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Sentinel Report - Q2 2015


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Globant´s report that shows Insightful evidence
of consumer behavior and market trends that ignites our strategic thinking.

Published in: Technology
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Sentinel Report - Q2 2015

  1. 1. Sentinel Report Q2 YEAR 2015
  2. 2. GOAL OF THE REPORT Insightful evidence of consumer behavior and market trends that ignites our strategic thinking. METRICS & STATEMENTS INDUSTRY UPDATES CONSUMER TRENDS TAKE ACTIONS
  3. 3. WELCOME The Sentinel Report is Globant’s initiative to present metrics and statements, market trends, insights on consumer behavior and industry updates from all over the world. This information is meant to inspire thoughts and trigger new conversations about products, services and opportunities while helping you to be more creative and innovative in your solutions. Observation and action are at the core of any sustainable strategy and we believe that this is a great way to create a positive habit. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and to go deeper into the services and products that we present here. Take a look and enjoy!
  4. 4. INDEX TRENDS Observing Consumer Behavior INDUSTRY UPDATES Relevant Cases in Main Industries 6 31 45 51 ACTIONS Moving Forward 57 EMERGING PROFILES Meeting New Consumers 29 STATEMENTS Results in One Simple Quote METRICS Numbers that Show Behavior
  5. 5. TRENDS HIGHLIGHTS Behavior that shapes engagement
  6. 6. DISILLUSIONMENT Each trend has different points in their life cycle. It’s important to identify the progression and the point of adoption. TREND CURVE Adoption landscape TREND TRIGGER ENLIGHTENMENT PLATEAU OF PRODUCTIVITY PEAK OF EXPECTATIONS
  7. 7. CASHLESS New economy is becoming a reality In more mature economies, technological advances and consumers’ desire for convenience are driving innovations in cashless transactions. On the other hand, in developing countries, where mobile penetration is high yet banking infrastructure is poor, consumers rely heavily on CASHLESS innovations for everyday transactions. KEY FACTORS The CASH-LESS economy is (almost) upon us. But with the many competing technologies available (e.g. QR codes, NFC, WavePay, etc.), there’s still quite a few ways to go before cashless transactions become the norm. Think about how you can use CASH-LESS technologies to offer consumers insights into their habits, rewards for loyalty, and/or even tailored offers and recommendations. JIFI SAVER Savings Account Managed via Twitter and Facebook January 2015 saw Indian bank Kotak launch the Jifi Saver: a savings account that can be managed via Twitter and Facebook. Customers can to sign up through Facebook, and manage their account using “Hashtag Banking”, where a user can tweet #JifiBal to receive a private message with their current balance or #JifiTxn to receive a private message with their last three transactions. A minimum balance of INR. 10,000 (USD 162) is required to open the account, which also offers interest rates of up to 6%, a debit card, and a loyalty program. Source: Industry: Financial Services COCA COLA GENERAL ELECTRICS JP MORGAN BARCLAYS CITI MONEYGRAM APPLE ACTIVE BRANDS ADOPTION CURVE PEAK OF EXPECTATION STAGE
  8. 8. TRENDS CASH-LESS 450 Million: The estimated number of mobile payment users by 2017, up from 245 million at the beginning of 2014. Source: Juniper Research “ “
  9. 9. TRENDS Amazon Dash Button Place it. Press it. Get it. Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a hook so you can hang, stick, or place it right where you need it. Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button, and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store. Source: Industry: Automotive Financial Services Transport MOWA Mobile payments made via SMS Available to download from January 2015, MOWA is a free mobile payments app. Created in India, the app allows users and merchants to make or receive payments using their cellphone number as an identifier – without disclosing bank account details. Users can also send a request to one of their contacts for a payment. MOWA features a three-level security system to ensure that all transactions are safe. Source: Industry: Financial Services Retail Mobile Commerce 100% GENUINE IMPORTED FOOD Store uses customers’ face and hand capillaries to authorize transactions November 2014 saw Shanghai branches of Australian food chain 100% Genuine Imported Food introduce a new way for customers to authorize payments: a scan of the capillary networks in their face and hands. To identify each customer, thermal imaging cameras at the checkout use a similar technique to facial recognition to measure the distance between data points on each individual’s facial capillary network. Source: Industry: Food & Drink Financial Services CASH-LESS
  10. 10. TREND: CASH-LESS SANTIAGO PIACENZA Technical Director of the Mobile Studio at Globant PROFESSIONAL OPINION “Eight years later, we are making mobile payments like Kenya” Since the appearance of mobile devices we have been waiting for the phone to become our wallet. We sat - waiting and waiting- until Apple came and people activated more than 1 million of credit cards in less than 72 hours of Apple Pay existence. This system had more users in a week than all of its competitors had in the past 3 years… One of the drivers is trust and perception. At the beginning people were reluctant to mobile payments, and afraid of losing their phones or someone stealing their information. Though the technology was available, users were not adopting it. But it was known that users who trust on their financial organizations and mobile application service provider have significant intention to use mobile payment. Apple gave us this trust and ease of use, with amazing reliable products that made other players run behind. I think that this trend is a reality and every industry and company should implement mobile payments to avoid running behind their competitors. Fun fact: Kenya has been doing mobile money transfers since 2007 with M Pesa, and it is now used by over 17m Kenyans, equivalent to more than two-thirds of the adult population; around 25% of the country’s gross national product flowing through it. This is more than USD 13B...
