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ERP solution for eCommerce Business


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Our first presentation on slideshare - ERP solution for eCommerce business

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ERP solution for eCommerce Business

  1. 1. Advantages of using an ERP software for your eCommerce business
  2. 2.  eCommerce is mainly one of the areas in business that has been used as a medium of buying and selling of products.   Today many retailers are opting for eCommerce as a selling platform.  Reason is low investment, competitive advantage, national audience, quick returns, more sales and so on . . .  Not only for sellers eCommerce offers variety of advantage to the buyer as well some of them are low cost, huge discounts, delivery at home, range of products to choose from and many more
  3. 3.  There are many eCommerce platforms available to the buyer such as  Their own online store based on Magento, Prestashop or any other platform  eBay  Amazon  Country specific online platforms
  4. 4.  An online merchant needs to take care of other business areas such as  Shipping (Deliveries)  Payments  Returns  Invoicing  Purchases  Suppliers  Accounting and many more. . .
  5. 5.  A right kind of integrated solution not only help organization to expands its operations but also take it to a whole new level.  eCommerce ERP solutions that are integrated in one single software optimized sales channels, helps expanding operations.  Managing multiple platforms becomes easy thereby increasing sales, and profits.
  6. 6.  An Integrated ERP solution manages all your  Sales  Purchases  Accounting  Deliveries  Shipping  Invoicing  Warehouse Management  Payments  Returns & Refund  And more over all your online stores in one single software
  7. 7.  Scalability  With ERP solution for your Online eCommerce platform you can easily scale your business growth with new products, More over with common inventory management you don’t need to invest more in buying inventories.  Further it increases the pace for quick actions with higher satisfaction to the customer
  8. 8.  Lower cost of Operations  eCommerce ERP solution helps you to reduce cost of operations. With ERP you can easily introduce fundamental innovations in managing resources, which eliminates delays and thus reduces cost of operations.
  9. 9.  Single Login for all platforms  The biggest benefit of using an ERP solution integrated with your eCommerce store is that you don’t need to manage and work upon multiple logins to manage inventory, sales, customer and so on . .  Another example is that you can manage your eBay store, Amazon store & Magento or Prestashop store with Globalteckz ERP ecommerce software.
  10. 10.  Quick Self service  Organization gain the real time data from ERP system onto the store front which further enhance the customer to check the inventory availability, shipments and ultimately reduce the cost of operations with high customer experience.
  11. 11.  Financial Management  Implementing and integrating ERP solution from Globalteckz helps you to generate financial reports in ERP based on the number of web transaction from different platforms.  Not only the ability ends with sales financial reports but also production of Balance sheet, Profit and loss, cash flows and so on to offer you with more transparency in financial information across organization
  12. 12.  Increase Internal productivity  Since ERP solution is integrated with different online eCommerce platform, it helps to reduce human resource involvement in different processes of your organizations.  For Example : Web sales orders will be integrated to ERP system in real time, where back office user can instantly track the order and start further processing towards delivery.
  13. 13.  We offer one of the leading Open source ERP software named as Odoo  Odoo consist of more than 500+ modules that can be used freely for different industries including retail, Manufacturing, Trading, Services and so on . .  Our team has successfully integrated major eCommerce platforms, Shipping platforms & Payment gateways for eCommerce merchants
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  16. 16.  In case you are looking out for eCommerce ERP software integrated with your shipping, online & payments platform contact us  Email :  website :
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