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Global Campaign Ops


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Global marketers are struggling to deploy digital marketing
campaigns in a timely and impactful way. Releasing a multigeography
campaign requires an intricate maze of creative agencies,
production houses, language service providers, technologies,
workflows, and deadlines. It’s a hard-to-manage process that is a
major frustration for most companies.

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Global Campaign Ops

  1. 1. Solution Briefglobalmarketingops.comGlobal Campaign OpsA Business Plug-in for GloballyConfigurable Digital Marketing CampaignsKeep your agency and IT systems and runcampaigns 30% faster with 10-30% upliftGlobal marketers are struggling to deploy digital marketingcampaigns in a timely and impactful way. Releasing a multi-geography campaign requires an intricate maze of creative agencies,production houses, language service providers, technologies,workflows, and deadlines. It’s a hard-to-manage process that is amajor frustration for most companies.Multiple skill setsOur team includes projectmanagers, engineers, webproduction specialists,authors, editors, designersand analytics experts,all with global programexpertiseProven resultsWe consistently delivercampaign execution thatputs your compellingmessages in front of allsegments of your targetmarketTotal managementWe manage any or all of yourcampaign execution so youcan focus on more strategicmarketing workScalabilityWe provide a scalable teamto expand your bandwidth asneededGlobal reachOur multilingual, culturallyaware teams provide localmarket intelligence“Every time we requestsome basic new websitefunctionality, we hear,‘The system doesn’tsupport that,’ or ‘Thatwill take three months.’”© 2012 Lionbridge
  2. 2. Solution Briefglobalmarketingops.comGET STARTEDSimplify the way you execute your global marketing campaigns. Contact us S. HakensonGlobal Marketing ConsultantEmail: Aaron.Hakenson@lionbridge.comPhone: 978.964.1937FollowLionbridgeGLOBALLY CONFIGURABLEMARKETING CAMPAIGNSSuccess with global campaigns requires a newapproach. Too many companies are struggling withthe tension of global brand consistency versus locallyoptimized campaigns. It is possible to do both. Aglobally configurable campaign enables simultaneouscampaign releases, in multiple languages, with theflexibility for your local marketers to adapt campaignassets for their communities.Global Campaign Ops (GCO) is a plug-in solutionthat makes it easy to develop globally configurablecampaigns that can be locally optimized. GCO provides:⊲ Agency template interface: Standardizedconfigurability of global campaigns⊲ In-country marketing feedback: Automatedcampaign form to solicit customization requests,feedback, versioning, and reuse⊲ Global campaign workflow and assetmanagement: Campaign asset versioning,instrumentation, reuse, and storage⊲ Integrated web publishing and localization:Reduced cycle time through a common processKEEP YOUR AGENCY ANDIT SYSTEMSGCO doesn’t require any IT changes or new software.We operate your existing systems better by addingour own process and technology as part of the overallservice. We follow all of your IT department’s policiesand procedures so IT is happy to provide oversightrather than having to directly support Marketing.We also work collaboratively with your marketingorganizations and creative agencies to customize andpublish your campaign assets, including digital andmobile ads, taglines, rich media, dynamic content, webpages, email, multi-tier intranets, videos, online demosand more.© 2012 Lionbridge