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Glonetex Technologies is a full service software and IT services company that has access to multiple resources and solutions to help your business grow and succeed.

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Glonetex Proposal

  1. 1. Glonetex TechnologiesG L O B A L N E T W O R K E X C H A N G E Business Software | IT Solutions | ICT Project Management Delivering Solutions To Help Your Business Succeed
  2. 2. Who We AreThe Global Network Exchange (Glonetex Technologies) is a USA based software and IT servicescompany with over 15 years of IT and software application development experience. We customize anddevelop cutting-edge business management and IT solutions that are designed to improve productivityand lower operational costs.If your company or organization is looking for ways to automate your business processes, we are theright organization for you. We have a team of highly trained IT professionals that can implement andmanage multiple projects simultaneously. Our technical team has vast experience in the latestnetworking, mobile and software development tools to ensure that your business is up to date with thelatest trends in IT. Additionally, we strive to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction, including after salesand on-site support from our product specialists.Industries We Serve §  Airline §  Banking §  Construction §  Education §  Financial Services §  Government §  Insurance §  Legal §  Manufacturing §  Medical §  Oil and Gas §  Telecommunications 1
  3. 3. What Makes Us Unique…§  Our Proven track record of delivery§  Our ability to improve business processes with flexible IT solutions§  Our cutting-edge solutions that really work§  Our technology innovations adapt to your changing needs. 2
  4. 4. How is our approach different…Proactive At Glonetex Technologies we do not just react to our customers’ needs, we help them plan for the future. Technology Roadmaps and Strategy Development are just a few of our services we deliver where we anticipate and solve your problems.Innovative Helping our customers business processes requires imagination and innovation. We will work with you to deliver cutting edge solutions that will help your organization excel.Customer Centric We know that our customers should always come first. We promise to work with you every step of the way to help manage your information, making it accessible and safe as well as saving you money. 3
  5. 5. Business Solutions…QuickBooks Enterprise More productivity toolsRun your business more efficiently with See a calendar view of current and past duethe most advanced QuickBooks ever. invoices, billing and other important tasks. Work in two company files at the same time67 and§  Enhanced reporting customization complete even more activities in Multi-User mode.§  Sophisticated inventory capabilities§  More productivity tools§  Expanded user controls Expanded user controls Restrict user access to individual reports, bank§  Room to grow accounts, lists and activities in QuickBooks.§  Seamless transition§  Full service support and upgrade Seamless transition Scale from 5 to up to 30 simultaneous Enhanced reporting customization users and track hundreds of thousands of Export, save, and reuse your QuickBooks report customers, vendors, and inventory items. formatting for Excel. Combine reports from multiple company files, create financial statements and custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications. Full service support & upgrades Upgrading from QuickBooks Pro or Sophisticated inventory capabilities Premier is fast and easy. Simply open Access your inventory items and activities all in one your company file in Enterprise place with the Inventory Center. Enter received Solutions and your QuickBooks data, inventory by item receipts and bills or by purchase report templates, and user order, and change assembly components on the fly. permissions automatically transfer Manage inventory with FIFO costing, serial number or over to Enterprise Solutions. lot tracking and multiple location inventory right in QuickBooks with Advanced Inventory. 4
  6. 6. Business Solutions…Employee Monitoring System WHY SPECTOR 360:IT professionals, Risk Officers, and HR staff have moreworries than ever: insider theft, inappropriate The Top 5 Reasons organizations turn tocommunications, inefficient processes, employee SPECTOR 360 User Activity Monitoring:investigations, and compliance requirements. These ü  Track and enforce electronic Acceptablepressing issues demand a reliable, automated, advanced Use Policiestechnology capable of showing user, department, and ü  Protect valuable Intellectual Property anddivision activity no matter where the users are or what trade secretsdevices they are using. ü  Identify security breaches and risks ü  Monitor and audit complianceSPECTOR 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user requirementsand user group activity including: email sent and received, ü  Benchmark user productivitychat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed,web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to YOU CAN USE SPECTOR 360 TO:removable devices. ü  Recover lost communications such as email, chat, and IM ü  Assist Help Desk with computer recovery ü  Eliminate or minimize legal liability ü  Obtain data to support accusations of wrongdoing or provide proof of innocence ü  Eliminate or minimize security breaches ü  Detect the use of organization resources to conduct illegal or unethical activities 5
