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Gs Co1 Offerings


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Gs Co1 Offerings

  1. 1. Empowering the world to learn TUTORING AND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOUR VIRTUAL CLASSROOM WITH VOICE ENABLED WHITEBOARD SCHOOL OR BUSINESS. The inexpensive solution to take works to support you in The Virtual Classroom with Voice Enabled, interactive learning online for live empowering the world to learn. We offer a Interactive Whiteboard can be yours today for a tutoring and learning services “Virtual Classroom with a Voice Enabled very low setup and implementation fee and no WA STATE SES PROVIDER APPROVED TUTORS – Interactive Whiteboard” that allows students additional software as it is web based. It runs CLASSOF1 and tutors to work together in real-time via the on your internet browsing computers that you Tutors with BS/MS/PhD level internet. Learning is approached as direct already have. Let us give you a free education offer services at a price instruction thereby enabling the student to demonstration of a live site – just call us or send you can afford ($20 to $6 per maximize their learning potential. A leader in us an email and start learning today. hour) – stretch your title funds now! online tutoring, Classof1, works with 425.460.7078 or You BREADTH OFFERINGS OF GlobalScholar to offer direct services or could have your virtual classroom with 21 days. SES BEYOND REQUIREMENTS augment services you currently may be offering All levels of Mathematics, Sciences, Business, Economics, Finance, students of all ages. Classof1 is able to offer Accounting and many others tutors with BS/MS/PhD level and experience at VOLUME PACKAGES The Virtual Classroom AND prices far below what you may be paying PRICING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS with a voice enabled currently. Call or email for quotes to meet your interactive Whiteboard WWW.GLOBALSCHOLAR.COM needs – Tutoring and S upport Servi ce s for your needs - C all now to spea k to 1100 112th Ave NE Ste 100 South Building Bellevue WA 98004 Tel 425.460.7078 Fax 425.484.2500 Justin a t 425 .4 60.7078