  11. 11. TRENDS JETBLUE Airline Offers Apple Pay Facilities in-flight In February 2015, JetBlue introduced the Apple Pay system on selected US flights. Passengers can pay for food and beverages, as well as other amenities via Apple Pay on their iPhone. The US airline’s flight attendants carry iPad Minis designed to accept Apple Pay – as well as regular credit card payments. Source: story.aspx?cid=981&newsid=28607 Industry: Retail Travel LINE PAY Chat app Launches Wireless Payments Service December 2014 saw LINE launch LINE Pay: a facility enabling users to make payments via the Japanese mobile chat app at online and offline stores. Once customers have registered a credit card, they can also send cash to contacts who use the free chat app. The system functions wirelessly, and users are not required to divulge any personal information during transfers. Source: Industry: Financial Services Retail CASH-LESS La'ZooZ Decentralized Ridesharing Platform Pays Drivers with Cryptocurrency In October 2014, Israel-based La’Zooz launched a beta version of its decentralized ride-sharing platform, matching empty seats with those in need of transport in real-time. Unlike Uber or Lyft, La’Zooz is owned by its drivers and riders, and uses its own cryptocurrency – Zooz – for payment of ‘fair fares’, with the digital coins mined by ‘proof-of-movement’ tracked by the GPS in the driver’s cellphone when they are traveling at over 12.5mph. Participants can also earn Zooz by contributing to the code or design of the project, or getting their friends to join the platform. Source: Industry: Automotive Financial Services Transport
  12. 12. TAKE ACTION How would you take advantage of the new cashless economy?
  13. 13. POINT & KNOW Mobile technologies that allow point, know (& buy) anything Whether through the mainstreaming or repurposing of ‘old’ technologies (QR codes!), or the development of new ones with powerful and increasingly accurate audio-visual recognition capabilities, information is being freed from search and text, to become accessible in the ‘real world’ of objects and people. KEY FACTORS POINT & KNOW applications that embed stories into objects and locations such as QR code readers or Augmented Reality functionality are being included as standard in smartphones, and therefore are becoming familiar to more and more consumers. STARBUCKS TACO BELL STARWOOD LISEBERG ACTIVE BRANDS ADOPTION CURVE PACHAMAS Kids pachamas bring ‘edutainment’ characters to life via AR Crowdfunded in December 2014, Pachamas are printed pajamas which work with companion books and free mobile app Aurasma to bring fictional characters to life via augmented reality. Made from organic fairtrade cotton, the children’s pajamas complement the US-based Pacha’s Pajamas brand of ‘edutainment’ which includes books, music and games. Pachamas are priced from USD 50. Source: smartcloud.delhi&hl=en Industry: Education Fashion
  14. 14. TRENDS GOOGLE TRANSLATE Mobile App Features Instant Language Translation In January 2015, Google updated its free Google Translate mobile app to include a feature that enables users to point their device’s camera at text written in a supported foreign language, such as a sign or menu, and see a translated version overlaid on their screen. The feature works even without a data or internet connection and launched with seven languages – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Source: android.apps.translate&hl=en Industry: Travel & Transport Education M SUBWAY LIBRARY Beijing Opens Library on the Subway January 2015 saw the M Subway Library launch in Beijing to offer passengers riding the special train on Subway Line 4 free eBooks to read. Commuters can download the books by scanning QR codes in the carriage, and the Beijing MTR and the National Library plan to offer a different book to download each month. Source: 01/14/content_19315601.htm Industry: Travel & Transport Education Government & Public Sector ANDES BEER Beer Bottles Feature Secret Messages from Friends Q4 2014 saw Andes launch a campaign enabling people to send friends a message via one of the Argentinian beer brand’s bottles. After downloading a free mobile app, people could scan a QR code on any Andes beer bottle and then record a video message which would be associated with that specific bottle. Recipients could then view their message by scanning the QR code with their cellphone. Source: sending-messages-bottles/ Industry: Food & Drink POINT & KNOW
  15. 15. TREND: POINT & KNOW PABLO VITTORI VP of Technology and Partner of the Mobile and Wearable Studio at Globant “Imagine what will happen next” Our Smartphone evolved from being a personal assistant to becoming our game console, tourist guide, entertainment center, search tool and intelligent assistant. The computing power we carry in our pocket is huge and the ability to interact with objects and places through various technologies simplifies the use and generates more power. Sensors available today in most of the modern smartphones can recognize images, process beacons signals, interact with technology like RFID proximity and evaluate our location at all times to provide personalized information adapted to our environment and simple experiences that give us access to information we need proactively without having to type search words. The next step is to simplify the user interface and provide intelligently what you might find according to the environment and the markers that we define to interact. Imagine being in the supermarket and using the phone camera to identify products and bring information and suggestions from my social network, obtain promotions according to the proximity of products and have the shopping list updated within the Smartphone. Imagine that when you reach the cashier, the phone activates the wallet and makes payment using your fingerprint as validation and when you leave the supermarket, your phone gives you directions to the parking spot where you left your car. A simple task simplified even more without using the keyboard. PROFESSIONAL OPINION
  16. 16. TRENDS LAND ROVER Unreleased Cars Arrive in Showrooms Thanks to Augmented Reality 'Walk-around' Tata Motors' Land Rover has unveiled augmented reality (AR) technology ahead of the launch of the Discovery Sport, the Freelander replacement, bridging the gap between the announcement and vehicles arriving in showrooms.According to Land Rover, the box acts as an activation marker that sets off a lifelike 3D tour of the Sport. As customers walk around the virtual car, animations are triggered that show off the features of the compact 4x4 aimed at the young urban market, such as a 360⁰ of the interior or the details of the boot and adjustable seating. UK marketing head Laura Schwab said: "Bringing such an experience to a relatively small device provides the customer with the ease and familiarity of an iPhone together with the simplicity of updating the software to add accessories and the latest colour options and I am confident customers will find the experience informative and enjoyable." Source: Industry: Retail Automotive THE TAKE App Identifies Movies and the Products they Feature Launched in the US during December 2014, TheTake is a mobile app that automatically identifies movies when people play a short snippet of the audio soundtrack into their handset. In addition, the app identifies products within the scene and provides links to retail partners where they can be purchased. Available as a free download, TheTake launched with a database of 100 movies. Source: Industry: Media & Entertainment Fashion INSIDE TRACKS Cellphone-enabled Coffee Table Book Brings Photographs to Life Published in Australia during November 2014, Inside Tracks is a photography book which lets readers find out more about each image by pointing their cellphone at it to view extra video footage. Featuring photos taken for National Geographic by Rick Smolan, the book follows writer Robyn Davidson during her 1,700 mile journey across the Australian outback in the 1970s. Readers can view video clips via HP’s free Aurasma mobile app. Source: Industry: Media & Entertainment POINT & KNOW
  17. 17. TAKE ACTION What can you instantly bring consumers that is useful, relevant or just interesting and fun?
