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The Glonetex Insurance Management Software is specifically designed for SME Companies. The solution currently supports Healthcare, Automobile and Travel Insurance but can be customized for other lines of insurance in a relatively low time frame.

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Glonetex Insurance Management Presentation Eng

  1. 1. Insurance Management System Health Insurance | Asset Insurance | Life Insurance | Regulatory Reporting Automated Workflow Real-Time Quotes Policy Management Powered by
  2. 2. Solution OverviewThe Glonetex InsuranceManagement System is aweb-based insuranceenterprise portal tailoredfor small to mid-scaleinsurance companies,brokers and agents. Thissolution automates 95% ofyour insurance operationsusing intuitive automationfeatures and supports apaperless workenvironment throughoutyour entire enterprise. Our Insurance Management System is bespoke in nature. All modules are completely customizable and we offer API’s for integration with third-party systems. The interface supports multiple languages for the main system and quotation engines.
  3. 3. Feature HighlightsAdministrative Operational Portals- Approval Management System - Banking Management for - System Administrator Portal- Change/Manage website Direct Debit Payments - Company User Portal themes and colors - Basic Accounting System - Insurance Broker Portal- Create/Manage Users - Basic CRM Module - Insurance Agent Portal- Customized web site design - Create/Manage Dynamic - Underwriter Portal- Customized Reporting Forms - Customer Portal- Data Backup Module - Document Management- Email Auto-Responders System- Graphical Dashboards - Insurance Club Discount- Import/Export Management- Integrated Email, Alerts, - Payment processing System Notification and Reminders - Plan Management Control- Master Data Entry Fields - Policy Cancellation Control- User defined fields - Policy Management Control- User Rights Management - Regulatory Reporting Toolkit- Website Content Management - Workflow Management System System Our Insurance Management System is bespoke in nature. All modules are completely customizable and we offer API’s for integration with third-party systems. The interface supports multiple languages for the main system and quotation engines.
  4. 4. No other bespokeInsurance ManagementSystem enables yourbusiness to have seamlessintegration at theAdministration, Broker, Agent, Underwriter andCustomer level. Oursystem supportscompanies offeringmultiple lines of insuranceproducts and tools forreal-time reporting toinsurance regulatorybodies for compliance. Our system is web-based and supports real-time transactions and customer quotations. All review, approval and underwriting parties are notified via email or smart phone of pending items to work on.
  5. 5. Insurance Portal Website The Insurance Management System supports virtually any time of insurance product or service. Most insurance companies have a corporate website where customers can view information on their products and services. We have the capability to clone your corporate website and integrate with out enterprise system. This includes the following components: - Complete Corporate Website - Website Content Management System - Insurance Quotation Engine SystemAfter we clone your existing corporate website including images, flash content and othercontrols. We give your web masters, administrators and associate firms the power tomanage most of your business operations on one platform.
  6. 6. Quotation Engine: Step 1 Our system includes a comprehensive Quotation Engine that enables your Sales Staff, CRM and Administrators to create the steps necessary for customers to get an insurance quote online. This first step displays basic information about the type of insurance plan being offered. *All text in this web form is dynamic and can be entered by a delegated staff member and updated within seconds.To support your website identity, button controls and other objects can be including withinyour Quotation Engine.
  7. 7. Quotation Engine: Step 2Since this insurance plan isrelated to Travel Insurance, thepotential customer has theoption to select Residential orNon-Residential insurance.Once either of these optionsare selected, the customercan proceed to the next step.For other insurance types suchas Health Insurance, thesebutton controls can bereplaced with items such as;Individual Plan, FamilyPlan, Group Plans.
  8. 8. Quotation Engine: Step 3This form supports the selectionof your state, date of birth andnumber of dependants. Eachand every item listed within theQuotation Engine is definedand mapped in the back-office modules.
  9. 9. Quotation Engine: Step 4This form displays of a list ofavailable plans to thecustomer. If you notice, thequotation is listed in GreatBritain Pounds. However, thesystem can be configured todisplay insurance plans inmultiple currencies based onCountry and preferredpayment methods.
