Creating Networks To Rebuild Lives


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The 21st Century is likely to be marked with increasing instability and security challenges across the globe, as the combined impacts of resource shortages, climate change, ethnic and religious polarisation and societal inequalities bite ever deeper. More and more displaced communities seem inevitable. This is the prime focus of ReBuilding Lives.

In this Presntation Robert Pye describes how the organization Ethos is keen to work with interested and concerned members of GlobalNet21 to “rebuild lives.” By developing infrastructure capability building, Ethos is are eager to recruit individuals and organisations with first-hand experience and to uncover some approaches to funding pilot projects and experiments.

This is a great opportunity for Globalnet21 to partner with Ethos, through access to the many conversations we are engaged in, as well as the rich resource found in our members, amongst whom we undoubtedly have people with the necessary attributes who want to make a difference.

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Creating Networks To Rebuild Lives

  2. 2. Topics• Background • Context for Rebuilding Lives. How it fits with Ethos. • Examples • Ethos current capability• Rebuilding Lives • Background and story • The scope of the problem: the community view• Where next?ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  3. 3. Context Rebuilding Haiti• Video. Haiti two years on. NGO / contractors budgets - Self interest? ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  4. 4. Concept: capability always looking two directions Institutions / Organisations / Networks / Markets ETHOS Collaboration, trust and moderation. Mediating Networks and Institutions ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  5. 5. Example: Team Army ( Financing 45 Army Sports through sponsorship <co-venture called Ethos fundraising Ltd> 350 Industry supply chain / SponsorsETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  6. 6. Local Government: Getting more for less 300 LA‟s all need to deliver “more for less” <open source websites (content management systems) > 300 LA‟s + local community + SME‟s ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  7. 7. Aldershot Tennis Centre Army Tennis (£3m centre – non public funds) on PFI <co-venture to operate for 27 years>MoD Infrastructure org (ground rent), Lawn Tennis (capital grant), Public benefit ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  8. 8. Rebuilding Lives Displaced communities (developing countries) <the ability to integrate existing capabilities> Supply chain / NGO‟s / governments / militaries So far discussions over 2 years. Still a concept. . . ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  9. 9. In a nutshell• A network of over 100 senior execs / companies (• A group of companies and a charity (started early 2010). £1.5M income since 2010.• Member owned (10% to 16 members, further 90% will be allocated over next 5 years)• 2012 Fundraising for further £4m.Example core team members• Robert Pye – ex Ernst & Young Director, Thales VP• Tony Clarke –business change specialist• Gerald Callus –programme director• Vinay Gupta* – State failure guru. Hexayurt• Andy Uren* – brand and communications• Lamont Kirkland – British Army General• Andy Fryer – recently retired RAF Air Commodore• Mike Davis-Marks* – Royal Navy Captain.* Also work within other institutions ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  10. 10. Rebuilding LivesIntegrated and sustainable infrastructure driven by local community ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  11. 11. Rebuilding Lives - BackgroundApr 2010 We have “capability”• Sanitation / Water purification• Shelter• Communications (inc. mobile)• Logistics / Supply chainHow to use “commercially” for humanitarian purpose?• Not GD leading…• Worked together on proposition. Built a team.• GD Board had second thoughts (Nov 2010)• Ethos allowed to run the project. Adopt the name.• GD may participate rather than lead.ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  12. 12. Integrated & Sustainable: the community viewETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  13. 13. Alignment of Agendas• Every person, group or organisation comes with agendas• Rather than fight this inevitability, work on reframing to produce alignment• Poorly aligned example • Western charity built a school, to meet its agenda to feel they were helping • Failed to meet local agenda – lack of teachers (or power for the electric fan!)ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  14. 14. Alignment of Agendas• Better example: An „ad hoc‟ car park school• Military agenda to build relationships with local people to enhance security, give people hope and so a stake in the future• Local agenda to educate their children for a better future• Quote “we are happy to work as cleaners that we might pay for our children to be educated so they can work in your offices”ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  15. 15. Alignment of Agendas• Another good example: Planning and delivering an irrigation channel – together (NATO and Afghan military officers with village elder)• Military agenda to build relationships with local people to enhance security, give people hope and so a stake in the future• Local agenda to increase crop production to generate additional incomeETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  16. 16. Wouldn’t it be great if we could deconstruct exiting capabilities andre-assemble them with in the interests of displaced communities in mind? Charities & United Nations NGO’s Development Governments Businesses Agencies Military Supply Individuals Chain Current Institutions Deliver Follow LeadershipSupply Outcomes Change through-life InnovationChain “right to left Management plan” Processes Resources –Know-how including capital Form organisation around problem Build ‘value’ networks Align power Everyone has and politics People 100% aligned Values / “interests” behaviour Deconstructed Capability Rebuilding Lives Capability Integrated Local communities are the ETHOS owners Solution serving VALUABLE OUTCOMES Local communities
  17. 17. Start small: examples of achievementsHexayurtSolar Lights..ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  18. 18. Next Steps: one or two pilot projectsValue Build “supply chain” capabilities in parallel with project Sustain / Improve ID Project Delivery and capability Design / Configure / Test Time Today 12 months ETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES
  19. 19. What we need from you• Candidate Projects / Problems: Smaller the better really. • NOT Haiti / Horn of Africa / Single community level ideally. • MUST be able to get community representation / proxies on these projects • An integrated and sustainable effect must be within reach • MUST be able to define a problem concretely and systemically.• Capabilities: Institutions / Companies / NGO’s to work with • The more the better. Need employees willing to be flexible Finance • A budget of £100k per pilot would enable us to scope sensibly to fit. Who could sponsor us? Any and all ideas welcome. Fundraising on Just Giving, for example? People • Who have first hand experience of redevelopment. Of institutions that work in this space. Who are experienced project managers or business developers or have technical or humanitarian domain experience? Spread the word. Sign-up as a member of http://ethosvo.orgETHOS VALUABLE OUTCOMES