  18. 18. Forget information overload: consumers’ desire for relevant, useful, timely information is insatiable. Consumers will continue to lap up products, tools and services that bring them the right information, at the right time, in an understandable, intuitive and actionable way. KEY FACTORS The prevalence of mobile connectivity and the explosion of sites, tools, apps and devices mean that consumers can satisfy their INFOLUST cravings almost instantly. In fact, consumers now expect to access information anytime, anywhere and in real-time. But the amount of information out there is vast (and growing every second). From reviews to Wikipedia to tweets to the tiny digital breadcrumbs consumers leave that show what they are doing, modern life gives off an insane amount of data about everything and anything. The challenge is helping consumers make sense of it, in a way that makes their life better. HEALTHLOOP App helps doctors and patients keep in touch in real-time Healthcare platform provider Healthloop launched the Healthloop+ MD mobile app in January 2015 to keep doctors better updated about the status of their patients and improve communication between both parties. The US-created app delivers push notifications to physicians when one of their patients triggers a clinical alert or receives a triage handoff from a co-worker. The app, which costs USD 199 per month per physician, also offers virtual check-ins to reinforce guidance and promote self-care activities to help with recovery. Source: Industry: Health COCA COLA GENERAL ELECTRICS JP MORGAN BARCLAYS CITI MONEYGRAM APPLE ACTIVE BRANDS ADOPTION CURVE PEAK OF EXPECTATION STAGE INFOLUST Consumers’ voracious appetite for (even more) information
  19. 19. TRENDS PPLKPR (PEOPLE KEEPER) App helps people manage their social circle February 2015 saw New York-based artists Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthy launch Pplkpr: a free mobile app to help people manage their social circle. Pplkpr syncs with wearable devices and monitors the user’s heart rate to track their emotional response to people around them. Based on the data, the app’s algorithm then suggests which relationships are the most healthy, ranks them according to how they affect the user and allows people to invite ‘positive’ individuals to hang out with. The user can also manually input their emotional response if they don’t have a heart monitor. Source: Industry: Health TWEETSTAY Discount hotel stays organized via Twitter Launched in the US during November 2014, Stayful’s Tweetstay service helps people find and book hotel stays via Twitter. Customers send a tweet to the online booking company such as “@stayful #tweetstay I’m going to [destination] & want a [price] hotel, [arrival date], [# of nights]”. Stayful’s social media team then negotiates with boutique and independent hotels and replies with a link to discounted prices – generally better than rates available online. The free service is available a maximum of 30 days in advance. Source: Industry: Travel & Transport GOOGLE DEVICE EXPERTS Virtual helpdesk answers questions on own-brand devices In November 2014, Google introduced Device Experts: a virtual helpdesk where US-based customers looking for information about Google products – such as Nexus smartphones or Chromebooks – can ask pre-sale questions. By clicking on the help link within the Devices section within the Google Play store, customers are connected to a salesperson via video chat, so that they can discuss any questions that they may have. Access to Device Experts is free of charge. Source: chat-support-now-available Industry: Consumer Electronics Retail INFOLUST
  20. 20. TREND: INFOLUST SABINA SCHNEIDER VP of Technology and Partner of the High Performance Solutions at Globant. “Today, we are all managers” In our connected daily lives and even with what is coming next in wearables, IoT and an even more digital experience, we are and will be swimming in big lakes of data. Finding what we are looking for has been always a challenge. Today, with the existing scalable technologies in Big Data, this is not an issue if you invest accordingly. Once that Information hunger has been satisfied, we only want more and more quickly. That’s just human nature. The challenge is now having that precious piece of data at the right time, in near real time. The word now can have different meaning for different people, but what we have in common more and more is that we don't have time to spend searching for what we want or need. We are all managers in our own lives, with little time to stop, sit down and read for hours to extract that gem of info we need. We are always on the move. Less is more, always. The other day, I was planning on a month-long trip with my husband. We were looking for hotels in cities we had never visited. With the modern tools we have today, we did the research on the phone with rated hotels in only a few minutes. We were surprised. How would this experience have been 15 years ago? How will it be in 5 years? Mobile, effectively indexed search engines and near real time analytic technologies facilitate our modern needs. So what will the next crawl on velocity, format and space be in the days to come? PROFESSIONAL OPINION
  21. 21. TRENDS EQUIL'S SMARTMARKER Smart marker facilitates real-time note- sharing Available from Q4 2014, Equil’s Smartmarker allows people to share their notes with co-workers in real-time. The US technology company’s Bluetooth-connected pen records writing or drawing on a whiteboard, which can then be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote or iCloud. Notes can also be shared with co-workers’ tablets, cellphones or laptops. Via mobile and desktop apps, users can also convert their handwritten notes into editable text. The Smartmarker is priced from USD 149. Source: Industry: Consumer Electronics GURÜ Digital platform connects consumers with electronics experts Beta-launched in Brazil in November 2014, Sony Guru is a digital platform allowing consumers to connect with Sony experts via chat or video. Via the free service, users can request cellphone demonstrations or tutorials and ask for product advice. Sony Guru is available to both potential and existing customers. Source: funcionamento Industry: Telecoms GOOGLE DEVICE EXPERTS Automobile service launches online dealer lot Beta-launched in the US in November 2014, Your Online Dealer is a virtual car showroom aiming to eliminate the pushiness often associated with car sales. Via embedded video chat, text chat and audio functions, shoppers can connect with real advisors offering co-browsing assistance and unbiased advice. All new and used cars can also be filtered by brand, type and color. Your Online Dealer was developed by Stellers Auto Group Inc. Source: Industry: Automotive INFOLUST
  22. 22. TAKE ACTION How would you satisfy consumers thirst for relevant information as a means of empowerment?
