Document and Workflow Management Services


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Document and workflow management solutions help eliminate the use of paper and provides a great way for businesses and governmental agencies streamline processes in the workplace.

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Document and Workflow Management Services

  1. 1. Business  So*ware  |  IT  Solu2ons  |  ICT  Project  Management  Document Management Solution & Scanning Services Proposal Prepared By: Global Network Exchange Version: 1.0 Proposal ID: DMSO01-2012 Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies   1  
  2. 2. Document Management Solution & Scanning Services ProposalWho We AreThe Global Network Exchange (Glonetex Technologies) is a USA based software and IT services companywith over 15 years of IT and software application development experience. We customize and developcutting-edge business management and IT solutions that are designed to improve productivity and loweroperational costs. Our operations span from within the USA and West Africa.If your company or organization is looking for ways to automate your business processes, we are the rightorganization for you. We have a team of highly trained IT professionals that can implement and managemultiple projects simultaneously. Our technical team has vast experience in the latest biometrics,networking, mobile and software development tools to ensure that your business is up to date with the latesttrends in Information Technology. Additionally, we strive to ensure that you get 100% satisfaction, includingafter sales and on-site support from our product specialists. We serve the global community.Industries We Serve §  Airline §  Banking §  Construction §  Education §  Financial Services §  Government §  Insurance §  Legal §  Manufacturing §  Medical §  Oil and Gas §  TelecommunicationsWhat makes us unique §  Our Proven track record of delivery §  Our ability to improve business processes with flexible IT solutions §  Our cutting-edge solutions that really work §  Our technology innovations adapt to your changing needs. 2   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  3. 3. Document Management Solution & Scanning Services ProposalIntroductionMore and more companies today are embracing document imaging and electronic document managementtechnology. Glonetex Technologies offers affordable and efficient solution to your paper managementchallenges. We offer a simple and secure range of paper scanning services that will convert your paper intohigh-quality digital images and data which can be migrated into external applications and systems.We understand some of the fears and concernsinvolved in letting go of your paper. Rest assuredthat we have formed many great relationshipsservicing a variety of large companies in the legal,medical and government fields. We treat everyclient, large or small, with the same care andattention. Once we scan your materials, we willdeliver the digital images and/or provide acustomized storage solution for easy retrieval ofthese records whenever, and wherever, you mayneed them.Our technology, along with advanced security andunparalleled customer service, work together toguarantee your satisfaction. We will customize ourservices to meet your needs. We are thedocument scanning specialists.Benefits of Our SolutionsConvenient Retrieval: Documents are stored with Regulatory Compliance: Government regulationsthe objective of retrieving them later whenever require maintenance of different kinds of data andneeded. Retrieving a particular document from the documents, and the requirements are often verytypically large volume of business documents can complex. A good DMS will help ensure compliancebe difficult or even impossible unless a sound DMS with the rules, using such means as checklists,is in place. standard forms, and automatic organization.Cost Reduction: In a paper-based system, paper, ink, Document Security: A DMS ensures that onlyfile folders, filing cabinets, filing staff, and other authorized persons can access particular documents.requirements cost money. Good document Documents also need to be secured from disastersmanagement systems can reduce these costs by such as fires and floods. A good DMS can make itmeeting all document-related requirements (outlined much easier to restore the documents in case of aabove) in a well-planned manner. disaster. Version Control: Where different versions of aImproved Workflow: Well-planned and efficient document need to be maintained its essential tomovement of documents can significantly speed up clearly identify the latest version, including thebusiness processes and enhance their quality. sequence of all the different versions in existence. 3   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  4. 4. Document Management Solution & Scanning Services ProposalScope of Services We Recommend On-Site Document Scanning Digitizing Services We provide on-site document The ability to capture data from scanning services for small to large scanned or soft-copy documents scale businesses and governmental can be a major challenge for agencies. We manage these businesses and governments of all services on a project-by-project sizes. Our state of the art basis in which our technical support technology enables us to scan and specialists review, sort, batch and extract data from soft-copy scan documents according to our documents and migrate the data into client. The scanned images can readable text that can be grouped either be archived on removable and imported into virtually any media such as CD, Thumb Drive or external program or database. This Mass Storage device. service can save you time and money by not having to depend on hard-copy records. Document Management Solution §  Provides dependable digital archival, fast retrieval and efficient distribution solutions designed for rapid deployment, simplified integration and enterprise scalability. •  Provides a central cabinet to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, locations or an entire enterprise. •  Supports setting access permissions for users on folders and individual documents •  Supports entire document lifecycle management •  Adaptive Workflow for routing and tracking documents, messages and forms within or across workgroups. 