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Presentation from Michael Phelan, (SEAI Wirelite Sensors) - Used at Globe Forum Dublin 2010

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17nov themesession2 _seai_marren_wirelite

  1. 1. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of integrated wireless demand response management solutions for business customers Wirelite Sensors
  2. 2. Wirelite Sensors  Founded in 2007  Supported by SEAI  Developed retrofit energy management solution with Tyndall Research  Retail Customers 2009  Cold store customers 2010  Seed Funding from AIB/EI /Angles  Commercial and Industrial Demand Response Management Systems roll-out
  3. 3. Wirelite Sensors Our focus HVAC 12% Cold Stores & Fridges 50% Cooking 10%Lighting 28% Initial Focus  Retail Food  Food Processing  Shiftable load  Energy bills €50k-500k pa No Integrated Control Systems
  4. 4. Wirelite Sensors Energy Manager (PM3000) Gateway Node Remote AccessWeb Reporting Lighting Relay Network Node Sub-meter(PA310)  Control ◦ Scheduled  Lighting  HVAC  Ventilation ◦ Demand  HVAC  Ventilation ◦ Sensor  HVAC  Ventilation HVAC Relay Network Node CO2 Sensor Sub-meter(PA310) Refrigeration Relay Network Node Temp Sensor Sub-meter(PA310)
  5. 5. Wirelite Sensors Market price for electricity (3/11/10) Peak Electricity Times A variable tariff varies daily like the above profile Electricity prices are more expensive between 5-7pm
  6. 6. Wirelite Sensors Comparison of Actual Electricity kWh / SqFt for Selected Sites - 20.0 40.0 60.0 80.0 100.0 120.0 Northern Cross Smithfield Grand Canal Camden MACE IFSC Report covers the period from 1/1/2008 to 11/30/2008.
  7. 7. Wirelite Sensors
  8. 8. Wirelite Sensors
  9. 9. Wirelite Sensors
  10. 10. Wirelite Sensors
  11. 11. Wirelite Sensors Incentive Based DR Reliability and Security Functionality to grid operators Price Based DR Keeps demand and prices low Efficiency Saving end users up to 25% on their energy bills Black and red lines show what happens without intervention Green is response to intervention
  12. 12. Wirelite Sensors Eirgrid Calls event 30 Minutes before required Wirellite Responds automatically within 30 minutes
  13. 13. Wirelite Sensors Eirgrid Calls event 30 Minutes before required Wirellite Responds automatically within 30 minutes 20KW From HVAC 25KW From 25% Lighting 30KW From Refrigeration Wirelite Restores normal operation
  14. 14. Wirelite Sensors 100 MW 100 MW 75 KW 5MW 1MW 300 KW 75 KW 150 KW 75 KW 300 KW 150 KW 300 KW 150 KW 75 KW 150 KW 150 KW 75 KW 75 KW 75 KW •Advising Clients on their energy usage •Automation and control of ‘energy assets’ •Aggregation of ‘assets’ •Selling aggregated DR capacity to the market Aggregate Commercialise Identify Control
  15. 15. Wirelite Sensors Product Roadmap Energy ‘Storage’ Capacity Payments Products Customers Proposition Automated Energy Manager Retailers Cold Stores Food Processors Savings (15%-25%) Reduced Footprint Green Brands Phase 1 Automated Demand Response SEM Electricity Supplier Grid Operator Reduced Capital Grid Mgt. Smart Grid Phase 2 Capital cost of €8 – €12k Annual site cost €2-€3k RoI of 12-24 months
  16. 16. Wirelite Sensors Commands HVAC Refrig Lights SEMO Grid Generators Loads Loads G1 G2 G3 Aggregation DR Site Loads Utility Billing Status Capacity Location Command response Billing Reconciliation Commands Commands Data Sets •Interface to/from grid •Interface to/from generators •Interface to/from loads •Interface to/from billing Status Meter data Status Meter data
  17. 17. Wirelite Sensors Michael Phelan Wirelite Sensors Tel: 01-5240736 Email : michael.phelan@wirelitesensors.com Web: www.wirelitesensors.com