  23. 23. CROWD EXPRESS Harness the Wisdom of the Connected Crowd Technology is increasingly harnessing the wisdom of the connected crowd. Collective input can improve design, minimize risks, reduce costs, organize funding and increase the speed of decision-making. KEY FACTORS Consumers enjoy actively participating and contributing to the crowd. The popularity of TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH can attest to this: consumers have created, and continue to access and contribute to an easily available, accumulated body of knowledge which includes what they are thinking, doing, protesting against or for, loving, hating, reviewing, buying, contributing to, gossiping, and the list continues. VICTORIA’S SECRET Lingerie brand updates ad slogan after social media outcry Q4 2014 saw Victoria’s Secret release ad campaign images featuring the slogan “The Perfect Body”. The campaign resulted in an outcry on social media and a petition to modify the slogan and apologize – which received more than 30,000 signatures. The lingerie brand subsequently updated the campaign images, changing the wording to read: “A Body for Every Body.” Source: smartcloud.delhi&hl=en Industry: Fashion COCA COLA GENERAL ELECTRICS JP MORGAN BARCLAYS CITI MONEYGRAM APPLE ACTIVE BRANDS ADOPTION CURVE PEAK OF EXPECTATION STAGE
  24. 24. TRENDS SEBANGSA Social media app connects people with government services Launched in January 2015, Sebangsa is a social media platform connecting Indonesians with government agencies. Via the free mobile app, users can share information, file complaints, ask questions or give feedback to private companies and government bodies. The app also features Sebangsa 911: a tool enabling people to report emergencies such as floods or fire, and connecting them with services including the police and medics. Source: Industry: Government & Public Sector BRAINEET Social platform facilitates co-creation between customers and brands Launched in France in November 2014, Paris-based Braineet is a social website designed to facilitate conversations between consumers and brands. Users can create 140-character posts aimed at specific brands, each beginning with the phrase ‘What if..?’. Brands and other users can then respond, allowing the community to work together to co-create new products and services. Over 20 major brands were present on the platform at launch. Source: TELEKOM Instagram gig recordings curated into interactive music videos Deutsche Telekom’s InstaConcert generates interactive music videos from fan-made clips uploaded to Instagram and tagged with a specific hashtag. The position of every fan at the gig capturing the performance on their smartphone is recorded, and viewers of the interactive video can choose which perspective they want to watch from in the interactive video. December 2014 saw Ed Sheeran become the first pop star to create an InstaConcert for his performance nearly 10,000 feet above sea level on Zugspitze with the final interactive video shared on theTelekom Street Gigs website. Source: Industry: Media & Entertainment Mobile & Telecoms CROWD-EXPRESS
  25. 25. TREND: CROWD EXPRESS ANDRE MARTIN LORENZ FILHO Digital Marketing Specialist of the Digital Content Studio at Globant. “Crowd Express makes marketing strategies even more innovative, precise and exciting” In a customer-centric world, transforming data into knowledge probably is the most important competitive advantage. This is why so many companies set analytics as their top priority for 2015, in order to improve their response and time to market stimuli and to reduce risks on strategic decisions. As social platforms rose over the last few years, so did the amount of information generated by users, which can be illustrated by the 500 Terabytes of user data collected daily by Facebook. If in the past the challenge was to drive traffic to the website and make users purchase one of your products, today companies face a more complex problem: they have to centralize and cross user information from market reports, offline data, digital analytics, purchase history and other sources that bring far more benefits than our old pal ROI. As the game gets more complicated, it might seem you have a huge problem, but it is a nice issue to face. Since the outcome of investing on analytics includes comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and business insights, migrating to a crowd-express model turns your client into an active player on your strategy, as he hands his data in exchange of a better experience, in which you can predict what he wants. PROFESSIONAL OPINION
  26. 26. TRENDS GHOSTPOET Musician crowdsources inspiring visuals for collaborative video In February 2015, British musician Ghostpoet launched an initiative giving people the chance to help create his latest video, partnering with Topman and Dazed magazine to host the competition. Participants could submit their visual inspirations via Twitter or Instagram, with the best submissions being used in the video for “X Marks The Spot.” The initiative was part of Topman’s Open Shoot YouTube music project which brings together musicians and fans on art and music collaborations. Source: open-shoot-4015547/home?geoip=noredirect Industry: Fashion Media & Entertainment SWACHH BHARAT App lets users report local areas in need of a clean up The Swachh Bharat (meaning “Clean India”) mobile app was launched in October 2014, to coincide with Indian government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (“Clean India Campaign”) – the country’s biggest ever cleanliness drive. When someone using the free app sees a dirty or unhygienic area that needs to be cleaned up, they select the type of public area affected, take a photograph of the issue, and report the issue along with its geolocation via Twitter. Source: Industry: Government & Public Sector WEATHER UNDERGROUND Personal weather stations provide hyperlocal forecasts In December 2014, connected technology brand Netatmo and commercial weather service Weather Underground announced a partnership to build the world’s largest personal weather station network and bring consumers hyperlocal forecasts. Netatmo’s connected personal Weather Stations are installed at homes and offices in 174 countries, and by providing Weather Underground with access to the data crowdsourced from these devices, the weather service can enhance the accuracy of their analysis and forecasts. Source: date=20141204 Industry: Consumer Electronics CROWD-EXPRESS
  27. 27. TAKE ACTION How would you tap into the wisdom of the crowd to create mutual benefits?
