A Sim Legacy Chapter 5 Part 1


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A Sim Legacy Chapter 5 Part 1

  1. 1. Chapter 5-part 1
  2. 2. Welcome to chapter 5 of my legacy. I divided this chapter in two parts cause it was easier to manage the picture. Last time we saw how Beatriz grew into a child and Carlos into a toddler. Here to say hello is Beatriz after a little makeover from last time. She is very excited. “Oh my God! I’m hearing voices!”
  3. 3. Amber quickly starts teaching Carlos how to walk.
  4. 4. You know that you’re a good parent when your kids get up at 2:30 a.m. to eat a slice of leftover cake. That sure sounds healthy.
  5. 5. “Mom, I just ate a slice of cake for breakfast and I don’t feel too good.” “That’s nice dear.”
  6. 6. “I don’t like living in front of the beach. There’s too much nature around, I can’t stand nature.” Why did you go outside then? “Because you told me to” O_O…..No I didn’t…..*whistles innocently*
  7. 7. “There’s nothing better than being indoors. Now if only I could do something about school”
  8. 8. While Beatriz tries to find a way to not leave her home, Carlos enjoys playing with his toys. For some reason he always takes the toys from the living room and plays with them in his parent’s room. Then he leaves them there and Amber has to put them away. Maybe he just likes annoying Amber?
  9. 9. He also enjoys playing with his sister. They like to sit and play with blocks. All Carlos does is nibble on the pieces, but at least they spend time together.
  10. 10. Cycl0n3 went to visit his friend Mortimer Goth. He is already a young adult, and is pretty good looking actually. “So are you with Bella already?” “Why would I be with Bella?”
  11. 11. It turns out Mortimer and Bella are best friends, but they aren’t together. I entered her house a minute to change her into a red dress. I like her that way.
  12. 12. I got her and Mortimer together to see what happens later. I didn’t even have to try that had.
  13. 13. When I came back to the household after playing with Bella Amber was teaching Carlos to talk outside under the shade of a tree. His first word was football. It’s better than tank.
  14. 14. Beatriz got back from her first day at school and quickly went inside before the horrible nature got her.
  15. 15. She sat down to work on her homework all on her own. What a responsible young girl. I like the fact that children can do homework autonomously now.
  16. 16. Cycl0n3 was visiting the local Art Museum and got some inspiration from looking at the things there.
  17. 17. While he was there I again spotted Latonya Ursine, the evil little girl with the goatee I showed you last time. She is now a teenager, and I think she’s looking to see what she can steal from the museum.
  18. 18. As all members of the family where sleeping I decided to go see if there were any ghosts at the graveyard. What I saw was this. Bella Bachelor committed matricide, and fled from the scene of the crime. Bella how could you!?
  19. 19. Oh wait. She wasn’t dead she just passed out from sleep deprivation. Guess that means Bella isn’t a killer, just an irresponsible-uncaring daughter. Oh well.
  20. 20. Turns out Bella’s mother like reading at the graveyard. Because any normal elder enjoys reading a good book all alone in the graveyard past midnight right after they pass out from not sleeping. Seems pretty normal to me.
  21. 21. The sim buried here is called Gaylord. Haha
  22. 22. This is just another picture of Carlos playing in his parent’s room. He really likes that. If he isn’t in his crib I always find him here.
  23. 23. Cycl0n3 was trying to write some interesting stories and get a promotion in his job, so he tried to look for some dirt on his neighbor Connor Frio. Apparently he found some solid info on him to write an article, although all I saw he found besides garbage was an old newspaper and two bottles of bath soap. I guess he can write about hoe the Frio’s throw away perfectly good bottles of bath soap away.
  24. 24. He went home and quickly started on his article on Connor. “Ewww. Dad what where you doing?” “Looking for some info on our neighbor.” “Where? In the garbage? “Yep.”
  25. 25. “Can you believe he was actually rolling in garbage? My dad is so weird.” Beatriz wasted no time telling her friends about her dad’s “unique” way of looking for information.
  26. 26. “I can’t believe dad bought some bath soap. I can finally enjoy a nice bubble bath.” …Yeah, about the soap. “What?” …never mind. *snicker*
  27. 27. I finally did get to see a ghost stroll around the graveyard. I suppose this one died from burning, since she looks like she’s… burning. I think that’s really cool.
  28. 28. Whenever I leave Beatriz alone she likes to go meet new people. Here she is talking to Hank and inviting him to play catch. He refused then Beatriz went home. Poor Beatriz.
  29. 29. Amber, when she isn’t taking care of the kids, spends her free time reading cooking books and learning recipes.
  30. 30. She is also constantly asked for food from other people. Here she is making some hamburgers for the local police. Somehow they found out she makes delicious hamburgers and asked her to bring some.
  31. 31. She took the burgers to the station and the police enjoyed them. She got some money for it to.
  32. 32. Beatriz decided to go visit one her friends after school. This is Julius Hart.
  33. 33. They talked about planets and such and played some tag. They played inside of course or else Beatriz would be hurt by nature.
  34. 34. Amber and Cycl0n3 have been making a few simoleons and I decided to redecorate their home. Everything pink was starting to drive me insane. I enjoy the Create a Style feature because it helps make some really nice wallpaper without the hassle of having to make them outside the game.
