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A Sim Legacy Chapter 5 Part 2


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A Sim Legacy Chapter 5 Part 2

  1. 1. Chapter 5-part 2
  2. 2. Welcome to Chapter 5 part 2 of A Sim Legacy. We continue Carlo’s birthday were inside the house Connor Frio was feeling heartbroken because of Cornelia Goth. I wonder what happened. “I’m so heartbroken. My poor dear Cornelia.” “Why are you telling me this Mr. Frio? I really don’t want to hear about your life story”
  3. 3. It turns out Connor is now Cycl0n3’s boss. It would definitely be weird having your boss live next door.
  4. 4. Connor was so hurt he wouldn’t even leave the party. While everyone else had left and the Sim family were all sleeping Connor was still outside feeling the heartache. I got curious and went to check on the Goths to see what had happened. Cornelia Goth has passed away. I guess Connor really liked her.
  5. 5. “Hey Beatriz wait!” “Leave me alone Julius. I’m not in a good mood today.” Beatriz has been flunking her tests and been very overworked. She really needs some time off to get things straight.
  6. 6. I had forgotten to mention that Carlos grew up with the Good Sense of Humor trait. He loves goofing around with his friends and impersonating movie stars.
  7. 7. He also got a job at the grocery store.
  8. 8. Being the Neurotic sim he is, Carlos gets constant urges to brush his teeth and wash his hands a set number of times. He also needs to check the sink and stove every so often to see if there isn’t anything wrong with them.
  9. 9. Carlos also loves to be outside and go to the public pool. He enjoys having contest to see who can hold his or her breath the longest.
  10. 10. Freaking out now and then also helps him keep tranquil.
  11. 11. Julius and Beatriz have been friends for some time now. But Julius really likes her a lot and Beatriz is slowly falling for the guy.
  12. 12. Finally they have their first kiss and decided that they both want to be with the other. Julius is now Beatriz’s boyfriend. Isn’t that cute.
  13. 13. Of course the first thing she learns is that he loves the outdoors. Ironic isn’t it.
  14. 14. “Beatriz if I’ll spend my entire life locked inside a windowless room as long as I can be next to you.” “Julius, you really mean that?” “Of course I do. I love you Beatriz will you still be my girlfriend?”
  15. 15. I don’t think I need to comment on what she answered.
  16. 16. “So you and Julius finally got together?” “Yes! I’m so happy. I haven’t been this happy in a long time.” “I knew you two would get together eventually. I’m happy for you sis.” “Thank you Carlos.”
  17. 17. This picture has no other purpose than to show how cute Carlos looks when he looks scared out the window.
  18. 18. It’s Amber’s birthday and they had a nice quiet party at home.
  19. 19. “Go mom! You are going to be one really hot old lady.” “Beatriz please! I’m not that old!”
  20. 20. The magical pixie dust takes its effect and Amber changes from a very cute adult too…
  21. 21. …a very cute elder.
  22. 22. This is the first shot I’ve been able to take of the entire family together at the table. They seem to be having a very interesting conversation on tooth paste.
  23. 23. After cake Amber changes to a nicer outfit.
  24. 24. Cycl0n3 still loves his wife very much. Don’t worry Cycl0n3 soon you too will join Amber in elder hood.
  25. 25. A few days later it was Cycl0n3’s turn to become an elder. Again they had a nice quiet party at home.
  26. 26. Cycl0n3 cheers for himself and after a spin…
  27. 27. …turns into a very ugly elder. “Oh my God! I’m old…and ugly!. Yes, yes you are.
  28. 28. A little wardrobe change and Cycl0n3 looks… …better. I guess.
  29. 29. Now that they are both elders, Amber and Cycl0n3 have nothing else to worry about than completing their lifetime wishes. Amber is only 3 promotions away from becoming a five star chef and Cycl0ne needs I only 4 level away from maximizing the logic skill and becoming a chess master.
  30. 30. Carlos is meeting lots of friends; here he is with Ann Pappas. Ann is his best friend, yet all he knows about her so far is that she works at the spa. Maybe he should spend a little more time with his friends and get to know them better.
  31. 31. Amber continues taking care of her garden on her free time. She has lots of unknown seeds in her inventory that require higher skill level to plant, so she’s working on that.
  32. 32. I can’t believe there isn’t a single sim in the park at night. It’s pretty boring since everyone goes to sleep at around 11:00 p.m. Except Jocasta who still enjoys her nightly reading in the graveyard.
  33. 33. On the other hand, at day time the park is full of elderly people. Mostly everyone Amber knows is already an elder. She likes to have chats with her friends before going to work.
  34. 34. Meanwhile Carlos tells Beatriz about his promotion. Beatriz isn’t doing that hot at work or at school. She’s pretty much in a bad mood during the week. She gets some rest in the weekends, but by Tuesday she’s already in a bad mood.
  35. 35. Amber is now only 2 promotions away from fulfilling her dream. She just got another promotion and is well on her way to get another one.
  36. 36. Beatriz won’t have to worry about homework anymore. It’s her birthday and she is about to become a young adult. Now she can get a real job. As always Cycl0n3 is laughing at the birthday girl, no wonder they don’t get along that well.
  37. 37. “I’ m so excited! No more homework, no more school, and now I can get a real job! I think I’m going insane.”