  28. 28. EMERGING CONSUMERS PROFILES Meeting new consumers and how they expect to interact with brands NEW!
  29. 29. EMERGING CONSUMER PROFILES Meet the PLAYSUMERS They have arrived not only to stay, but to interact, expect and be surprised! Unimpressed by years of hyper-abundance – and fatigued by endless choice – these consumers will relish the chance to take a risk and temporarily yield control. What are they looking for? They are looking to trust in brands that promise mysterious, suspenseful and genuinely surprising new experiences. CAREFREE BY EVOLUTION DESIROUS DEMANDING RISK TAKER CONNECTED CURIOUS ATTITUDE AMUSEMENT TO BE SPOT ON INTELLIGENT OFFERS EFFORTLESS CONSUMPTION SOCIAL EXPOSURE ACCOUNTABILITY BRAND DESIRES KLM MYSTERY TICKETS Airline launches mystery ticket promotional game. April 2014 saw KLM launch Monday’s Mystery Ticket. Each Monday, five new destinations are presented on the KLM website. Travelers book tickets ‘blind’ on Monday, only finding out on Tuesday which of the five destinations they’re headed to. They then depart on Friday, with all flights leaving before 7pm, so as to leave enough time for a full weekend in the mystery destination, and return on Monday morning, before 10am. All tickets are priced at EUR 99 per person. Source: Industry: Travel "I won a mystery ticket from KLM by playing a game and it feels AWESOME!” VERONICA, 32
  30. 30. INDUSTRY UPDATES Cases that are worth noticing
  31. 31. TELECOMS Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world and across various trends. This selection of products, services and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will sure inspire your strategic thinking.
  32. 32. NEW CASES HUAWEI Fantasy Twitter league promotes new cellphone Huawei’s Twitter Fantasy League was created to celebrate the launch of the brand’s Ascend Mate7 cellphone in Finland during January 2015. Participants could select teams of up to 100 Twitter influencers and then buy, sell or put them on the bench. Scoring was based on when people in the fantasy team were favorited, retweeted or gained a new follower, with extra points being awarded for hashtagged #HuaweiTwitterLiiga tweets. Each week, Huawei prizes were available to win, including a gold cellphone worth EUR 599. Source: Related Trend: Playsumers, Brand me. STERIO.ME SMS service boosts education in developing countries is a program aiming to improve education in Lesotho, supported by Vodacom as well as the country’s Ministry of Education and Teachers’ Association. Schoolchildren are sent homework quizzes and lessons, which have been designed to function with even the most basic cellphones. Engaging kids via SMS outside of school hours aims to help them remember concepts first taught in the classroom. In December 2014, included more than 1,000 questions across the Lesotho junior secondary curriculum, all approved by local teachers. Source: Related Trends: Ubitech NOKIA HERE Nokia rolls out crowdsourced mapping pilot program Launched in India during October 2013, Nokia HERE is a community mapping pilot program. Combining data collection with crowdsourced mapping, a local Nokia HERE team of over 1,000 individuals are working with local experts from universities and colleges around India. Using Nokia’s Map Creator mobile application, participants are adding missing information on bridges, streets and other geographical details to increase maps’ accuracy. Source: Related Trend: Crowd express, Infolust TELECOMS
  33. 33. NEW CASES T-MOBILE Mobile network launches ruthless attack on rival carriers In August 2014, T-Mobile announced a promotion offering US customers one year of unlimited LTE data at no extra cost if they could convince someone to leave a rival mobile operator. The deal was open to customers of Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, who also received one year of unlimited free data for switching carriers. T-Mobile’s Simple Choice tariff customers (who already had unlimited LTE data) received a USD 10 credit each month for 12 months. Source: customers.htm Related Trend: Reward inc. ONEPLUS Indie tech company makes exclusive smartphone available for pre-order In September 2014, US-based technology company OnePlus announced that its OnePlus One smartphone would be made available for pre-order. The handset was previously only available to those who had received an invite from another owner or had won the chance via an online promotion, as part of the company’s philosophy that good products should be shared. Priced at USD 299, the cellphone is designed to compete with flagship offerings from major brands. Source: Related Trends: Infolust, Joining TRACES Immersive messaging app allows users to attach content to physical locations Available to download from August 2014, Traces is a free ‘immersive messaging’ mobile app allowing users to place content in real-world locations. Utilizing augmented reality, individuals can attach music, images, videos and voice messages (‘traces’) to physical objects and leave them for friends to find. Traces can only be accessed by specific individuals at certain locations, a pre-selected number of times. Traces was developed by UK-based neuroscientist, Beau Lotto. Source: Related Trends: Ubitech, Digital Breadcrumbing TELECOMS
  34. 34. BANKING & FINANCE Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world and across the trends. This selection of products, services and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will sure inspire your strategic thinking.
