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Island tourism


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Island tourism

  2. 2. *Island have been considered idyllic tourism destination for countries.*They offer authentic cultural and natural in unique settings far from the urbanized and banal locales that provide the source of island tourist.
  4. 4. *MEANGUERA ISLANMeanguera is an island situatedin Fonseca Gulf, La Union.  travel by boat  Fishing  Travel with a group of local families
  5. 5. Tasajera Island It’s located in La Paz, El Salvador, is one of the most beautiful island in our country. In the island, you have the opportunity to visit Oasis of Tasajera, the only hotel there, without great luxury!!
  6. 6. During the season from August toDecember turtle eggs that have beengrown in hatcheries begin their processof hatching, it means, small turtles areborn
  7. 7. LA PIRRAYA ISLAND The Pirraya is an island in Usulutan, El Salvador. in 2011 this place was the point of attraction because this site is where soccer was born on the beach. Fishing Swimming See how people do the crafts There are 3 observation booths where we can see the beautiful island. Travels by boat around the island There are cabins to stay at night.
  8. 8. SUCHITLAN AISLANDSThe wonderful islands arelocated in Suchitoto, abeautiful place.In Suchitoto we can find some islands in which wecan pass a great time like: La isla de LosEnamorados, La Isla del Hermitano, La Isla de losPájaros, among others.
  9. 9. CATEGORIES WE DON’T HAVE IN ISLAND TOURISMour islands are lack of a touristicguide. They don’t provide thisservice to foreign touristic. In this locations there aren’t a Banquet facilities for any kind of events. Hotel and Restaurant service. The people in the islands provides to the tourists the accommodation in the place.
  10. 10. HOW TO PROMOTE THE ISLAND TOURISM INEL SALVADOR promote more eco-tourism, in this case projects caring for aquatic animals and festivals in honor to them. This would help the tourist to see as an attractive and a good taste for the conservation of marine.
  11. 11. The government must support thestrategic alliances that allow greatermobility resource that has tourism. The mayors of each municipality should be more striking in each tourist destinations in this case, lakes of El Salvador for domestic and international tourists enthusiasm for visiting its different islands.