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A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 Part 1


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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A Sim Legacy Chapter 10 Part 1

  1. 1. Part 1
  2. 2. Welcome to Part 1 of Chapter 10 of A Sim Legacy. Last time Carlotta and Delilah had just grown into teenagers.
  3. 3. The other twins Tina and Morgan continued working hard at school.
  4. 4. Calotta started getting desires to go to the cemetery. She wanted to go there almost everyday after school.
  5. 5. She liked to capture moths and look mourn at dead sims she never knew.
  6. 6. Eventually she even got a part-time job there. She started out as a Gravedigger. She also liked to explore the catacombs.
  7. 7. After exploring them she would come out extremely filthy, but she enjoyed it. One time she even found some rare stone down there.
  8. 8. Being at the cemetery so much she eventually lost her fear of ghost and paid no heed to her grandmother’s attempts to scare her.
  9. 9. I sent her to visit her uncle Carlos to how his family was doing and there she met her cousin Davon. I supposed Kirsten was a blond that dyed her hair.
  10. 10. Her other cousin was Jacob. Cute kid isn’t he?
  11. 11. Scotty continued being boring. Just practicing his Guitar and Charisma skills for his lifetime wish.
  12. 12. Morgan, being the an athletic girl, spends her time in front of the TV doing exercise. She works out until she’s completely tired.
  13. 13. Beatriz continues practicing her painting. This is her image of Scotty. At least he looks less boring in that picture.
  14. 14. Is it me or do all the maids in this game look the same? This one here looks just like Kirsten except she is blond. “At least I’M beautiful” You should be happy I don’t have boolprop right now.
  15. 15. The girls continue doing great at school. Morgan likes to play video-games when she isn’t working out and Tina likes to paint.
  16. 16. Delilah also looks like she wants to work out a bit. I found her doing a strength workout outside. Also, the radio in my legacy lot got glitched. I can’t hear the music when it’s on, and it only happens on this lot.
  17. 17. It was finally time for the twins birthday. First up was Morgan. Delilah doesn’t look that happy that her workout was interrupted.
  18. 18. Scotty, however, had the most exited face EVER. Look at that face. It’s so ugly!
  19. 19. Leaving Scotty and his five seconds of attention behind, we proceed with the festivities.
  20. 20. Morgan is… “What?” …let’s continue with the birthday shall we. Her fourth trait is Mean-Spirited.
  21. 21. Tina was next and she was pretty happy.
  22. 22. Delilah decided to try and look extremely happy as well, while Carlotta looks likes she’s just wants to end as fast as possible and go to sleep. Can you feel all the love?
  23. 23. Tina spins around and…
  24. 24. …she isn’t that bad. She rolled Party Animal as her fourth trait.
  25. 25. Morgan got a makeover. She looks like a guy. “What did you say?” Nothing. *whistles innocently*
  26. 26. When Tina went to get her makeover she fell on the floor trying to open the drawer. This made me laugh.
  27. 27. Here we see Tina after her makeover. She likes to listen to her mom playing the guitar. Also, Delilah is looking a little thinner. Guess here workouts are working.
  28. 28. Because of Tina’s party animal trait she likes to spend her time dancing.
  29. 29. Beatriz is still as crazy as ever. Here she is threatening her reflection. “Don’t you ever talk to me that way again.”
  30. 30. “Blah Blah Blah, and what are you going to do about it? Break the mirror?” Her reflection answers back sometimes.
  31. 31. Delilah and Carlotta are both starting to open up with Beatriz. They don’t hate her anymore and actually enjoy conversing with each other.
  32. 32. Morgan on the other hand isn’t the talkative type. Here she is insulting one of Tina’s new friends. “You smell like garbage and I bet your entire family smells like garbage too. That is if you actually have any family.”
  33. 33. Girl: “I don’t have to listen to you.” Morgan: “Then leave already.” Girl: “Of course I’ll leave you ugly monkey girl.” Morgan: “Now you’ve done it!”
  34. 34. One thing led to another and then…
  35. 35. “Take this!” I guess no one really cares. Beatriz is completely oblivious to what's happening and Tina just wants them to hear the radio.