  10. 10. Quotation Engine: Step 5Step 5 displays CMS basedcontent related to theinsurance plan selected. TheInsurance ManagementSystem enables you tocreate/add/remove contenton each Quotation Enginepage. At this stage thecustomer has the option toSave, Download or Email thedetails of the insurance planselected.
  11. 11. Quotation Engine: Step 6 This form is necessary for the customer to fill-in more personal information to complete the application. Based on the number of dependants selected, the system automatically generates the same number of fields for capturing their information.Fields listed in this form such as “CPAM” and “QP Number” are specific to this particularcountry and insurance company. All forms are dynamic and you will have the options tobuild your own forms related to your Quotation Engine.
  12. 12. Quotation Engine: Step 7The Policy Summary formdisplays policy confirmationdetail prior to payment. TheInsurance ManagementSystem includes integratedpayment processing gatewaytools for automated paymentcapture.Integrated Payment Methods
  13. 13. Quotation Engine: Step 8After the insurance paymenthas been accepted online, thecustomer receives aconfirmation message andemail and is prompted toregister for online services. Thecustomer portal displays policydetail, option to change theirpolicy and payment historywhere they can download andprint their policy details.
  14. 14. Insurance Back-Office Administration
  15. 15. Administration:HomeThis section is the heart of theapplication. After the systemsetup wizard captures basiccompany and insurance policyinformation, the SystemAdministrator can then beginto create a list of Sub-Administrators, SalesAgents, InsuranceBrokers, Accountants andUnderwriters associated withtheir business.
  16. 16. Administration:Managing Admin UsersThis form supports the creationof system Admin Users. Afterthe user type has beencreated, you can thendelegate system access rights.
  17. 17. Administration:Department SetupOur insurance managementsystem enables you to createan unlimited number ofcompany departments anddelegate specific departmentmember functions throughoutthe application.
  18. 18. Administration:Plan ListingInsurance companies cancreate an unlimited number ofinsurance plans that can bemarketed to customers on theirwebsite.In this form, companies cancreate, view, and editinsurance plan rates and makeactive or inactive. They alsohave the options to importassociated documents relatedto the plans.
  19. 19. Administration:Plan RatesAfter the creation of yourinsurance plans, you can utilizethis form to setup insurancerates. This can be weightedagainst parameters such asAge, Location, VehicleType, Year, Model, HealthCondition, etc.Insurance companies have theoption for dynamic creation ofinsurance plan rates based onmanagerial, underwriting andregulatory guidelines.
  20. 20. Administration: Letter Management Managing forms is made easy with our insurance management system. Here you can create and modify any type of form application. During the form creation process, you can build dynamic fields which can be inserted anywhere within the form. When form creation is complete, they can be readily available for customers or employees to view and download on the front-end website.Our form letter management modules enables you to create and post forms in thefollowing formats:
  21. 21. Administration:Letter Management_P2This form shows a grid of allavailable letters. The pop-upwindow displays instructions forcompleting certain insuranceapplications. Again, allcontent is managed by theinsurance company and canbe posted at any time andmade active or inactive.
  22. 22. Administration: Document Management Our system includes a robust document management system that supports Static Documents, Dynamic Documents and PDF Documents. These documents can be created specifically by the insurance company and either completed online or in paper form. The same forms can be included in a company-wise workflow process for approval, rejection or general review.The IMS has expandable workflow and document management capabilities to supportpaperless insurance environment and increased effeciency.
  23. 23. Administration:Content ManagementThis form displays a grid of allavailable website pages thatcan be edited and updatedimmediately. The contentmanagement system includesa fully functional text editor formanaging the front-end webcontent. This section doesn’trequire an experienced webmaster to operate and textcan even be copied andpasted from Microsoft® Word.
