s company now and again.
  36. 36. They REALLY enjoy it.
  37. 37. Beatriz still cared for her babies, with her father‟s supervision, and the babies still hated her. Her belly was growing and soon the house would have more babies.
  38. 38. Amber was very happy that her son was happy with Kirsten. Even if Kirsten got paid for doing nothing more than spend her time with Carlos.
  39. 39. They soon shared their first kiss and Kirsten accepted becoming Carlos‟ girlfriend.
  40. 40. I don‟t know if Beatriz was making fun of them or if she was just talking to herself. Either way, Carlos didn‟t really care. He didn‟t even know his sister was standing there right now.
  41. 41. Amber and Cycl0n3 were enjoying their last moments together. Amber was reaching her end in this world and she wanted to cherish her final days next to her husband.
  42. 42. “Voice can‟t you make this last more time.” Sorry Amber as much as I like you, it will soon be time for you to move on.
  43. 43. Beatriz was nearing the end of her pregnancy and she was huge. “Stupid Scotty made me fat.” You aren‟t fat your pregnant. “It‟s Scotty‟s fault anyway.”
  44. 44. Although her life bar was full, I guess Amber still has a little more to wonder around the house. She can at least see her grandchildren‟s birthday before she dies.
  45. 45. It was the girl‟s birthday at last; it seemed to take forever, and there was a party.
  46. 46. The girl‟s father, Julius, was there. He wasn‟t very happy seeing how his girlfriend and mother of his children was pregnant and he knew it wasn‟t his. He tried to not ask anyone about it at least for today, he planned to enjoy the birthday.
  47. 47. Carlotta was first and Beatriz was happily cheering her on. Julius came as fast as he could so he wouldn‟t miss it.
  48. 48. Carlotta grew up and looks very similar to Beatriz when she was a baby.
  49. 49. Next was Delilah‟s turn. Everybody cheered and…
  50. 50. ..Delilah was a very interesting looking toddler.
  51. 51. She looks a lot like Julius. She has his hair and eye color and her eyes are very similar in shape. I really want to see what she looks like when she grows up.
  52. 52. Amber quickly took Carlotta away from the party and starts teaching her how to talk.
  53. 53. Beatriz plays with Delilah and suddenly feels a small pain in her stomach.
  54. 54. Beatriz goes into labor for the second time and Amber goes crazy again.
  55. 55. “She was pregnant again! When did that happen!?” Sometime while you were too busy making out with Kirsten.
  56. 56. Scotty quickly went to hospital to be with Beatriz, but Cori Frio didn‟t let him pass. “Get out of the way Cori, I‟m about to be a father.”
  57. 57. Cori eventually moved out of the way and Scotty was able to go into the hospital.
  58. 58. Meet Morgan Si, the third baby of this generation. She was born with the Athletic trait locked in and rolled Loner as her second. She enjoys Fish and Chips while listening to Kids music and her favorite color is orange. Oh and guess what?
  59. 59. Twins again! Scotty is holding Tina Sim who was born with the Artistic trait locked in and rolled the Light Sleeper trait. She likes to listen to Pop music while she eats Fruit Parfait. Her favorite color is also orange. ~~ Well I leave you here. Until next time when we see how the family deals with four babies in the house, and see if they survive.