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A Sim Legacy Chapter 11


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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A Sim Legacy Chapter 11

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter 11 of A Sim Legacy! Last time I picked Delilah as the heir of generation 3. It’s time to continue with the next generation of this legacy.
  2. 2. I had last saved the game while Scotty was going up the stairs, when I went back into the game he got glitched and somehow ended up under the stairs in a place with no exit. I thought I would have to add a door somehow, but…
  3. 3. …he somehow managed to use super phasing powers and passed trough the wall, and out to safety. It was pretty weird. Anyway, on with the chapter.
  4. 4. Beatriz gets sick a lot because she enjoys eating the spoiled food that everyone else leaves lying in the kitchen.
  5. 5. She also still enjoys walking around in her swimsuit, and is still practicing the guitar. She is only one skill point away from completing her lifetime wish.
  6. 6. Morgan got a job in the criminal career and is now a Bagwoman. She has gotten a lot stronger with her constant workout, and I wouldn’t recommend getting on her bad side, and trust me is pretty easy to get on her badside.
  7. 7. Tina likes to break stuff while she’s in the house and being an over-emotional sim she makes a big thing out of everything. See how overly dramatic she reacts to the sink breaking.
  8. 8. Beatriz sometimes enjoys joining Morgan on her trips to the gym.
  9. 9. Have you ever noticed how badly placed that window in the gym’s bathroom is? You can see everything.
  10. 10. Tina likes to work on her books as well.
  11. 11. Carlotta thinks dragons are cool.
  12. 12. The ghost are still constantly plaguing the house. I’m getting pretty tired of seeing them every night.
  13. 13. Scotty enjoys playing with the sprinkler in the backyard. He likes to get his butt wet.
  14. 14. I also think Carlotta is a little pissed that she didn’t get to be heir. “I’m much prettier than her. How come you didn’t pick me?” I like her more.
  15. 15. Delilah started visiting one of her best friends. This is Robin Bachelor, one of Mortimer and Bella’s kid. He and Delilah have been friends for a long time. I believe I showed a few picks of him in the previous chapters.
  16. 16. It also turns out they really like each other.
  17. 17. Soon they share their first kiss.
  18. 18. Then they went steady. Robin is now Delilah’s boyfriends and future husband. With all of this planned out it’s time start emptying the house to make room for the ext generation.
  19. 19. Meanwhile, Morgan and her constant desire to eat her own food and not the leftovers in the fridge, decides to make some hot dogs. Except she forgot to pay attention to them.
  20. 20. Soon a fire broke out. I don’t think she cared though.
  21. 21. While everyone was going crazy, Morgan showed how though she was and pulled out the fire extinguisher to destroy the evil flames.
  22. 22. Everything was calm again thanks to Morgan and she felt pretty proud of herself. Beatriz: “Maybe I should have painted a picture of that fire.”
  23. 23. Like I said, it’s time to get the rest of the girls their own home and make space in the house for the next generation. Morgan is the first to move out.
  24. 24. Any last words Morgan? “I’m glad I get to leave this place. These weakling don’t deserve to be in my presence. Now I can be all alone and work on exercising more.”
  25. 25. Where did you get the car? “I stole it of course.”
  26. 26. She moved into this pretty little house pretty far from the main house. Now she can enjoy her solitude.
  27. 27. Back at the house Carlotta and Scotty continue having awkward moments together. They like to spend so much time together it’s starting to be a little disturbing.
  28. 28. They are also constantly thinking about each other. It’s weird.
  29. 29. Tina was the next to leave the house. “Bye everyone! I’ll miss you all.”
  30. 30. She moved into this rally big house. Where were you hiding all that money Tina? “Morgan helped me.” O_o
  31. 31. Carlotta was the last to move out. “I still think I should have been heir.” Oh give it a rest.
  32. 32. She moved into this pretty house.
  33. 33. Now that all the girls moved out and had time to live their own lives. It was time for Delilah to continue with hers. She soon invited Robin over and asked him to move in. “So this is the annoying voice you’re always talking about.” “Yep, get used to it, it’s pretty annoying.” Hey!
  34. 34. Robin Bachelor Wants to become the Emperor of Evil Loner, Genius, Clumsy, Evil, Mean-Spirited. Your typical evil genius. He likes classical music, hot dogs, and the color spiceberry just like Delilah
  35. 35. First thing I had him do was go get a job. “Why do I have to work?” You’re the one who wants to be the Emperor of Evil, and you can’t do that of you stay home doing nothing. Speaking of evil you don’t look evil at all. “What’s wrong with the way I look?”