4   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  5. 5. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalDocument Management & Workflow Automation Solution Easy to Use Web Interface §  Intuitive and easy to use user interface available in both Windows and Web Desktops §  Support standard document management and workflow operations §  Supports additional custom desktops to meet specific requirements §  Client components are available on a variety of Windows platforms, with support for multiple national languages Manage Your Documents E-Docs allows users to edit, e-mail and print documents along with many other actions that you would expect from a Robust Document Management System. §  Perform document actions such as appending and replacing with easy –to-use menu selections. Workflow rules allow for approval processing and other work –related tasks to be completed by users. Documents automatically move along a path created by Administrators. Users approve or reject documents landing in their work queue. 5   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  6. 6. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalDocument Management & Workflow Automation Solution Enterprise Server Server Administration §  Implements the core business logic §  Server-side tool for administration and using highly optimized stored management procedures §  Supports definition of User/Groups, and §  Responsible for Document Lifecycle granting Access Rights Management §  Enables Workflow Definition §  Provides industry-strength security, §  Extensive Audit-trails at user , folder and enterprise-class scalability , disaster cabinet levels. Audit trails on separate recovery, fault tolerance and actions and between specific dates/times availability §  System Reports and Statistics §  Support for Enterprise integration is §  Support for document Lifecycle provided through ERP Connectors to Management optimize ERP productivity, and through tools to Image Enable 3rd Party Business Applications. Workflow Management §  Adaptive workflow for routing and tracking of documents within a workgroup §  Collaborative working on documents in a secure environment through work-items §  Strong searching, reporting and monitoring of work process and status to help in automating work processes and improve efficiency §  Create-Ad-Hoc or predefined routes for automatic document routing on sequential routes §  Route Work-Items to users Inboxes for their action §  Facility to act upon, forward or return or complete work-items §  Divert work items to other users for delegating or substituting §  Strong reporting facilities to identify slack and improve efficiency 6   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  7. 7. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalDocument Management & Workflow Automation Solution Workflow  Repor+ng:   §  Extensive  audit  trails  at  user,  Folder  and  Cabinet  levels   §  Audit  trails  on  separate  ac2ons  and  between  specific  dates/2mes   §  System  Reports  and  Sta2s2cs   §  Extensive  tracking  of  each  work  item  through  track-­‐sheet  which  records  all  user  ac2ons   §  Elabora2ve  search  on  workflow  progress  through  status  searches,  searches  on  user-­‐defined    indexes,  full   text  search  and  searches  on  work  items  data  and  2me   §  Strong  repor2ng  facili2es:  daily,  weekly,  monthly  reports  on  completed,  incomplete  work  items  to   iden2fy  slack  and  improve  efficiency   Workflow  Administra+on:   §  Easy  to  deploy  and  administer   §  Defini2ons  of  users  and  groups  for  the  system   §  Op2ons  of  gran2ng  rights  to  access,  modify  or  delete  documents  and  folders   §  Complete  Document  Lifecycle  Management  for  managing  online,  offline    or  near-­‐online  documents  and   for  document  archival   §  Defini2on  and  progress  tracking  Work  items   §  No2fica2ons  and    Reminders   §  Support  for  Remove  Administra2on  and  configura2on   Enhanced  Security:   §  Defini2on  of  Users  and  Groups  in  the  system   §  Access  permissions  on  Folders,  Documents  and  Data  Classes   §  Mul2ple  levels  of  Access  Rights  (Delete,  Edit,  View,  None)   §  Grant  Users  privilege  of  crea2ng  users  and  groups   §  Secure  login  and  passwords  for  each  user   §  LDAP  authen2ca2on  and  single  sign-­‐on  support   §  Support  for  Data  Password  and  Encryp2on   §  Support  for  Digital  Signatures  and  Biometric  Integra2on   §  Supports  SSL/HTTPS    for  secure  transmission   7   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  8. 8. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalDocument Management Solution Bundle Offers 8   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  9. 9. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalDocument Management Solution Bundle Offers 9   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies  
  10. 10. Document Scanning & Migration Services ProposalContact Us Today for a Free Consultation Quotation and Volume Discount Offers: To find out how Glonetex Technologies Software and IT Solutions can help achieve your business goals, please contact us: Call Us: +1-917-755-1090 (USA) +234 8176266916 (Nigeria) Email Us: Skype Us: glontextechnologies Bedell International LLC (USA): Registered Office 436 Johnston Avenue., Jersey City, NJ 07034 Bedell International Limited (Nigeria) : Registered Office 4, Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria 10   Copyright  ©  2012  Glonetex  Technologies