  35. 35. Amber and Cycl0n3 really enjoyed the makeover. They are just as lovable as ever.
  36. 36. Beatriz saw them kissing each other and got embarrassed and Cycl0n3 was apologizing got that. “Beatriz honey, you see when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much they like to show their affection.” “Yeah, but it’s yucky.” “You’ll understand when you’re older.” You sure got out of that one fast didn’t you Cycl0n3
  37. 37. It’s time for Carlos and Beatriz’s birthday, but they want Amber to be present to. While they wait for her to get out of work Cycl0n3 takes Carlos outside and practices his chess skill. Beatriz stayed inside and watched TV.
  38. 38. Unfortunately they weren’t able to wait for Amber to come home and both kids aged just as she was about to arrive. Carlos was first and he transitioned into a very interesting kid. He has Amber’s hair color with orange tips and everything. I got to choose his trait and he randomized Loves the Outdoors. He is literary the opposite to his sister in that aspect.
  39. 39. Beatriz aged right after him. She was already asleep but she woke up for the event.
  40. 40. “Look Amber you came just in time to see our daughter. She looks like a monkey!” What a nice father he is.
  41. 41. “Very funny dad. Besides I look like you so you would also be a monkey.” “Touché.” She actually does look very interesting …like a monkey. “Not you to voice.” Sorry
  42. 42. After a makeover she doesn’t look half bad. Beatriz is now a very artistic young woman. She’s actually quite pretty. Forgive me for the monkey comment. “Apology accepted.”
  43. 43. Beatriz quickly went to get a part-time job at Sunset Valley’s bookstore. I don’t know why a bookstore would be open at 3:30 in the morning, but she got the job.
  44. 44. “The night air, the sound of the winds rustling the trees, its horrible what am I doing here?”
  45. 45. Amber continues improving her cooking skills. She gets asked by her boss to learn new recipes and she gladly reads the books she is given.
  46. 46. “Hey sis, what’s this show about?” “Oh don’t you know Carlos? This show is about how we used to like years ago.
  47. 47. “That can’t be true.” “Oh, but it is. Behold that’s what sims look like thousands of years ago. We looked like…
  48. 48. …big hairy monkeys!” “Ahh!” “Hahaha.” “Is that why you look like a monkey?” *punches Carlos on the head*
  49. 49. Carlos loves to play chess in his free time.
  50. 50. Beatriz likes to go to the art museum and look at the exhibits.
  51. 51. Cycl0n3 continues practicing his chess abilities.
  52. 52. And Amber continues getting promotions in the culinary career.
  53. 53. I think Carlos wants to be a clown. Cycl0n3 doesn’t seem too frilled about the idea. Sorry Carlos but there is no clown career in Sunset Valley. At least not yet.
  54. 54. Carlos also likes to make friends. Here he is with some kid whose name I forgot. Sorry kid you weren’t that interesting enough for me to remember.
  55. 55. Beatriz also likes making friends, but not all of them are that nice. Though I don’t think she cares. “Wow, you are SO strong.” “Me angry! Me kick can!”
  56. 56. If you remember Beatriz used to go to this kids house after school. This is Julius Hart Beatriz’s childhood friend. Now he is a teenager just like her and he comes with her after school and spends time with her.
  57. 57. He also likes to get tutoring from Carlos.
  58. 58. This must be the angriest pizza delivery lady ever. “You’ve got a problem.” No ma’am
  59. 59. I really like how sims get all happy when they get to eat their favorite food. Carlos is excited about eating a nice warm bowl of Stu Surprise.
  60. 60. I saw that Amber’s neighbor was outside and had a look. This is Connor’s brother whose name I forgot. I guess he had a little girl somehow. It’s really nice how the world keeps moving forward and you can see the progress all around your sims.
  61. 61. Poor Beatriz is having a hard time dealing with school and her job; she didn’t even make it to the bed.
  62. 62. She isn’t really doing that good in school. Her grade is down to C and she has been in a really bad mood that last few days. She really wants to something fun and get rid of some of her stress, but she gets home so tired out from work she doesn’t even have time to do her homework.
  63. 63. Amber likes to go around looking for new seeds to plant in her garden. She has lots of free time now that both her children can tend for themselves. She strolls along Sunset Valley making new friends and looking for seeds. It beats being all alone in her house since both kids are at school and Cycl0n3 is at work.
  64. 64. She may be exhausted all the time but Breatiz uses the little free time she has between school and work to go visit her good friend Julius. They like to chat about art and other stuff and then she leaves for work.
  65. 65. Julius really likes spending time with Beatriz. He looks really happy whenever he talks to her.
  66. 66. These are the guests for Carlo’s birthday. They decided to get into a neat little line to go in the house. Some decide to bring tasty treats to the party.
  67. 67. Mortimer Goth was there too since he is friends with Cycl0n3. For someone who doesn’t leave home very often Cycl0n3 sure has lots of friends. Anyway, Mortimer likes to pout and show how hot he is. “I’m pouting.”
  68. 68. Most of the guest actually managed to get out of the house and actually come see the birthday. The rest just got stuck inside and stayed there. Either way Carlos cheered for himself. He looks a lot like Beatriz so will probably end up looking like monkey boy.
  69. 69. “You were saying?” … Julius: “He sure showed you” *snort* Shut up Julius. How can you even hear me?