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A Sim Legacy: Chapter 4


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This is the fourth chapter of the legacy challenge I am writing with The Sims 3.

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A Sim Legacy: Chapter 4

  1. 1. A Sim Legacy Chapter 4 Welcome back to A Sim Legacy! I decided to post my legacy this way because I can’t upload anything to the exchange. The pictures look a lot better this way anyway. So let us get on with the legacy!
  2. 2. Last time we saw how our founder, Amber, after marrying her boyfriend Cycl0n3, had the first baby of the legacy Beatriz Sim. Amber really does love Beatriz a lot and always wants to hold her and snuggle her.
  3. 3. Last chapter Amber had aged into an adult and had a really nice party. She decided to get some new clothes that were a bit more adult like.
  4. 4. Soon it was party time again. It is time for little Beatriz’s birthday. The guests were invited and the cake was ready for her transition into toddlerhood.
  5. 5. Cycl0n3 has this tendency to always laugh at birthday parties. Maybe it’s because of his Inappropriate trait.
  6. 6. Beatriz blows out the candles and turns into a somewhat cute little baby. She is a very friendly and excitable baby. She got her dad’s hair color and his nose too.
  7. 7. Our birthday girl gets to have lots of fun as she is quickly tickled by her mother. Amber spent the rest of the night playing with Beatriz. “Who’s mommy’s little girl?” “Goo.”
  8. 8. Amber also started to teach Beatriz how to talk. That is quite an interesting choice of words to teach your children. “Now say tombstone.”
  9. 9. Her first word was tank. O_o
  10. 10. The next day Beatriz enjoyed the toys her mom and dad got for her. She spent most of the morning taking toys out of the box and staying in the box. “My box.”
  11. 11. She also got a nasty glitch while she was watching TV with Cycl0n3. This honestly scared me for a minute when it happened, specially considering I had the camera zoomed in at her.
  12. 12. Cycl0n3 was also very happy that he was now a father. He started teaching Beatriz how to walk. I won’t lie to you when I say this takes forever.
  13. 13. Amber was feeling a little sick again. Baby number two is on its way. I plan to have only two babies for this generation so this one will be the last Amber will have. “Thank God!” Amber likes the idea too.
  14. 14. Soon Amber was expecting her second child and used the days she got for maternity leave to spend some quality time with Beatriz.
  15. 15. She decided to go to the beach and finish teaching her how to walk.
  16. 16. When she got home Cycl0n3 gave her a nice massage to ease her backaches. Isn’t he a nice husband?
  17. 17. After calling a babysitter Amber got all prettied up. Why?
  18. 18. Because she was going on a date with her husband. They went to the Bistro where Amber works to enjoy a nice meal. I don’t know who that guy next to her is, but he is getting awfully close to her. Cycl0n3 might have to look out.
  19. 19. Outside was this girl, Latonya Ursine. What is that on her face? Is that a goatee or maybe she ate some chocolate and got it smear on her chin?
  20. 20. Whatever it is the girl is definitely evil. I think she’s already planning to rob the Bistro. What nice young kids live in this neighborhood.
  21. 21. Amber: “It’s the first night in a long time we come to eat somewhere fancy and you order a Hot Dog?” Cycl0n3: “The Hot Dogs here are really good.” Amber: *sighs*
  22. 22. They did enjoy the evening a lot.
  23. 23. The next evening it was Cycl0n3’s turn to turn into an adult. They were both a little tired so instead they enjoyed a quite birthday in their house instead of the usual party. “I don’t really feel anything.” “Well I’m feeling plenty for both of us. I think you’ll have to eat your cake at the hospital.”
  24. 24. After a long night Amber and Cycl0n3 finally got home bringing along baby Carlos Sim. Amber: “Quite a birthday you had.” Cycl0n3: “The best one ever”
  25. 25. Being a mother is something Amber enjoys a lot. They don’t have to call babysitters because Cycl0n3 works in the morning and Amber in the afternoon. Both parents get to spend time with their children.
  26. 26. Maybe he doesn’t exactly do the most ideal thing while his home, but Cycl0n3 is a very good father….I think.
  27. 27. Amber: “I’m so happy.” Cycl0n3: “Me too. I’m glad to be a part of this legacy thing, even if I do keep hearing a voice in my head narrating my life story.” Amber: “She’s very annoying isn’t she?” Cycl0n3: “Yeah” Hey!
  28. 28. It’s a double birthday party today at the legacy lot. Beatriz and Carlos are growing up. Everyone was invited and they prepared a nice party in their backyard.
  29. 29. First up was Beatriz.
  30. 30. Sparkles and…
  31. 31. Beatriz is now a child. She’s pretty cute. I didn’t get to pick her new trait, but I am randomizing them so it doesn’t really matter. Beatriz Hates the Outdoors. I guess an outdoor party wasn’t the best idea for her.
  32. 32. Next up was baby Carlos.
  33. 33. After blowing out the candles Carlos turns out to be….
  34. 34. …very bald! He looks a lot like Beatriz. Carlos is a Neurotic Genius. He enjoys sitting down with a bowl of Stu Surprise and listening to classical music. His favorite color is yellow. ~ That ends the fourth chapter of A Sim Legacy. Chapter 5 will up pretty soon. Thanks for reading and happy siming!