  36. 36. Much better. “I have to hand it to you. I do look pretty damn evil.” I know. Isn’t it great.
  37. 37. “With my new evil job and my new evil look, it’s only a matter of time before I take over this entire town. Then I can take over the world!” Oh boy.
  38. 38. That night it was time for Scotty’s birthday. Or should I saw time for Scotty to become more boring and useless than he already is.
  39. 39. “Eek, I’m so old and ugly.” My thoughts exactly.
  40. 40. Then everyone enjoyed some cake. Even Amber. How can a ghost eat cake? “So mom, how’s being dead treating you?” “Oh it’s not that bad. I wish I had a pretty urn instead of being buried in the backyard.”
  41. 41. “How come no one called me for cake?” You were to busy with your evil slumber. “But I want cake.” Then go get some you big crybaby.
  42. 42. Later that night Beatriz finally achieved her lifetime wish during the concert she was performing. Now she can join Scotty in being boring and unimportant.
  43. 43. The next day, Delilah got all prettied up and asked Robin for his hand in marriage.
  44. 44. “Wow Delilah I’m so happy I’m hearing music.” “That would be my dad.”
  45. 45. Quickly after they had a nice private wedding right there in the living room. I was going to throw a nice party for them, but meh.
  46. 46. They are now married. Yay.
  47. 47. To celebrate their wedding I decided to build them a new house. The inside is barely decorated because I wasted most of the money on the house and outside decorating.
  48. 48. They have a nice dining room.
  49. 49. A second floor where all the rooms are.
  50. 50. And the basement mausoleum. Maybe now the ghost will stay there and stop visiting the house so much.
  51. 51. Or maybe not.
  52. 52. They also use the basement to keep the teleportation pad Beatriz got.
  53. 53. The house has a wonderful view. I wish I could live in front of the beach.
  54. 54. The newly weds decided to spend some time in their new room and enjoy themselves.
  55. 55. They really enjoyed their first night in the new house.
  56. 56. Beatriz enjoys talking to the sink. I find her there all the time having intense conversations with the kitchen appliances.
  57. 57. Delilah decided to go to the town grill-a-thon and there she found her cousin Jacob. He turned out really good looking.
  58. 58. Carlos was there showing off his cooking prowess by making some steaks.
  59. 59. Turned out he really wasn’t such an amazing cook after all.
  60. 60. When Delilah got home she felt really ill. She went straight to the bathroom to puke all the food she had eaten.
  61. 61. Surprise! She wasn’t sick from eating at the grill-a-thon, she is pregnant. Generation 4 is well on its way.
  62. 62. With so much time to spend together now that Delilah had some days off, she and her husband talked about very interesting things. Like, if hamburgers are better than hot dogs.
  63. 63. They love each other very much and Robin is more than happy to know that he’ll soon be a father.
  64. 64. Robin doesn’t like Scotty to much. He’s always insulting him and being mean to him.
  65. 65. Delilah doesn’t spend all her time in the house. She decided to go visit her sister Morgan.
  66. 66. Morgan was more than happy to see her.
  67. 67. Turns out Tina had a daughter. This is Latanya Sim.
  68. 68. “Oh I’m so happy you’re pregnant! I want you to meet my little girl Latanya.” “She’s so cute! Looks just like you.”
  69. 69. Beatriz is really happy that she’s a grandmother, and can’t wait for Delilah’s baby to be born.
  70. 70. In the meantime she likes to talk to Scotty …about trees. How fun. “Help me.”
  71. 71. Scotty is actually the mayor of Sunset Valley. He likes to run around town sometimes. I guess when he gets home he likes to talk about all the trees he sees while he runs.
  72. 72. Delilah is very excited about her baby. She’s so happy that she is going to be a mom.
  73. 73. Pretty soon it was time for the baby to come. Delilah woke up with a very big pain that night and knew it was time to go to hospital.
  74. 74. Robin left work early to go be with his baby’s mother. Isn’t that cute.
  75. 75. Meet Demitri Sim, the first baby of generation 4. He is a brave and excitable little baby. He enjoys kids music, waffles and the color blue.
  76. 76. He was then placed into his new room next to his teddy bear.
  77. 77. He wasn’t let alone just yet as Robin quickly came over to hug his new son. He just reeks evil doesn't he?
  78. 78. That’s it for this chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Next time we’ll see more births and more evil. Until next time