  7. 7. Business Solutions…E-Learning SystemStaffBotics™ Reach empowers your business to effectively buildfeature-rich live and self paced trainings with the ability to assessemployee skill sets, and deploy performance Surveys.This solution has been optimized to support the human capitaldevelopment initiatives of businesses through targeted skillstesting and automated action plans to help analyze weak areas ofemployee performance and skill sets.STAFF PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONWith StaffBotics™ Reach, every aspect of youremployee screening, staff performance and trainingcan be controlled and managed. This solution SURVEY ADMINISTRATIONdelivers dynamic tools to help your employees and §  Build employee retentionstudents enhance their skill sets and increase §  Identify individual needs for improvement andretention in your organization. address them §  Implement processes to maximize employeeRECRUITMENT retention and productivity§  Identify skills to attract top candidates§  Leverage key competencies TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT§  Align employees to meet current and future §  Training modules fully accessible to all level business objectives users §  Supports a single or multi- department, business unit or company §  Track and measure employee development and improvements 6
  8. 8. Business Solutions…Performance Appraisal SystemOur Performance Appraisal System (PAS) automates,dramatically simplifies, and streamlines the entire employeeperformance evaluation process. It acts as a performancehub to ensure a thoughtfully integrated approach to talentmanagement across your organization. Use it standalone orin conjunction with any of the other modules in our Suite todeliver a complete performance driven talent managementsolution.The PAS lets you build, streamline, and deliver strategic KEY SYSTEM BENEFITSinitiatives across all your talent management programs: §  Affordable: We offer monthly and annualrecruiting, onboarding, performance appraisals, competency pricing modules and special pricing forassessments, 360 degree feedback, learning and enterprise system licenses.development, succession planning, compensation §  Customizable: Our software is customizablemanagement and more. to suit your requirements. §  Easy to Install: Our software installs on aKEY SYSTEM FEATURES Windows® Server.Employee Appraisals | Employee Objectives | §  Easy Integration: Our system easilyPerformance Notes | Performance Expectation | integrates with Microsoft® Active Directory,Role based security | Visual Analytics | Audit Windows® SQL Server and Oracle®Trail | Permission Delegation | Organization | database platforms.Hierarchy | Employee Profile | Approvals | §  High Return on Investment: WhenFeedback and Reminders | Tasks and Messages comparing the costs for outsourced HR and recruiting services you’ll notice and immediate savings. §  Lower Retention in Your Organization: 7
  9. 9. Business Solutions…Recruitment Management SystemStaffBotics™ Net Recruiter enables your company to effectivelysearch, screen and manage employees and potential jobcandidates.Our solution automates 90% of your recruitment effortskeyword alerts, human resource collaboration and back-officeadministration tools to locate and retain the most qualifiedindividuals.RECRUITMENT PORTAL§  Complete Job-Seeker Management§  Single or Multiple Entity Set up§  Third Party Integration PAYROLL AND TIME-SHEET MANAGEMENT View and manage payroll history amongst all orSKILLS-ADMINISTATION individually selected employees. Companies§  Capture position requirements needed to fill job can dynamically create a list of tax deductions requisitions for salaried or contract staff. They can also§  Receive automated keyword alerts of potential manage items such as over time pay. This candidates module has been created to give Employers full§  Fully automated applicant tracking system control over employee reimbursement and company management over taxable items.SELF-SERVICE MANAGEMENT§  Manage personal profile§  Post new job request 8
  10. 10. Business Solutions…Document & Workflow Management SystemOur web-based document and workflow management systemsupports this process by central management of all documenttypes including PDFs, JPG, TXT, PNG and MS Office files. Ourapplication includes enhanced workflow features that enableyour business processes to be shared amongst groups andbusiness units.THE SOLUTION:§  Provides dependable digital archival, fast retrieval and efficient distribution solutions designed for rapid deployment, simplified integration and enterprise scalability.§  Provides a central cabinet to store documents that can EASY TO USE WEB INTERFACE: be accessed and shared between multiple users, across §  Intuitive and easy to use user interface departments, locations or an entire enterprise. available in both Windows and Web§  Supports entire document lifecycle management Desktops§  Adaptive Workflow for routing and tracking documents, §  Support standard document management messages and forms within or across workgroups. and workflow operations§  Supports setting access permissions for users on §  Supports additional custom desktops to folders and individual documents meet specific requirements§  Adaptive Workflow for routing and tracking documents, §  Client components are available on a messages and forms within or across workgroups. variety of Windows platforms, with support for multiple national languages 9