  36. 36. “I guess that’ll teach you not to mess with me.” “I’m never coming to this house again.” And she never did.
  37. 37. Beatriz continues getting promotions in the music career and decides to become a rock star. I absolutely love her outfit!
  38. 38. As Beatriz gets better at playing the guitar she moves around like she’s in a rock concert. She looks like she really enjoys it.
  39. 39. Carlotta constantly brings friends over from school. Here she is with that Ursine kid that used to have the goatee.
  40. 40. Morgan suddenly come over and starts telling him that he needs to do some exercise. He didn’t really mind her comment.
  41. 41. Then she started flirting with him. “Sorry Morgan I already have a girlfriend.” Poor Morgan she’s been rejected.
  42. 42. One day Tina missed the bus to school for some reason, and decided to go to the art museum a while. She cried at every painting she saw.
  43. 43. She then went down to the gym a while where she met with her aunt Kirsten. “Aren’t you supposed to be at school?”
  44. 44. That night Beatriz performed a concert and all her daughters went to see it. Morgan: “I’m just here because it’s free.” Tina: “Can I go workout again.”
  45. 45. The security for the concert was composed of Mortimer Goth. I guess he decided to become a cop.
  46. 46. Everyone was getting along nicely. Except for Morgan and her constant reminders about how everyone should exercise more.
  47. 47. She spends most of her time at the gym. She loves to workout and is always getting different wants to do something exercise related.
  48. 48. Meanwhile the others just like to go around town and have some fun.
  49. 49. Today Carlotta met some kid. Something Bunch, his name. They talked for a bit about things, but as soon as Carlotta started talking about love and stuff he said he had somewhere else to be and left.
  50. 50. Delilah’s work out had paid off and she is quite the pretty young girl. “Thank you voice.” She is my favorite out of the four girls so I decided that she will be the next heir for the legacy.
  51. 51. Later Delilah decided to release Elbert the ladybug in front of Amber’s grave. “Goodbye little guy.” Elbert: “I’m free! Free!”
  52. 52. Morgan likes to spend time on the computer trolling on forums when she’s to sore to work out.
  53. 53. Amber’s ghost come out a lot. It seems she too has decided to exercise. She spent the night working out.
  54. 54. Then she went and took a bath. I don’t know how a ghost can take a bath. Doesn’t the water just go right trough them?
  55. 55. Carlotta and Delilah have also started talking with Scotty a lot more. They don’t hate each other anymore and they are actually friends now.
  56. 56. Carlos still comes visit now and then to see how things are going in the house. “Everything is alright Carlos you can stop worrying.” “You know I’m not going to do that.”
  57. 57. Morgan likes to visit the Ursine house now and again. She likes doing her homework there.
  58. 58. She then decided to use their TV to work out. They didn’t seem to mind.
  59. 59. Delilah went to visit her dad late one night.
  60. 60. While she was waiting to be invited inside some random lady died in there.
  61. 61. The Grim Reaper came and took her away. I’ll never really know who she was because I couldn’t see her name.
  62. 62. The Bebe came out and invited her in. “Sure you can in. Some lady just died in our living room, but we are more than happy to have you here.”
  63. 63. “Hi dad how have you been.” “Fine. Are you doing well in school?” Julius has been very busy since last time we saw him.
  64. 64. Turns out he had two kids after Beatriz dumped him.
  65. 65. This is Katherine. She looks pretty much like Carlotta did when she was a girl.
  66. 66. And this is Cedrick. He’s a Loner and very clumsy.
  67. 67. When I went back to check Morgan was still over at the Ursine house, and eating their food. “Don’t you have your own house?”
  68. 68. Eventually she went back home. Neat sims don’t like to use dirty toilets. She was making faces of disgust while she was there.
  69. 69. Carlotta continued flirting around with her friends. This is one of her neighbors.
  70. 70. I think he liked being flirted with, but he then just sat down and did homework. Carlotta decided to join him, and tell him how much she liked to be there with him. ~ This ends part 1 of this chapter.