Spector 360 Product Overview


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Spector 360 is the most comprehensive PC and Employee Monitoring Tool on the market.

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Spector 360 Product Overview

  1. 1. Monitor your Employees Internet & Desktop Activity Company-Wide<br />Product Overview Presentation<br />Spector 360 will automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely on both Windows or Mac OS. Spector 360 records:<br />Email/Webmail<br />Application/Program Use<br />User Activity<br />File Transfers<br />Network Activity<br />Chat/Instant Messages<br />Online Searches<br />Document Tracking<br />Web Sites Visited<br />Keystrokes Typed<br />
  2. 2. Product Overview<br />Spector 360 is the most complete solution available for company-wide monitoring of employee PC and Internet activities. <br />
  3. 3. Product Overview<br />Many employees waste time EVERY DAY surfing personal web sites at work. Spector 360 helps you determine who is crossing the line. <br />
  4. 4. Product Overview<br />Are your employees using company computers to engage in inappropriate or illegal activities? Spector 360 lets you find out today, with more than 50 built-in reports and detailed search and investigation features<br />
  5. 5. Product Overview<br />Do you suspect that sensitive information is leaking from your business, but you can’t put your finger on the culprit? Spector 360 helps you identify the leaks, discourages them from occurring in the first place, and presents the evidence needed to punish intentional offenders.<br />
  6. 6. Product Overview<br />Are you looking to identify the hardest-working departments in your company and set standards for the others? Spector 360 lets you determine successful business practices and use this data to set employee benchmarks. <br />
  7. 7. Product Overview<br />Spector 360’s unmatched recording capabilities capture every detail of what your employees do on company computers, including the web sites they visit, what they search for online, their chats and emails, and much more.<br />
  8. 8. Product Overview<br />This detailed recorded information is then stored in a centralized database, where it can be viewed and managed with an easy-to-use dashboard and Control Center<br />
  9. 9. Product Overview<br />The Spector 360 Dashboard provides Quick View charts so you can visualize trends and patterns of use and abuse across your entire company.<br />
  10. 10. Product Overview<br />Spector 360 also includes a number of tools to help you investigate suspect employees or activities. For example, all Quick View Charts and Reports can be customized to zero in on suspected problems. The Spector 360 Search tool lets you look for words or phrases in all employee activities, as you might do when investigating who has been accessing a sensitive document. Use the Data Explorer to drill into specific types of events, such as employees copying proprietary files to removable media. And, the User Explorer tool can be used to see all the activities of any single employee, such as excessive personal web surfing.<br />
  11. 11. Product Overview<br />You can even drill down into screenshot surveillance video to see not only WHAT they do, but the EXACT order in which they do it, step by step, each and every second. <br />
  12. 12. Product Overview<br />And with more than 50 built-in customizable reports, you can FINALLY answer the tough questions about how your employees are using company PCs and the Internet.<br />
  13. 13. Product Overview<br />Many companies are using Spector 360 to prevent, reduce or eliminate inappropriate activities. <br />
  14. 14. Product Overview<br />Now let’s look at a few examples of how Spector 360 can be used in your company. One method of utilizing Spector 360 is observing its company-wide views to quickly see trends and patterns of use and abuse, like excessive web surfing. You can also perform a focused investigation of a specific employee or activity, such as monitoring someone that you suspect is sending out sensitive company information. Let’s use these methods to solve a few typical problems that many businesses have. <br />
  15. 15. Product Overview<br />This first scenario shows how Spector 360’s company-wide views let you monitor employee activities across your entire company, to quickly find the trouble spots. For example, there are many different types of inappropriate web surfing that you might want to identify in your organization. In this case, you’ll use Spector 360’s company-wide views to quickly spot employees wasting time shopping online. <br />
  16. 16. Product Overview<br />Spector 360 provides several different charts that can be used to reveal inappropriate web surfing. For example, this chart shows that employees are spending a lot of time on eBay and other shopping web sites. <br />
  17. 17. Product Overview<br />To find out which employees are shopping excessively, you can simply filter the chart showing employees who web surf the most to display activity ONLY for shopping web sites. This immediately reveals several employees shopping on company time – and one shopping for hours. <br />
  18. 18. Product Overview<br />You can now drill into the EXACT details and view step-by-step screen snapshots to PROVE that this employee was engaged in personal shopping for several hours on company time.<br />
  19. 19. Product Overview<br />This scenario shows how you can use Spector 360 to proactively investigate specific employees or activities when you suspect a problem. In this case, you’ll investigate a key employee that you believe is about to leave the company for a competitor.<br />
  20. 20. Product Overview<br />Spector 360 lets you instantly filter all charts and reports to focus your investigation on a single department, computer, or individual employee. Let’s focus on our suspect employee– Peter, in Accounting. Now Spector 360 shows ONLY the activities of this employee. <br />
  21. 21. Product Overview<br />A number of inappropriate activities immediately stand out, such as: The job search web sites he is surfing on company time. Keyword alerts for this employee regarding leaving the company, and the possible sharing of inside information. A huge number of documents he is printing out and transferring to removable media. And finally, the employee’s webmail activities to and from our top competitor. You can drill into any of these charts for more details …<br />
  22. 22. Product Overview<br />Spector 360 is the most complete employee monitoring solution available. Its unmatched recording capabilities capture every detail of what your employees do on company computers. The centralized database enables easier management and company-wide visibility into user activities. Spector 360 is also built on a scalable architecture that can expand with your company’s needs. End-to-end communications security and role-based access ensure both data security and integrity. And its familiar interface and use of Microsoft’s MMC snap-in technology make Spector 360 easy to deploy and use.<br />
  23. 23. Product Overview<br />Top 5 Reasons Companies Turn To Spector 360<br />Increase Productivity<br />Significantly reduce the amount of goofing off that has grown common in most workplaces. Spector 360 will cut this huge productivity drain by at least 75%.<br />Conduct Investigations and Document Violations<br />Any employee suspected of engaging in inappropriate, illegal, or unapproved conduct can be investigated with Spector 360.<br />Enforce Acceptable Use Policy<br />Employees often believe that rules can be bent if no one is watching. Spector 360 ensures adherence to your policy for computer and Internet use. Lower the incidence and risks of sexual and racial harassment and occurrences of online gambling and surfing of pornography.<br />“Insider” Theft Protection<br />One in five employees will copy or print company-owned materials in the days leading up to their resignation. Others will routinely leak sensitive and confidential information, accidentally, intentionally, or otherwise. Spector 360 allows you to look back in time to detect this behavior.<br />Compliance Requirements<br />Meet or exceed Federal, Industry, or Agency compliance requirements with Spector 360 by seamlessly maintaining records of communications and transactions – a requirement for many companies<br />
  24. 24. Product Overview<br />System Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Spector 360 – Version 7.0, 7.1
  25. 25. Server OS – The following systems are supported for Server Components: Windows 2000, Vista, XP Professional, System 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, and 64-bit systems
  26. 26. Recorder OS - The following systems are supported for the Client Recorder:
  27. 27. Windows - 2000, Vista, XP, System 7, Server 2003, 64-bit systems
  28. 28. Macintosh (version 7.1) – OS X (10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard)</li></ul>Available in:<br /><ul><li>Perpetual Licensing
  29. 29. Concurrent User Licensing
  30. 30. Annual Lease Licensing</li></ul>Implementation:<br /><ul><li>Installation, configuration and training for this system is all done remotely and should not exceed 1 day. Setup of multiple data vaults in different company locations may add an additional days effort. </li></ul>For pricing and licensing options, please contact Glonetex Technologies:solution.sales@glonetex.com |+1-917-755-1090<br />