  11. 11. Business Solutions…School Management SystemThe Glonetex School Management System is a web-basedmanagement system designed specifically for grade schools anduniversities. This solution enables educational organizations andtheir branches to record, access, report and manage their studentand employee data and performance records in real-time.ADMINISTRATIVE BENEFITS: §  Avoid surprises with anytime, anywhere access to student records. Now principals, counselors and all the school staff have information at the click of a mouse. §  Create any kind of reports with easy, instantaneous access and an intuitive report-writing function. SYSTEM MODULES: §  Track all the students and all the branches of your §  Multi Administrators school from a single location. The SMS allows you to §  Enquiry management system click to each site; search for students by name, §  Students management demographics or school information; and perform §  Fee payment global actions. §  Staff management §  A sophisticated standard coding system simplifies §  Payroll tracking of school requirements and reporting. §  Time table §  The total cost of ownership is drastically reduced §  Attendance management because youll need less hardware and eliminate many §  Examination management system maintenance tasks associated with legacy-based (or §  Letter formatting common software module) systems. §  Financial accounting §  Database back up facility 10
  12. 12. Business Solutions…Insurance Management SystemIntroducing a complete web-based Insurance Management System for HMO’s and Health Care Providers. The web-based Insurance Management System is fully automated and integrated policy processing system for both personaland commercial insurance carriers. Our solution enables Brokers, Agents, Risk Assessors, Sales and Customers tocollaborate all on one platform. It’s also scalable, reliable and cost effective solution for carrying out all business-critical insurance processing functions. SYSTEM MODULES: §  Complete Insurance Portal with Content Management System §  Quotation engine with integrated payment gateway §  Insurance Policy Builder for HMO, Health Care Management, Automobile, Home and Renters Insurance §  Document Management System §  Forms Management System §  Separate modules for Risk Assessors, Sales Agents, Insurance Brokers and Customers. §  50 Built-In and Custom Reports 11
  13. 13. IT Solutions… Customized Kiosk Systems We offer a wide range of kiosks that can support a wide range of applications. Our base models can be customized according to your requirements and supported by a host of peripheral devices to add extra layers of security or functionality. KIOSK APPLICATIONS OTHER COMPONENTS: §  Account Balance Kiosk §  Bill Validators §  Airline Ticketing Kiosk §  Bluetooth §  Billing Payment Kiosk §  Cameras §  HR Management Kiosk §  Card Printers §  Internet Kiosk §  CCTV Systems §  Marketing Kiosk §  CD/DVD Burners §  Telephone Payment Kiosk §  Check Validators §  CRT MonitorsWe provide complete §  Dye Sublimation Printer §  HDTV Monitorsturnkey design, §  Passport Readersdevelopment and §  §  Proximity Detectors Signature Padsimplementation of §  §  Ribbon Printers RollerballsKiosk hardware and §  Telephones (Land Line) §  Telephones (VOIP)software interface. §  Wireless Modems (GSM/GPRS)Over 50 models to §  §  UPS (Battery Backup) Video Monitorschoose from. 12
  14. 14. Web Services… Software Development Services We design and develop web- based and client / server applications for companies and organizations of all sizes utilizing the latest technologies. Facebook Fan Page Creation §  25 Facebook Fans §  Exclusive Custom Designs §  Deployment on Facebook By Experts §  Expert American Designers and Writers §  Unlimited Revisions – No Questions Asked §  Fastest Turnaround Time – 2 to 4 Business Days 13
  15. 15. IT Project Management Services… Managing IT Projects can be a challenging task for small to enterprise businesses and organizations. The complexities of projects and meeting deliverables on time are some of the barriers that can affect a seamless integration. In the end, IT Project management services turns out to be a failure. Apart from gaps in project management there are challenges around flexibility. Budgetary constraints and a challenging economy imply fewer resources. Therefore, there is a need for a flexible Project management workforce as well. Flexible IT Project Our Project Management Management Services portfolio: Our Project Management §  Microsoft Active Directory Design services are flexible. Our and Implementation Project Managers are §  Digital conversions available on a consultative §  Document scanning basis or on a full-time service, §  IT Process Re-Engineering depending on your §  Network Infrastructure Design requirements, budgetary §  Server Consolidation constraints and timelines. §  Microsoft Platform Deployment Bringing in extensive §  Systems Integration experience in various verticals, §  Enterprise Network Deployment our managers work closely to §  Information Security Consulting ensure that the job is done and help in overcoming the challenges. 14
  16. 16. Let us see if we can help you…To find out how Glonetex Technologies Software and IT Solutionscan help achieve your business goals, please contact us on:+1-917-755-1090 (USA)+234 8176266916 (Nigeria)Or Email us Bedell International LLC (USA): Registered Office 436 Johnston Avenue., Jersey City, NJ 07034 Bedell International Limited (Nigeria) : Registered Office 4, Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria 15