  38. 38. “Would you stop laughing Dad? Why do you even find this so funny!?”
  39. 39. “Not bad, not bad at all.” I must agree with you Beatriz. You have transitioned into a very lovely young woman. “I’m hot aren’t I? Who’s the monkey girl now Carlos?”
  40. 40. Serious Carlos is being serious. I guess he has no comment on that.
  41. 41. Beatriz quickly changes her clothes and here she. She did turn out very pretty, and guess what trait she rolled! She’s Insane. “I resent that.”
  42. 42. Cycl0n3 retired from his journalism career so that he would have more time to work on his dream. He now spends most of the time playing chess so he is pretty boring.
  43. 43. Beatriz on the other hand is quite interesting. She likes to go to sleep in her swimsuit and then walk around in her pajamas. “I told you I wear my bathing suit so that when I sleep I can swim in the lake of pudding that the fairies take me to. Sure, whatever you say.
  44. 44. Even if she is a threat to society she still managed to get a job as a fan at the theater. She likes to wear her formal clothes to go to places. That is of course if she didn’t decide to go in swimming clothes first.
  45. 45. “I call this one Jellybean Pizza.” What are you…? “♪ Oh jellybean pizza… You bring me such joy. When I see your colors I go Oh boy! ♪” ... I think I’ll be leaving now. You keep working on that.
  46. 46. I checked on the Frios next door to see what they were up too. There is a teenage girl living there now. I guess she’s this guy’s daughter. I forgot his name. Then something surprised me.
  47. 47. Connor. Why is he still not old? He was Amber’s age when I started the legacy, but he is still an adult. Are you drinking from some sim fountain of eternal youth of something?
  48. 48. Besides singing horrible songs Beatriz also enjoys fighting with the walls. It is very entertaining.
  49. 49. Julius came to visit Beatriz later that night, and it turns out he is still her boyfriend; but they can’t kiss or anything. “So after my mother tried to me how to say tombstone when I was a baby I knew that eventually there would be something wrong me.” “That’s nice Be. Are you ok?”
  50. 50. “Of course I’m ok. The nachos told me.” “Yeah. You know Be I think I have to go home now it’s curfew time.” “Ok. Come back later so I can introduce you to the Nachos.” “Sure. *runs away*”
  51. 51. “You say she’s been playing the guitar all night.” “That’s right mom. She keeps singing about pizza and nachos.” “I think your sister needs helps Carlos” “You think.”
  52. 52. Beatriz isn’t the only one who needs help. Carlos is always breaking the sink because of his obsessive ideas of washing his hands and brushing his teeth. He also needs to check the sink and stove once in a while or else he gets in a bad mood because he worries the house might flood or catch on fire.
  53. 53. Elbert is still alive by the way. Say Hello Elbert. … Elbert says Hi.
  54. 54. Carlos continues to visit Ann so far he has learned that she is clumsy and a hopeless romantic. He really wants kiss her, but unfortunately he has to be back by curfew. Poor Carlos, and his only a few days from turning into a young adult too.
  55. 55. Beatriz, what are you doing? “I’m making Hot Dogs.” In your swimsuit? “Yep.” I’m not even going to ask.
  56. 56. “My computer broke.” “Why don’t you fix it honey.” “Good idea.”
  57. 57. “You know Cycl0n3 for a genius you really act dumb sometimes.”
  58. 58. “♪ Nachos and pizza… Pizza and Nachos…♪” Moving on…
  59. 59. It’s very funny how the father and the daughter do the same thing, and Connor is still young.
  60. 60. Amber looks so cute when she learns a new recipe. I don’t understand why the book has to dematerialize into weird floating characters, but it still looks cute.
  61. 61. “Hello Mr. Hot Dog.” … “Why of course, you are delicious.” … “The refrigerator was cold? Don’t worry my tummy is very warm.
  62. 62. “What are you doing sis.” “I’m talking to Mr. Hot Dog” “You are talking to a hot dog?” “Not A hot dog, Mr. Hot Dog.” “Ok. So what did Mr. Hot Dog say?” “He said your funny, and that you are about to eat his
  63. 63. “Hello Mr. Hot Dog. How are you in this fine morning?” “Carlos you’re embarrassing.” “But I…” “I’m going to work.” “Did I miss something?” I think we all did Carlos.
  64. 64. Amber achieved a skill challenge for learning every recipe. She can now make better quality food. Woop-tee-doo -_-
  65. 65. Finally it’s Carlos’ turn to become a young adult. As usual Cycl0n3 laughs his head off for unknown reasons. He is really annoying.
  66. 66. “What should I wish for?” Get on with it kid. “I wish I can stay as cool and sexy as I am now.” Come on!
  67. 67. “This tickles.”
  68. 68. “Well hello there. Am I hot or am I hot?” -_- Carlos rolled Hopeless Romantic and wants to be a Super Athlete. I guess that it for this chapter. Who will be heir to the lagacy?
  69. 69. Beatriz Sim LTW: Become Master of Arts Traits: Excitable, Friendly, Hates the Outdoors, Artistic, Insane Favorites: Indie Music, French Toast, Hot Pink
  70. 70. Carlos Sim LTW: Become a Super Athlete Traits: Neurotic, Genius, Loves the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Hopeless Romantic Favorites: Classical music, Stu Surprise, Yellow You can vote at: htt://