  35. 35. NEW CASES MONOPOLY GOES REAL Monopoly celebrates anniversary giving away real money Toy manufacturer Hasbro celebrated the 80th anniversary of Monopoly first appearing in France by hiding real bank notes in special edition sets of the game sold across the country. Euro notes of a variety of values were hidden in at least 80 sets, but in one set all of the Monopoly money was replaced with real Euros to a value of EUR 20,580 (USD 23,614). Source: Monopoly-80-ans.pdf Related Trend: Playsumers DIGIT Digital service automatically manages personal savings Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Multilingual robot greets bank customers Unveiled in February 2015, Nao is a multilingual robot being trialed at branches of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in Tokyo. Designed to greet customers and ask them about services they need, Nao speaks 19 languages and can read emotions. Questions Nao asks customers include: “I can tell you about money exchange, ATMs, opening a bank account, or overseas remittance. Which one would you like?” Source: Related Trend: Playsumers FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Beta-launched in the US during Q4 2014, Digit is a free service automating people’s savings, moving small manageable amounts of money into a savings account every week. Customers link Digit to their current account, and the service uses algorithms to work out personalized affordable savings opportunities. The service studies income and spending history to predict future cash-flow, taking into consideration paydays, standing orders and average daily outgoings. Cash is then placed into a separate FDIC-insured Digit account, with customers updated via SMS or email. Source:
  36. 36. NEW CASES SOCIETY OF GROWNUPS Collaborative financial planning venue educates Millennials FINANCIAL INDUSTRY The Society of Grownups was launched in January 2015 by US- based insurer MassMutual Financial Group to offer Millenials an informal place to learn about financial planning. The Massachusetts location is styled like a Bistro coffee house, offering a variety of classes on subjects such as buying homes, choosing career paths, getting a raise, and other finance-related topics. The classes cost USD 10-30 and are taught by MassMutual’s financial planners, who also offer personalized financial health check-ups and advice. Source: Related Trend: Playsumers In December 2014, UK-based online life insurance company Beagle Street launched Positive Prints: a campaign that ensures customers don’t lose policy documents by printing them onto the back of artworks, which can then be put out on display. The designs by noted illustrators Rosie Blake, Supermundane and Rude each featured the words ‘Enjoy Life’ and were limited to one per customer, with a total of 600 available. Source: Related Trends: Cashless Consumption POSITIVE PRINTS Insurance documents printed onto artworks New York-based Oscar Insurance launched a health policy in January 2015 providing customers with a free Misfit fitness tracker. The device works with a mobile app to measure the customer’s initial fitness level, then assigns them a personal exercise goal that may begin at as little as 2,000 steps daily, and gradually increase over time. Customers earn a USD 1 reward for each day that they attain their goal, with the chance to earn a total of up to USD 240 annually in the form of Amazon vouchers. The policy differs from similar offers in that there are no penalties built into the incentive system. Source: Related Trend: Playsumers OSCAR INSURANCE Insurance company rewards customers for walking
  37. 37. The following examples have been drawn from around the world and across the trends. This selection of products, services and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will sure inspire your strategic thinking. RETAIL Industry Updates
  38. 38. NEW CASES NEIMAN MARCUS Interactive mirror lets shoppers view, share and compare outfits Unveiled in the US during January 2015, Neiman Marcus’ interactive Memory Mirror allows shoppers to try on and view different outfits side-by-side for comparison. The in-store digital mirror takes videos and stills of apparel tried on by customers, with 360-degree views allowing shoppers to see items from every angle, and change their outfits via gesture control. Customers can also save and share stills with friends via Facebook, or with a sales associate in order to get advice and feedback. Source: Related Trend: Intuitive Interfases, Ubitech AUDI VR EXPERIENCE VR headset lets customers design and experience their perfect car Presented at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit during January 2015, Audi’s VR Experience allows customers to find and configure their perfect vehicle thanks to virtual reality. An immersive scene is created for customers via a virtual reality headset, showing them customizable options such as car colors, leathers and available infotainment systems. Designed for use at Audi dealerships, the system allows customers to experience their perfect vehicle. Source: com/publish/ms/content/en/public/pressemitteilungen/2015/ 01/15/audi_vr_experience.html Related Trends: Customized, Helpful KATE SPADE - COMING SOON Interactive signs let customers shop from unbuilt stores In January 2015, Kate Spade unveiled an interactive installation transforming a static “Coming Soon” storefront sign into a shoppable display. Shoppers interacted with the US apparel brand’s display through touch screens, responding to whimsical questions – such as ‘Sparkle: a little or a lot?’ – before receiving a personalized message and a digital shopping basket. People could then purchase their recommended items using the same touch screens Source: Related Trend: Intuitive Interfases, Ubitech RETAIL
  39. 39. NEW CASES Sainsbury Checkout Mobile app lets supermarket customers skip the checkout November 2014 saw Sainsbury’s announce a trial of a mobile app designed to make shopping even easier and more convenient. Via the free app, customers can create a virtual cart of products from the UK supermarket before they shop. Once in-store, the app helps shoppers navigate around the aisles so that they can find items more quickly. Shoppers can scan products as they find them and then pay for their groceries via the app, with no need to wait in line at the cash register. Source: stories/2014/1109-the-end-of-lost-lists-and-wandering-the- aisles/ Related Trend: Infolust, Ephemeral, Mapmania IKEA Smart Home, intelligent IKEA furniture With smartphones being such a natural part of our lives, we want the charging part to become a natural part of our homes. As a result, we’ve created a collection of wireless chargers that make charging a lot more available, yet a lot less obvious (goodbye messy cables!). How they work? Just place your phone on the nifty little plus sign. That’s it. Source: soon/wireless-charging/index.html?icid=gb%7Citl%7Ctext% 7Cwireless_page%7C147 Related Trends: The internet of Caring Things MAMUT Customers pay for shoes by recycling bottles During a two-week period in February 2015, people could exchange bottles collected from beaches for discounts on shoes from Uruguayan footwear brand MAMUT. Designed to encourage people to clean up their local beaches, each bottle was worth UYU 100 (around USD 4), which could be spent on in-store purchases of MAMUT’s summer collection. The initiative was launched in partnership with a local recycling cooperative. Source: Related Trend: Betterment, Eco-Cycle RETAIL
  40. 40. TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world and across the trends. This selection of products, services and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will sure inspire your strategic thinking.
