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Global Tutor - A New Approach to Education


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Global Tutor offers a variety of Dynamic and Innovative Courses and Classes for both children and adult learners via a lively and interactive virtual platform. Live, Online sessions either on regular or on-demand basis is offered based on the requirement of the students. The proficient Tutor panel blends their expertise in teaching with the latest technology to facilitate the users with an accurate service corresponding with the levels of each individual. The latest and effective concepts, practices, technology and the instructional design of the courses are some highlighting features of Global Tutor.

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  • Although I'm a KS3 student, I decided to give Jeevan's guide a try because I know GCSE and KS3 are fairly similar. Looking back now, it was one of the best decisions I made. The guide has helped me jump from a level 6A to a level 8C in maths, and I'm only in year 8! Achieving a level 8 in maths is regarded as a gifted individual. Thank you for this terrific guide and I will recommend it to anyone taking a maths exam! ●●●
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Global Tutor - A New Approach to Education

  1. 1. Online Learning is now widely spread among youngsters and adults across the world. The convenience and the self paced class system has become the favorites of many parents for it’s own advantages. Global tutor, one of the pioneering online tutors has taken a step far deeper into technology and is proving the quality of online classes, mirroring the real classroom in far more interactive ways; showcasing live classes with live examinations, experiments, assessments, paper correction, research etc… The key factor all the students enjoy with us is the flexibility . Students no longer have to miss work or balance family commitments with rushing to classes. Through the pioneering interactive platform, students from all over the world following the same syllabus will compete, interact and enjoy the class with a qualified tutor guidance.
  2. 2. • Students are given the choice to follow the school syllabus or any other syllabus they wish to prepare themselves for. • Study materials are designed by expert tutors using the key syllabus book. • All Study Materials are issued free for Global Tutor students.
  3. 3. P Sign Up Get Link Attend Learn & Enjoy Pay Monthly/ Term
  4. 4. Below shown is a brief document which will give a clear idea of our Teaching Systems and the Virtual Classroom Tools that we are using for the enhancement of the student experience in the classroom. We provide you with live tutoring where the students can demand classes or enter pre-scheduled classes (only for paper classes). Parent and Student Credentials • Sample parent and student accounts have been set up for a sample class where you can view all the features. Link: Student credential account details: • Username: Student • Password: Student1 Parent credential account details: • Username: Parent • Password: Parent 1
  5. 5. When students are being enrolled into the student portal, they will receive an invitation to their inbox along with the login credentials.
  6. 6. Following login form can be found in the website homepage. Where the student can enter the necessary details and login to the portal.
  7. 7. The news feed will show all the recent announcements and homework submissions. Your class link will also be provided in the announcements every week. Current Lesson Class link
  8. 8. The link will be provided for the class. Either click on the link or copy & paste it in the address bar, which will lead you to the Class portal where you can join the class. Click on ‘Launch Class’ tab, via which you will enter our virtual classroom. Click here to Enter Class Our Class Portal
  9. 9. You can log into the class by entering your screen name (Student Name) and press ‘Launch Class’ tab again
  10. 10. The main form of interaction between the teacher and the students is the class whiteboard, where we project slides, play PowerPoint presentations and upload documents containing the worksheets.
  11. 11. Our classes are conducted live where the students and the teachers have synchronous communication. But in case a student misses a class, a recording of the class is available for the student to view. Past Classes Upcoming Class
  12. 12. Further, video clips relevant to the lesson, featuring lab- practical and experiments are also shown live in class.
  13. 13. Math problems are approached in a manner very much similar to that in a traditional classroom, where the teacher explains using a writing tool, or either using a text tool to write down on the board where the students can view.
  14. 14. Helping schools understand the impact of interactive and virtual classrooms in the learning environment is a key focus of Global Tutor We believe the latest tools in innovation and communication can prepare a new generation of students for life in an increasingly digital world, while maximizing reach, impact and affordability of educational resources.
  15. 15. Interactive Science class, with Diagram sand videos and also notes. With Question and answers fun session.
  16. 16. • We provide a separate portal for Homework submission and correction where each student will be given an account in which they can find their homework. Separate email notifications will also be forwarded to their inbox. • The class you have enrolled in will be visible for you, click on the specified class to view class details.
  17. 17. The class home news feed shows all the assignments due or announced, and other kinds of announcements too.
  18. 18. Any study materials and resources shared by the teacher which includes word documents, videos and website links will be displayed here.
  19. 19. The student’s assignment grading can also be viewed by the parents through Parent Portal Access
  20. 20. ISIC Certified Benefits
  21. 21. It’s a small, internationally connected team trying to improve education with technology via easy access, which is affordable and available for all. We tailor educational tools and materials according to the country’s syllabus/curriculum in an effective way of learning that each student deserves. We hire the best people with high goals and motivation, passionate, skilled and creative. Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Fawaz (BSc in Business Information System Management , CIM (UK), PMPA) Academic Coordinator Ms. Manal Ibham (BSc-Radiology, Biomedical Imaging Tech) Administrative Coordinator Ms. Chathurika Wasala (PQHRM, BA-Hons.) Operational Coordinator / Online Tutor Ms. Amra Iuoop (Msc-Molecular Life Sciences) IGCSE/GSE Math Team Lead Ms. Buddhini Liyanage (Msc-Chemistry, BSc-Bio Science) Math & Science Head Intermediate Tutor Ms. Fazniya Uvaies (Diplomat in Education)
  22. 22. A very efficient class. had fun and learned many things. very supportive and encouraging teacher. hope I can learn many more things through global tutor. Ameena 11/Revision/ Sci 20.11.2013 I had a good time in the class this class helped me a lot in my examination. R. Linal 07/Science 08.04.2014 I enjoyed it ...... hope the task of global continue after o/l .... 4 youngsters too ///// Arwa 11/Revision/ Sci 27.11.2014
  23. 23. Parents’ Views on Global tutor Dear teacher, This comes to let you know that I have gone through the report and am very much satisfied with it. Thank you for all the effort you put in with Fiza, means a lot! Thanking you Mrs. Hanif At last I have got the right place, This way of learning is interesting and further more it reduces the stress and waste of time due to travel and traffic which has resulted in the efficiency of Learning... Thanks Global Tutor! My son gets very tired and he doesn’t want to go for any tuition classes after school. I mainly chose Global Tutor because he can stay at home and learn. The individual attention he gets from his tutor is remarkable and he has improved a lot!
  24. 24. Tutors’ Views on Global tutor Education Revolution - a dire need! Merging Education with new trends of Technology...a smart move! New trend in Education..... Best platform ever experienced A must need for the world Best Place to Learn & Teach
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