  24. 24. Administration:Insurance Broker ListingThis form displays a list ofinsurance brokers identified bythe insurance company.During the insurance brokersetup, you can identify theirstatus and commission ratesbase on insurance plan sales.Other factors may be identifiedprior to the broker setupprocess such as; BrokerQualifications and BrokerApproval process manager.
  25. 25. Insurance BrokerAgent Management
  26. 26. Insurance Broker:Agent DashboardInsurance Brokers havecomplete access to thepolicies associated with theiragencies. After a list ofInsurance Brokers have beenbuilt by the insurancecompany. Based on theinsurance products they’rehandling, they willautomatically see theassociated policies in theirdashboards. In other words, allautomobile policies are linkedto insurance brokers that offerthis type of product.
  27. 27. Insurance Broker:Customer Policy ListingInsurance Brokers can performa quick search forclients, policies and otherdocuments in all pages of theirweb-portal.This screen shows a list ofassociated customers alongwith their Policy Number, PostalCode, Policy Start Date andStatus.Brokers can click on the PolicyNumber link to see the detailsof the policy for that customer.
  28. 28. Insurance Broker:Detailed Policy ViewAfter clicking on the on thePolicy Number brokers can seea detailed view of the policydetails. The detailed sectionsincluded; ContractNotes, PolicyDetails, Dependants, Premiumand Payment Method.These detailed can be editedby the Insurance Broker asneeded. When this happensthe Insurance Companyreceives an email notification.Insurance Companies can alsoset approval/denial codes forspecific modules that can bemodified by the InsuranceBroker.
  29. 29. Insurance Broker:EndorsementsThis form enables the InsuranceBroker to endorse a policy overto a dependant that’sincluded on the same cover.
  30. 30. Insurance Broker:Policy CancellationThis form enables InsuranceBrokers to search and cancelpolicies.When policies are cancelledthe main insurance company isnotified via email.
  31. 31. Insurance Broker:Payment ManagementThis form enables the InsuranceBroker to view and capturepayments.Although the system supportselectronic payments. Paymentcan also be capturedmanually in whateverinstrument form.
  32. 32. Insurance Broker:Detailed Policy View_2The information on this form is acontinuation of detailed policyview. In addition to the policyinformation, insurance brokerscan the payment history of thecustomer.
  33. 33. UnderwriterManagement
  34. 34. Underwriter:Health ApplicationReviewThis form enables theUnderwriters to review amanaged health careapplication to determine riskfactors in eligibility.
  35. 35. Underwriter:Health ApplicationReview_2After review of the clientapplication, the Underwritercan send comments to theInsurer along withrecommendations on the typeof policy most suitable to thecompany.
  36. 36. Underwriter:Health ApplicationReview_3Underwriter health reviewdetails.
  37. 37. Customer Portal
  38. 38. Customer Portal:Policy DetailsThis form displays the policydetails of an actual customer.Customers have the followingportal capabilities:- Viewing Complete Policy Details- Downloading Insurance Policies- Viewing payment history- Making changes to policies dynamically (may require approval in most instances)
  39. 39. Customer Portal:Policy ExtensionPaymentThis form enables a travelinsurance customer to extendtheir duration of coverage.After travel insurance extensiondate is entered, the systemprompts customer to continueto the payment screen.
  40. 40. Reports
  41. 41. Reports:Static and CustomReportingThis form displays a basic gridof several standard andcustomized reports availablefor the Insurance ManagementSystem.All reports can be downloadedin Microsoft ® Excel, CSV andPDF formats.
  42. 42. Reports:Static and CustomReportingExample of customized report.
  43. 43. System Setup &Implementation
  44. 44. Minimum System Requirements: Available in:The Insurance Management System was  SaaS (Software as adeveloped using the following major Service)components:  Single Siste Licensing Implementation:  Installation, configuration  Windows Server, 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, and training for this 250GB HD, Windows Server 2003 or system should not Above exceed 10 days. This willThis system has been tested compatible be determined after allwith the following browsers: module development tasks. Most development work takes 6 weeks to 2 months.For pricing and licensing options, please contact Glonetex Technologies: |+1-917-755-1090