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'Minimising the experiential gap in today’s digital world' - Kantar (Mobile Research Conference 2011)


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A look at how mobile research can help close the experiential gap between how everyday consumers engage in digital environments, and how traditional research is conducted. Doing so may help researchers overcome declining response rates, engage and retain more research panellists/community members, and protect data quality.

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'Minimising the experiential gap in today’s digital world' - Kantar (Mobile Research Conference 2011)

  1. 1. Minimising the Experiential Gap intoday’s digital worldGuy Rolfe, Kantar Operations GUY ROLFEMobile Research Conference 2011, London Global Mobile Knowledge Leader +44 (0) 1926 826866
  2. 2. Introduction is... one of the worlds largest research, insight and consultancynetworks, uniting the diverse talents of specialist companies, including TNS,Millward Brown and Added Value. Its 28,500 employees work across 100 countriesand across the whole spectrum of research and consultancy disciplines. is…. Kantar’s specialist global operations grouptasked with leading operational strategy. It employs over 1000 staff in threecontinents and is committed to the the efficient delivery of high quality data.
  3. 3. The Growth of the Experiential Gap zzzzz zzz zzz zzz
  4. 4. Realistic Expectations . The irony.... Gadget geeks still read printed magazines!
  5. 5. New Competitors In 2008 Kantar started the ‘InTouch’ initiative, a group wide collaboration to tackle the challenges of engagement and take on these new competitors.
  6. 6. Wayne Gretzky“I skate to where the pucksgoing, not to where it hasbeen.”
  7. 7. The Importance of Experts
  8. 8. 80%25%globally have of mobile phones are in developing countries. Source:MWC2011mobile phones withinternet access.Source: Idate Jan2011 2.3b TVs worldwide 1.7b Internet users 5b Mobile users worldwide 20.2% Social networking 3.05b 12% Entertainment SMS users worldwide news 0.6b IM users 48.7% 7% 46% News & sports 1.3b On both mob and pc information Financial Email users 29% Exclusively 7% worldwide on mobile 25% Movie info Exclusively 5% on pc Business directory Source: Morgan Stanley June 2010, MWC2011
  9. 9. The 5 senses(according to Google)Touch screen = skinMicrophone = earsSpeaker = voiceGPS chip= locationCamera = eyes
  10. 10. Mobile to web is natural Main menu: Welcome to the TNS shopper application. What would you like to do? o Record new drink purchase o Capture image o Capture video o Capture audio o Scan barcode o Exit New drink purchase: Finally we would like you to take a photograph of the drink section/shelf in store. Are you happy to take a photo? o Yes take photo o No don’t take photo
  11. 11. Thank you