  41. 41. NEW CASES CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE Selfie app is designed for cruise passengers Available to download from February 2015, the free Selfies at Sea app helps passengers traveling with the Carnival Cruise Line make the most of their vacation. The mobile app suggests places to take photos around the Australian cruise company’s ships, and also allows guests to collate their photos into a short movie to share via social media. The app features a selection of filters, with passengers encouraged to share their clips hashtagged with #selfieatsea. Source: h sea.aspx Related Trend: Brand me POLISH GOVERNMENT App keeps travelers updated about border crossing wait-times December 2014 saw the launch of Granica (meaning “Border”), a free mobile app from the Polish government providing information about expected wait-times at the country’s main border crossings with non-EU countries Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Travelers can check the app for up-to-the-minute information about current queues and wait times at the crossings as well as forecasts of wait-times in the coming days. Source: Related Trends: Infolust HENN-NA HOTEL A high-tech hotel opening in Japan will be staffed by multilingual robots Announced in February 2015, the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki is staffed by ten humanoid robots alongside regular personnel. With 72 rooms priced from JPY 7,000 (around USD 60) per night, the hotel is situated within the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park. The robot staff are fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English, and can respond to body language and make eye contact. Tasks undertaken by the robots include checking in guests, carrying bags, cleaning rooms and delivering laundry. Source: hotel-japan-huis-ten-bosch Related Trend: Infolust TRAVEL
  42. 42. NEW CASES Stayful’s Tweetstay Discount hotel stays organized via Twitter Launched in the US during November 2014, Stayful’s Tweetstay service helps people find and book hotel stays via Twitter. Customers send a tweet to the online booking company such as “@stayful #tweetstay I’m going to [destination] & want a [price] hotel, [arrival date], [# of nights]”. Stayful’s social media team then negotiates with boutique and independent hotels and replies with a link to discounted prices – generally better than rates available online. The free service is available a maximum of 30 days in advance. Source: Related Trend: Infolust, Ephemeral GOTHAM AIR On-demand helicopter flights available via mobile app Launched in January 2015, Gotham Air is a company offering on-demand helicopter flights from Manhattan to JFK and Newark airports. Customers can book their flight via the company’s free mobile app. An introductory flight is priced at USD 99, with subsequent journeys costing from USD 199. Flights depart from three Manhattan-based Gotham Air terminals. Source: Related Trends: Status Seekers QANTAS Airline trials in-flight VR entertainment February 2015 saw Qantas partner with Samsung to introduce a three month trial of in-flight virtual reality entertainment for passengers on its long haul flights. First Class passengers on selected flights and travelers in Qantas First Class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne are offered Samsung Gear VR headsets, which show a variety of immersive virtual reality content. Source: releases/qantas-samsung-unveil-industry-first-virtual-reality- experience-for-travellers Related Trend: Human Brands, ConsumProducers TRAVEL
  43. 43. HEALTH Industry Updates The following examples have been drawn from around the world and across the trends. This selection of products, services and marketing campaigns from established brands and new startups will sure inspire your strategic thinking.
  44. 44. NEW CASES FORCITE Smart helmet allows skiers to track, monitor and communicate with friends Launched in Australia during January 2015, the Forcite Alpine smart helmet protects skiers, while allowing them to capture, track and share action on the slopes. The helmet is integrated with an HD camera, speakers, impact sensors and a micro computer, which can be controlled with an accompanying mobile app. Via a microphone (functioning with wifi or Bluetooth), skiers can chat with friends, while stereo speakers enable them to play music. The mobile app also gives users access to their data, meaning that they can track performance. If the helmet senses an intense impact, it can activate an emergency beacon with the wearer’s GPS location and altitude reading. Source: Related Trend: Infolust, Betterment FIT FOR FOOD Calories burned help feed the hungry February 2015 saw Fitbit partner with Feeding America to donate 1.5 million meals to the hunger-relief charity. Via the FitForFood program, individuals using a Fitbit device were encouraged to collectively burn 1 billion calories in order to turn these into donated meals. Anyone with a Fitbit could opt in to take part in the initiative at no extra cost. Source: us/partners/current-promotions/fitforfood.html Related Trends: Human Brands, Status Seekers VITASTIQ Sensor-integrated device tracks vitamin levels Surpassing its Kickstarter crowdfunding target in February 2015, Vitastiq is a portable device allowing people to measure their body’s vitamin levels. Devised in Croatia, the sensor- integrated device functions in conjunction with a mobile app, where users can view levels of 30 different vitamins and minerals. Vitastiq also allows people to track vitamin levels over time, and provides them with related nutritional advice. Available in three colors, Vitastiq is priced at USD 99. Source: device-for-vital-advice Related Trend: Infolust, Betterment HEALTH
  45. 45. NEW CASES LUNA Smart mattress cover controls the home for better sleep Surpassing its USD 100,000 crowdfunding target in February 2015 (raising over USD 600,000 in just one week), Luna is a smart mattress cover which controls a person’s home in order to create optimum conditions for sleeping and waking up. The US-created device senses when a person is asleep and automatically turns off lights and changes heating settings via integration with Nest. Once the individual begins to wake up, Luna can switch on a kettle or turn lights on again. The device functions with an accompanying mobile app, where charts showing sleep phases, heart and breathing rate can be viewed. Priced from USD 199, Luna gradually learns an individual’s sleep patterns and features a dual setting which caters to couples sharing the same bed. Source: bed-into-a-smartbed Related Trend: Ubitech, Presumers HIGH THERE! Tinder-style app connects marijuana smokers Launched in February 2015, High There is a Tinder-style mobile app matching marijuana smokers. Available to download only in US states where marijuana has been decriminalized or can be used medicinally, the free app connects users based on their location and their marijuana habits. Personal preferences might include vaping or smoking, for example, as well as energy levels while using marijuana. Source: Related Trends: Ephemeral, Joyning, Post-Demographic THE BRANCH OUT MOVEMENT Weekly challenges encourage people to engage with the world around them The Branch Out Movement launched in the US during Q3 2014 as a social project encouraging real-world interaction and acts of kindness. The project gamifies social interactions, awarding participants digital trophies for completing challenges such approaching someone reading a magazine or asking a stranger for a music recommendation. It costs USD 5 to sign up to the program, and members are sent a handmade bracelet to remind them of their commitment to the mission of being more open to their surroundings. Source: Related Trend: Joyning, Post-Demographic, Playsumers HEALTH
  47. 47. WORLD POPULATION 7.210 B ↑ ACTIVE INTERNET USERS 3.010 B ↑ ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS 2.078 B ↑ ACTIVE UNIQUE MOBILE USERS 3.649 B ↑ ACTIVE MOBILE SOCIAL ACCOUNTS 1.685 B ↑ METRICS Demographic Highlights Source: 2015 ↑ In high comparatively to Q1 ↑ In low comparatively to Q1
  48. 48. METRICS Internet Data in Numbers 715 Accounts Created 370500 Tweets 150410 Video Hours Watched 130 Video Hours Uploaded 11830 User Searches 1504620 Minutes Used 376155 +1s 1495 Blog Posts 299520 Searches $104130 Ad Revenue 32.5 Reviews 2275 Check-ins 3315 Items Purchased $153335 Money Spent 80340 App Downloads 41210 App Downloads 3392740 Likes 3573440 Posts 380GB of Data 1203735 Likes 65000 Comments 45110 Uploads 221180570 Email Sent 752310 Files Saved 780 Accounts Created 14293955 Messages Sent 65 Posts 845 Comments 13780 Votes 30095 Posts 25090 Hours Watched 66235 Hours Watched 376155 Stories Viewed 526630 Messages Sent 15470 Pins AN AVERAGE AMOUNT OF 1444736 GB OF DATA WAS TRANSFERRED ON THE INTERNET PER MINUTE DURING Q2 2015 ACCESS THE LIVE FEED @
  49. 49. FACEBOOK 1,366 ↑ QQ 829 QZONE 629 ↓ WHATSAPP 600 WE CHAT 468 ↑ GOOGLE + 343 SKYPE 300 TWITTER 284 TUMBLR 230 INSTAGRAM 300 ↑ METRICS Social Networks: Active User Members Based on accounts that logged at least once in the most recent 30 days report periods. In millions. Social Networks Chat Applications Source: ↑ In high comparatively to Q1 ↑ In low comparatively to Q1
  51. 51. METRICS iOS and Android GROWTH Source: Gartner Android Windows iOS/Mac OS Others Total 8899.9 1168 1370 333.4 373.6 326 271.1 301.3 236.2 660.1 545.8 873.1 2432 2691 23334 2013 2014 2015 Source: IDC Worldwide MARKET SHARE
  53. 53. of the apps in the App Store have never been downloaded. Source: Adeven 60% STATEMENTS Mobile Technology
  54. 54. of consumers want more meaningful relationships with brands. Just 17% think brands deliver. Source: trendwatching STATEMENTS Brand 87%
  55. 55. of consumers have stopped using a brand's products or services due to a bad customer service experience. Source: trendwatching STATEMENTS Brand 65%
  56. 56. of consumers said they shopped at favorite retailers because of "different, interesting marketing that catches my imagination". Source: trendwatching 64% STATEMENTS Marketing
  57. 57. of people who buy a wearable device for self-tracking lose interest in the device within six months. Source: trendwatching 33% STATEMENTS Wearables
  59. 59. SENTINEL WORKING SESSIONS Specialized session to define action on particular accounts Working session 2 hour session with the Sentinel team, account and operation team to establish goals and set context. Analysis and insight from the multidisciplinary Sentinel team. Innovate Evolution of opportunities, products and services for you brand and consumers.
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